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School of Advance Management

Industrial Training Project On Nirlep appliances LTD. Submitted as a partial fulfillment of Post Graduate Diploma in Management Batch (2010-2012)

Faculty Guide: Prof. Jaikishan Sahu Submitted By: Roshni Soni

Scope of training
To enhance knowledge being a management trainee.

To apply theoretical knowledge to learn the various aspects of


History of Nirlep
Nirlep was establish in 1968 by a visionary businessman Mr. Nilkanth

Mr. Bhogale who realized necessity for an alternative to stainless steel equipments and manufacture the utensils coated with

polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). He pioneered the concept of non stick

cookware in India. In the initial stages Nirlep had just one distributor in Mumbai. But

today company had a wide distribution network of about 85 distributor

across the country.

Today company is pioneering and leader with a market share of 35% of

non stick cookware segment in the country.

The company exports its product to countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Maldives and Sri lanka. The company is accredited with the quality certification ISO 9001:2000. The company is having dedicated employee strength of about 225.

The company is having current capacity of manufacturing of 1.2 million pans every year

and now poised to have ambitious growth

plan of achieving the target 1.8 millions

kitchen ware pans.

Nirlep aims to manufacture and market a wide range of high quality products, services and systems of world class technology to the total satisfaction of customer in the domestic and overseas markets..

Nirlep believes in
Integrity: In integrity in all business transaction Quality: In building quality in everything to get involve. Fair price: In charging fair price to customer.

Marketing department
Marketing is not a function of business, but a view of entire business seen as a economic organ to provide goods and services. Everything that the business does in that respect is marketing - Peter Dunker Marketing information system Competitors Sub brands of Nirlep 4 Ps of marketing mix

The various benefits of marketing information system

It helps in marketing planning by making available reliable information of the external environment and the internal reality of the company. It helps in effective tapping of marketing opportunities. It helps in early spotting of changing trend. It provide marketing intelligence to the company. It facilitates the development programs for achieving goals. It helps the adjust its product and services to the need and taste of customer. It helps the company to control its marketing activities.

Nirali Prestige Hawkins Local players

Sub brands of the nirlep

Select plus Sakhi Vajra Vajra joy Hard anodized Ebony Sakhi safe cooker Select +safe cooker Princess gas top Gold line gas top Maven

Marketing mix
Price:Competitor Market strategy Place Mode of transport Type of distribution channel Promotion:Push or pull strategy Product:The heart of marketing mix the fort line product of Nirlep is the non stick cookware. Besides this Nirlep also market other product like Nirlep. enamel ware. A whole new range of stock and serve enamel coated utensils.

SWOT analysis
Strength: 1. Working strength 2. Fully automatic plant latest technologies. 3. Goodwill 4. Effective innovative skills 5. Customer satisfaction is prime goal 6. Brand loyalty in the market 7. As manufacturing part in india where the cost of production is very low the company generates very high profits. Weakness: 1. Major weakness is transit time from manufactured to customer is very high.

Opportunities: 1. To grow in the market at lower cost investment and production. 2. Diversify into related products. Threats: 1. Increasing competition 2. Changing technology 3. Changing buyer needs 4. Market trend and inflation

Problem and suggestion

Nirlep should develop product range with lower price for lower income group customers.

Practical implementation to management practices. Work process of all departments of nirlep appliance ltd. How to deal with employees, planning and development of manpower, utilization of human resources Dealing with banks for credit limits, maintaining bank reconciliation, maintaining records of cheques received, preparation of cheque. Marketing strategies to survive in market. Sales promotion activities and their working. Process followed by nirlep to manufacture its product. Export import procedure. Purchasing cycle of nirlep.

Nirlep is fast growing company and also leading towards capturing Indian market as well as expanding in global market with its technologies innovation ideas and values. The company created healthy environment for the customer and maintaining the quality products. Company is fulfilling their social responsibilities. Though Nirlep is facing tough competition in market, it has been ranked number one in todays market. One proves that the company has been successful at what it aimed i.e. offered millions a new improved life.