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The concept of writing is the process of recording or reproducing material in the form of ideas, opinions, experiences, feelings, and

information in writing to communicate with others or by themselves. The definition of writing is the process of providing graphic symbols to represent language in a form of words, phrases, sentences and another units accordance by specified regulations to show the words are structured.

According to Raminah Hj. Sabran (1985:183), writing is the birth of feelings and ideas into graphic form. The graphic forms are arranged to represent the sound of the language that can be read and meaningful. Juriah Long (1990), writing is a process to communicate thoughts ideas or opinions accurately and effectively to audience or reader by using the graphic. Don Bryne (1979:1) also states that we are using graphic symbols when writing, which using a combinations of letter that relating to the symbols of sound actually when we communicate.

The purpose of writing skills are: The purpose of immediate a) build of writing skills, allow children to write well, efficiently and quickly. b) enable children to spell words quickly. c) allow children to repeat the lesson by reading the writing of his note. d) encourage children to express their soul, feelings and emotions. e) interact children to writing as a hobby. f) increase and expend childrens knowledge of vocabulary, language development and writing.

The purpose of more objective a) expend the knowledge, experience and relationship by writing. b) provide of mental satisfaction. c) provide them with knowledge to fulfill the societys needs and for ourselves.