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Various Natural Polymers and their uses in daily life

Natural Polymers

Natural Rubber

Natural Polymers



Natural Polymers Cellulose - Polymer of Glucoe

Uses in Daily Life -structural material of plants; Major structural component of woody plants and natural fibres such as cotton Vulcanised Rubber -For making vehicles tyres and conveyor belts - For making hoses. Rubber bands and rubber stamps. -- for making shock absorbes and ballons -For making surgical gloves and raincoats -Used as insulation for protective gloves and electric equipment and cables UnVulcanised Rubber -Making adhesive (glue) -Crepe rubber (used in insulating blankets)

Natural Rubber - The monomer is isoprene

Starch - Polymer of Glucose Protein - Polymers of amino acids Nucleic Acid - From variety of nucleotides

Food store of plants

- Maintain muscle, bones, blood and body organ. -RNA and DNA -Essential bodily function such as growth, repair and reproduction.