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Petrel Workflow 2 Days Introduction Course

Data Import Fault Modeling Pillar Gridding Vertical Layering

Petrophysical Modeling

Volume Calculation


Well Design

Digitize the Well Path


QC: Create Vertical intersection, create synthetic logs

Create Report

Digitizing Well Path

A) Digitize on a General Intersection
Display all the data of interest: Property Horizons Faults Seismic Etc.

Add New Points

B) Digitize on a filtered property

Digitizing Well Path

Show DLS


Show Error Cone


Vertical Well intersection and Synthetic Logs

Seismic, Horizons and Faults displayed on Vertical Well Intersection

Synthetic Porosity log displayed in 3D (i.e. as cylinders with thickness reflecting the log value)

Create Report
Copy parts of or entire report, paste into Excel or save to file

Under Wells -> Editor you get access to the information listed to the right. The rows can be copied to Excel

Well Design