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Brand Strategic Management for

Salmiza Hussain (CGA100039)

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Dupont at Glance
Established 1802 Operating in 200 countries 3rd largest chemical company More than 2000 trademark and brands. Successful Global brand

Versatile product and industry

Branding History
200 years of branding experience, demonstrating the interplay between corporate and product branding. Highlights: 1802 Borned in explosive industry 1808 DuPont becomes company trade name 1909 DuPont superbrand born connects all product brands to the DuPont name. Oval finds its form.


Branding History
1934 1936 Shaping image around name/oval increasingly important
From Merchants of Death to Better Things for Better Living through chemistry Trademark or generic issues arises - DUPRENE vs. neoprene, cellophane

1939 Nylon introduced at Worlds Fair, not trademarked

1946-1960 Post-war boom/burst of product innovation

Antron nylon, Orlon acrylic (1948), Dacron polyester (1950), Nylon carpet fiber (1957), LYCRA (1960)

Branding History
Late 1980s/1990s

Term ingredient branding in vogue, with

DuPont widely

regarded as the pioneer. DuPont should be credited as the first industrial supplier to promote its inputs as recognized brands

-Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 1993 1994 Brand manager hired for TEFLON
-Brand licensing starts

1999 The miracles of science created to reflect shift from chemicals to

science and knowledge-intensive processes.

How DuPont begin and will be.

Maturity Growth Birth Growth Birth Birth Growth Maturity



Chemicals, Energy

Chemistry, Biology... knowledgeintensive solutions

1802 1830 1850

1900 1925 1945 1990 2000 2050 2090

Operates in ~ 200 countries Markets ~ 2,000 trademarked products

Dark Image of Dupont

How to make invisible to visible?

How would you characterize DuPont brand equity? What Factors contribute to the companys equity?

How can DuPont best preserve that equity?

How would characterize Dupont brand Equity?

Genuine yet versatile management Do what it takes (strong vision) High quality to better live Each product beyond the functional benefit (added value) Agent for better living Close to you and life style Strong image and reputation Trust and reliable

Dupont Technology

High customer loyalty, rated amongst the best brands Warmth ,Self respect , Responsible, Social Approval

Market leader, co-creation , quality, premium price

Judgement Feeling

Reliable, technologically advanced, eco - friendly

Performance Imagery

Tech savvy, Elite, U.S. culture

Diverse presence in market space yet nor many aware


Q; What factors contribute to the company equity?

Implement Ingredient Branding Strategy Heavy Investment in R&D

Effective Managing Corporate Brand

Clearly defining Brand Positioning & Value

The Power: Makes products that go into other products The Challenge: They are invisible Some Success story : 1.2000 trademark & brand registered 2. Impact on Staimaster Brand (1986)
Most Largest A&P campaign in carpet industry history (push & pull strategy) Gain reputation

Corporate brand definition

* Attempt to attached higher credibility to a new product by associating it with well established company name (Lane Keller)

How they do it? Focus on multidiscipline, team-base approach 1. Dupont logo become the primary marketing symbol- A corporate brand would be attached to each product 2. Avoid merchants of death image Promote newsocially-conscious by emphasize on scientific discovery Project image as leader in industrial science. 3. Established an Advertising Division 4. Focus on event marketing (favorable public impression) - weekly radio, sponsoring scientific event

Positioning Market leader in chemical industry

Mission, Sustainable Growth: Increasing shareholder and societal value while reducing our environmental footprint. Vision To be the worlds most dynamic science company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere.

Core Values Safety, concern and care for people, protection of the environment and personal and corporate integrity.
Brand Mantra Ensuring a sustainable future

Q; How can DuPont best preserve that equity?

Keep combining corporate & ingredient strategy
Continuity understanding the dynamics of the market segment value chain Clearly identifying as the hero, provider or supporter at every step in the chain Maintaining continuity and consistency of face and voice over time

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