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Group New Business Brown Bag

Structure of Group Products

Group / Category Contact

Organisation is a body that manages the sale of the product (e.g. 3rd Party Insurance Company or a Member's Employer) Group/Category Contact is person associated with Organisation responsible for management of the group and/or category

Member list


Category 1

Category 2

Group is umbrella under which all Categories are held (e.g. Group of stakeholders)
Category is group of members of a group split by: product type product benefits logistical size


Blueprint (for quote purposes)

Member list is a list of members of the category Blueprint is "basic" contract data used to produce member quotes

Group Business - FPF Basics

A group must have at least 1 category attached to it Each category can only have 1 product type under it

A contract can only be attached to 1 group and within that group, 1 category at any one time
A client can have many contracts in many groups and categories Blueprint data can be captured once and applied to many members A member list can be captured once and applied to many blueprints Many versions of quotes can be held under a category but only 1 version can be implemented at any one time

Existing FPF contracts can be brought into or removed from a group and once in a group can be moved between categories

Group Quote - Basic process

Capture Group Details

Capture Category details

Capture Member List Before a member list can be captured it must be attached to a quote number Select relevant quote no. and press Member List PB OR if no number exists press Add Quote PB and then select as above. User navigated to Capture Member List window. Enter member details as for individual quotes Continue adding members until finished Return to Capture Category details window

Capture Blueprint

User chooses Group Quote from ID/Verify Navigated to Capture Group details window Group ID and ASD generated Must input Group Name. Can capture organisation & Group contact details if available

User is navigated to the Capture Category details window Category ID generated Must input Category name before category can be saved Input agent number, marketing & product type User can specify whether category is to be

distributed administrative Bulk implementable

Before blueprint details can be captured it must be attached to a quote number Select relevant quote no. and press Blueprint PB OR if no number exists press Add Quote PB and then select as above. User navigated to Capture Contract Details window. Enter basic contract details as for individual quotes Return to Capture Category details window once validation passed

Group Business - Capture Blueprint Details

Group New Business requires that the 'basic' contract data, the blueprint, is captured independently from that of the actual client data.

Provide a set of defined Dummy Client Data to minimise necessary enhancements. Disable some existing Window Level Validation where the Dummy Client Data is insufficient for the purpose. Provide additional Window Control States when capturing blueprint data. Disable Projection Engine calls within the transactions.

Bulk Member Quote Generation

Capture Category Details Produce Quotes

Individual client data

"Blueprint" contract data




Individual quote Individual quote Individual quote Individual quote record record record record

Bulk Member Quote Generation

Depending on how many individual quotations need to be produced, bulk quotations will done in 1 of 2 ways; On-line whilst the user waits. User cannot do anything else whilst these are being done

Deferred - done in 'batch' via MQ request during the day. The user is able to continue processing the same category (though can't alter the quote being processed), another category for the same group or do a totally different bit of work. When the Group Menu is exited workflow will suspend the case and re-awaken when the first batch of quotes have been processed.

Group Quote - Individual quote records

Once the bulk quote process has completed, the user is able to access the "Category Details Summary" window. The details of individual quote records which have passed full Validate to Proceed (VTP) are shown, along with the number of quotes that have passed or failed VTP along with those abandoned. These details are updated each time an individual quote is altered or more members are added The user is able to view a list of members quotes and proposals on the "Member List Summary" window. This shows, for each quote/proposal, the first life assured name, quote number, whether the quote failed VTP or has been abandoned, total premiums and, for proposals, their status. Once implemented proposals are removed from the list On selecting a quote/proposal record, the user can navigate to the NB/Alts windows in individual mode to amend or alter as required. On exit out of the Capture Contract window they are navigated back to the Member List Summary window
Individual quotes can also be abandoned if no longer required or VTP can not be passed

Group - New Business Processing

Group & category application forms received and scanned

Group/Categories and Blueprints activated

User chooses GroupProposal from ID Group must be attached to a real organisational client, a Group Contact input and have its status set to Open Relevant category must have a Category Contact input and then status set to Open Relevant Blueprint quote should have its status set to "Active", before this can be done the Business Financial Review (BFR) details must be input Activating a Blueprint quote will automatically set the status of other quotes in that category to "deactive" and abandon the individual quote records attached to it Convert Quote to Proposal

Process Individual Proposals

Implement Contract If premiums to the contract are to be paid by cheque then the all premiums due must be received and allocated to the proposal before it can be implemented If the "Bulk Implement" indicator is set on the category the proposal is attached to then it can not be implemented via the normal processing. The Bulk Implement transaction will implement the contract

Individual application forms received and scanned separately

Each proposal is processed normally Quote data is validated against proposal

Before the individual quote can be converted to a proposal the blueprint quote it originated from must have a status of "activate" Once converted underwriting etc. is as per individual

Group - Bulk Implement

Bulk Implement PB pressed for a category quote

Proposal record attached to the category quote record

Next proposal retrieved

If VTP successful proposal implemented and documents issued as normal

Full VTP run

Group - New Entrants

New entrant quotations can be produced by attaching member details to either existing or new blueprint data

New Entrant quote request received User ID/Verifies Group and chooses New Entrant Quote from CCS Verify Navigated to Group Menu window with Group details populated Either select relevant category or set up new category (see new business quote)

Capture Member Details

Bulk Quote Generation

If using an existing blueprint quote, then input member details on relevant member list If using new blueprint quote, then capture blueprint and member list details as for new business quote User can specify whether category is to be

Produce quote records as for new business quote Amend as necessary Issue quote(s)

distributed Bulk implementable

Group - Joiners/Leavers

Existing FPF contracts can be attached to (Joiners), or removed from (Leavers) a group.
Once attached to a group they can be moved between categories within that group

All this processing is done as part of an alteration on the individual contract

The Joiner/Leaver window is accessed from the Capture Contract Details window by pressing the "Group Details" PB A leavers options letter is triggered when a contract is removed from a group (and not re-attached to another)

Group - Joiners/Leavers
Joiner/Leaver window Further processing

Request to Join, Leave or move between groups

User ID/Verifies individual contract and from Main Menu chooses to do an alteration Navigated to Capture Contract details window and accesses Joiner/Leaver window by pressing Group Details PB

If the contract is already attached to a group, the current will be shown To remove from a group press Remove from Group PB. The contract will be removed when the alt proposal is implemented. To join a group, search for relevant group and select category. To move between categories, select new category If leaving and then joining a new group, press remove PB and then follow joiner process If contract is not reattached to a group, a leavers letter is triggered

During the alteration premium collection details should be checked and altered if necessary Do any other benefit level changes that are required Issue relevant documentation Convert quote to proposal and implement as required

Group New Business Summary

Group New Business will allow us to: Set up a group with 1 or more categories attached to it Hold many products under 1 group as each category can be used to house different products if required Capture basic contract data (blueprint) once and apply it to all members of a category in one go to enable bulk quotations Copy previously captured member lists and blueprints to either the same or a different category within a group. They can then be altered if required Hold many versions of quotations under a category, one of which can be chosen to proceed to the new business stage Implement all valid proposals for a category in one go, rather than having to implement each proposal individually Apply saved blueprint data to new entrants Enquire on quotations and proposals attached to a category

Group Maintenance Summary

Once a group is set up the user will be able to: View a list of all members and their live contracts attached to a group or category (accessed from the Group Menu) Access and update details of the group and its categories, process group financial admin functions, do multiple member level enquiries and discontinue a category and or group (accessed from the Group Menu) Add new members to a category. This could either be as new entrants through the group new business process or, for customers with an existing FPF contract, as a joiner through individual alterations Remove contracts from a category and group. This leaver processing is done through individual alterations Move a contract from between categories within a group or between groups themselves. Again this is done through individual alterations