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Prepared by: Akmal Adibah binti Dzayaolakmal

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readiness involves any activities before the start of a reading level, whether at the established base, strengthen the foundation of other stages or higher. } Reading readiness include the ability to physically, emotionally and mentally to accept the teaching of basic reading.

and motivation play important role to construct reading readiness for children especially for student with learning disabilities. } The two constructs for analyzing the emotional reaction of reading failure are presented in the psychodynamic perspective and the psychosocial perspective.
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Analysis the emotions involved in reading failure based on theories of psychoanalysis. Achieving children, as a result of both their own feelings about their accomplishments and their awareness of the approval of those around them, have opportunity to develop a sense of self-worth and prideful identity. In contrast, the personality of students with learning disabilities does not follow such a pattern. Ego functions are adversely affected if the central nervous system is not intact.


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Psychodynamic analysis show continual failure and frustration can affect the personality and lead to emotional disturbances. Ones self esteem is threatened by continual failure. The motivation to learn and achieve is also threatened by continuous failure. When their attempts to learn and are perceived as futile, the students reaction is that they have lost control of the situation.

} Encouragement

and nurturing an interest must be provided by parents and teachers through various responses to build curiosity and self esteem in those students. } For example, always shows interest in what student has to say. Always answer, giving it clear, descriptive and full statements in response. } Enjoy new experiences. Talk about them as they happen such as when visiting interesting and historical places.

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