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Cff|ce Automat|on System

1he automat|on of everyday off|ce tasks |s one

of the key resu|ts of the e|ectron|c revo|ut|on
Word processors spreadsheets databases
account|ng packages networks and ema|| are but
some of the |nnovat|ons that have transformed
the way we work |n the |ate twent|eth century
Integrated |nto a smooth|y work|ng bus|ness
system off|ce automat|on too|s can vast|y |mprove
off|ce product|v|ty
ef|n|ng off|ce automat|on
Cfflce auLomaLlon means Lhe compleLe
lnLegraLlon of
- word processlng
- elecLronlc flllng
- dlary managemenL
- communlcaLlons lncludlng elecLronlc mall Lelex
and fax
1hese funct|ons are the bas|c requ|rements of any
off|ce or department w|th|n an organ|zat|on
Cff|ce automat|on a|ms to organ|ze the
funct|ons |n such a way that they do not have
to be carr|ed out on a var|ety of equ|pment
GSVerma(keaderCS ept)
What are the effects of off|ce
Cff|ce automat|on reduces the number of c|er|ca|
workers carry|ng out rout|ne tasks
Large f|rms no |onger have to emp|oy typ|sts
Cff|ce emp|oyees become more f|ex|b|e and as a resu|t
one person can now do the [obs of severa| peop|e
Managers need not necessar||y de|egate typ|ng w|th
the secretarys ro|e be|ng redef|ned to |nc|ude more
ub||c ke|at|ons work
3 GSVerma(keaderCS ept)
Components and other too|s ava||ab|e |n
off|ce automat|on
Iunct|on An act|on or operat|on performed e|ectron|ca||y
by act|vat|ng a funct|on key or sequence of keys Lxamp|es
of funct|ons |nc|ude copy de|ete move search ca|cu|ate
go to change font and pr|nt
Software ackage A program of |nstruct|ons that |nteracts
w|th the systems hardware to perform operat|ona| or
funct|ona| tasks Software packages are compr|sed of
program |nstruct|ons that are app||cab|e to a spec|f|c
off|ce requ|rement such as produc|ng textua| documents
deve|op|ng spreadsheets estab||sh|ng databases or
present|ng |nformat|on |n graph|c form
Software 1ype Software packages that prov|de s|m||ar
capab|||t|es are categor|zed as a part|cu|ar type of
software eg database management e|ectron|c
spreadsheet or word process|ng 1h|s gu|de a|so refers to
some of the more common|y used types of software
descr|bed |n the sect|ons that fo||ow
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 4
Word rocess|ng Software
Jord processlng sofLware deslgned for developlng
LexLual documenLs permlLs users Lo creaLe formaL
modlfy and prlnL documenLs elecLronlcally
JlLh word processlng sofLware an employee can
perform such funcLlons as add copy correcL deleLe or
move LexL auLomaLlcally prlnL documenL
ldenLlflcaLlon or oLher noLaLlons aL Lhe Lop or boLLom
of each page auLomaLlcally number pages creaLe form
leLLers and auLomaLlcally merge Lhese wlLh malllng
check documenLs for spelllng errors deslgnaLe some
characLers as boldfaced or underllned or lLallc and
search for and change speclflc LexL wlLhln a documenL
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 3
L|ectron|c Spreadsheet Software
SpreadsheeL sofLware used exLenslvely for accounLlng
and flnanclal purposes ls deslgned for malnLalnlng
manlpulaLlng and calculaLlng numerlcal daLa
A Lyplcal elecLronlc spreadsheeL conslsLs of a maLrlx of
rows and columns slmllar Lo Lhe convenLlonal columnar
1he user can add deleLe or modlfy Lhe numerlcal
records malnLalned ln Lhese spreadsheeLs SpreadsheeL
sofLware provldes formulas funcLlons and commands
Lo manlpulaLe or calculaLe Lhe daLa Lo meeL mulLlple
reporL formaLs
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 6
atabase Management Software
uaLabase managemenL sofLware provldes capablllLy for
organlzed elecLronlc sLorage of lnformaLlon ln general
caLegorles or flles
lL allows Lhe user Lo rearrange Lhe order and number of
lLems of lnformaLlon ln prlnLed form and Lo search for
and dlsplay speclflc lLems of lnformaLlon
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 7
esk1op ub||sh|ng Software
ueskLop publlshlng sofLware ls used Lo lay ouL LexL
graphlcs and plcLures on a page
JlLh deskLop publlshlng sofLware Lhe user can
perform such Lasks as lnLegraLlng LexL and graphlcs on
a page lncreaslng or decreaslng Lhe slze of charLs
graphs or plcLures and uslng mulLlple sLyles and slzes
of Lype
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 8
Graph|cs Software
W Craphlcs sofLware Lyplcally allows Lhe creaLlon of
charLs and graphs based on daLa provlded Lhrough a
spreadsheeL or by Lhe user dlrecLly Some graphlcs
sofLware allows Lhe user Lo easlly swlLch from one form
of presenLaLlon Lo anoLher for dlfferenL uses
W lor example a glven seL of budgeL flgures mlghL be
represenLed as a bar charL sLacked bar charL llne
charL or ple charL MosL graphlcs sofLware also allows
Lhe creaLlon or selecLlon and placemenL of plcLures and
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 9
Ca|endar Software
Calendar sofLware generally permlLs Lhe user Lo
schedule evenLs on one or more calendars AddlLlonal
funcLlons may lnclude capablllLles for such purposes as
Lo do llsLs shorL noLes and remlnders and recordlng
Llme spenL on varlous pro[ecLs
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 10
L|ectron|c Ma||
lecLronlc mall (emall) permlLs sendlng lnformaLlon Lo
users Lhrough Lhelr compuLers communlcaLlon llnks
lor example memos can be senL Lo Lhose on
deslgnaLed dlsLrlbuLlon llsLs and Lhe reclplenLs can
acknowledge recelpL prlnL coples and respond
Lhrough Lhe elecLronlc mall sysLem
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 11
SLeps for Cfflce AuLomaLlon
W Analyzlng
W ueslgnlng
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 12
Ceographlcal Lhe physlcal placemenL of Lhe offlce
1emporal hours of work
AcLlvlLy Lasks LhaL are performed
SLrucLural worker managemenL relaLlons
SpaLlal area where people work ln relaLlon Lo co
conomlc crlLerla LhaL drlve an organlzaLlon
Soclal reasons why people become moLlvaLed Lo
produce resulLs
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 13
es|gn|ng Cff|ce Systems
-eeds AssessmenL MeLhodology
A -eeds Assessment Methodo|ogy |s necessary to |dent|fy the
cruc|a| needs to be served by automat|on If the too|s are
procedura| then a rocedura| es|gn Methodo|ogy and a
rocedura| Imp|ementat|on Methodo|ogy shou|d be
9rocedural ueslgn MeLhodology
9rocedural lmplemenLaLlon MeLhodology
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 14
9rocedural Loll
9rocedural Lools are Lhose ln whlch Lhere ls a
predeLermlned flow of work lnvolvlng many sLeps
1he flow may be Lhe same every Llme or may lnclude a
more complex loglc flow
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 13
-on 9rocedural 1ool
JlLh nonprocedural Lools one can speclfy a seL of
funcLlons Lo be supporLed buL cannoL say whaL
funcLlons wlll be used or ln whaL order
1he use of declslon supporL sysLems daLabase
managemenL sysLems elecLronlc spreadsheeL sysLems
Lhe Lelephone and word processlng Lools generally fall
lnLo Lhls caLegory
CSverma(8eaderCS uepL) 16
1ypes of Cfflce
1ype 1 offlces or deparLmenLs handle Lhe flrms rouLlne
lnformaLlon processlng (lor example accounLlng
payroll and bllllng deparLmenLs) procedures are
cenLral ln Lhese deparLmenLs and Lhe auLomaLlon of
procedures ls crlLlcal Lo lmproved performance
1ype 2 offlces or deparLmenLs handle Lhe flrms non
rouLlne lnformaLlon processlng (lor example
corporaLe plannlng deparLmenLs markeLlng
deparLmenLs and englneerlng deparLmenLs) 1here are
comparaLlvely few seL procedures ln Lhese
deparLmenLs and supporL of Lhese procedures ls noL
cenLral Lo lmproved funcLlonal performance Jork
should be supporLed wlLh nonprocedural Lools such
as emall declslon supporL sysLems
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