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November 20 2011

november 20 2011
Changlng Lhe World
1hrough LnLerprlse
8yan Allls CLC
WhaL l'll 1alk AbouL 1oday
1 1he lConLacL SLory
2 CreaLlng a CS8 rogram
3 Puman key erformance lndlcaLors (kls)
4 1he CpporLunlLy our CeneraLlon Pas Lo Lnd
LxLreme overLy
1he lConLacL 1he lConLacL
SLory SLory
@e @eam
@e @eam
@e @eam

@e @eam
@e @eam
Dpcomlng Work
lConLacL CcLober 8elease roducL romoLlon
8edeslgned leaLures secLlon/pages
CreaLlng a CS8 CreaLlng a CS8
rogram rogram
1here ls one and only one soclal responslblllLy of buslnessLo use lL
resources and engage ln acLlvlLles deslgned Lo lncrease lLs proflLs"
MllLon lrledman 1970
1here ls one and only one soclal responslblllLy of buslnessLo use lL
resources and engage ln acLlvlLles deslgned Lo lncrease lLs proflLs"
MllLon lrledman 1970
1he urpose of 8uslness
We belleve Lhe purpose of
buslness ls noL Lo creaLe
shareholder value Lhls ls Lhe
resulL of buslness buL noL Lhe
1he purpose of buslness ls Lo
creaLe value for cusLomers
employees and Lhe communlLy
lfferenL 1ypes of Soclal LnLerprlses
1 nonproflLs LhaL have an earned lncome
sLream and uLlllze buslness prlnclples
2 lorproflLs LhaL have soclal responslblllLy
lnLegraLed lnLo Lhelr mlsslon
WhaL ls a 8 Corp?
8 orporat|ons are a new type of
corporotion tat use te power of
bus|ness to create pub||c benef|t
1racklng a 1rlple 8oLLom Llne
A Lrlple boLLom llne company ls a
company LhaL measures and reporLs on
lLs flnanclal resulLs soclal resulLs and
envlronmenLal resulLs
1 llnanclal 8oLLom Llne (roflLs)
2 Soclal 8oLLom Llne (eople)
3 LnvlronmenLal 8oLLom Llne (laneL)
Soclal/LnvlronmenLal MeLrlcs We 1rack
Lvery year we publlsh a CorporaLe 8esponslblllLy 8eporL LhaL
reporLs on all Lhree boLLom llnes
W LlecLrlclLy Dse
W WaLer Dse
W Carbon Lmlsslons
W volunLeer Pours
W roducL ConLrlbuLlons
MeLrlcs We 1rack
MeLrlcs We 1rack
1he CreaLlon of lConLacL's CS8 rogram
an 2010
CreaLed a formal CS8 program called 41s
Launched volunLeerlorce
Apr|| 2010
Plred a fullLlme CS8 Manager
une 2010
8ecame a 8 CorporaLlon
Iebruary 2011
ubllshed our flrsL CS8 8eporL
Why We lnvesL ln 8esponslblllLy
@e Wy 8e|nd at |ontact
1 8ecause lL's Lhe rlghL Lhlng Lo do
2 8ecause lL's parL of Lhe purpose of our company
3 8ecause we geL poslLlve aLLenLlon LhaL aLLracLs cusLomers
and new Leam members
4 8ecause lL acLually saves us money
1be potpose of lcootoct ls oot to moke ptoflts oot teveooe lt ls to cteote
qooJ jobs qlve bock to oot commoolty ooJ belp otqoolzotloos motket
mote effectlvely lf we Jo tbese tbloqs tlqbt tbe ptoflts wlll follow 1be
lotpose of lcootoct
nourlsh nourlsh
PumanlLy lund PumanlLy lund
1he CpporLunlLy Cur 1he CpporLunlLy Cur
CeneraLlon Pas CeneraLlon Pas
key Clobal Challenges
ey G|oba| a||enges
1 LxLreme poverLy
W LxLreme hunger
W WaLer sanlLaLlon and dlsLrlbuLlon
W Lack of access Lo chlldhood educaLlon
W lnfanL morLallLy malarla measles 18 dlarrhea Plv/AlS
2 Puman rlghLs vlolaLlons and sex Lrafflcklng
3 CllmaLe change causlng lncreaslng LemperaLures
4 nuclear prollferaLlon
Lack of LransparenL leadershlp ln Syrla lran Zlmbabwe n korea Somalla
Some of Lhe Crazlness of Lhe 20
W klng Leopold ln Lhe Congo
W World War l
W 1he CreaL epresslon
W 1he SLalln urges
W World War ll 1he PolocausL
W korean War
W Mao's CreaL Leap lorward
W 1he Cold War Cuban Mlsslle Crlsls
W vleLnam War
W ol oL's khmer 8ouge Cenoclde
W ?ugoslavlan Wars
W 1he Culf War
W 8wandan Cenoclde
1he key Puman kls
1 Llfe LxpecLancy
2 er CaplLa lncome
3 lnfanL MorLallLy
4 Llvlng Dnder $12 er ay
1hlngs Are CeLLlng MDCP 8eLLer
1970 2010
An amazlng 40 years of human hlsLory
Sources World 8ank evelopmenL lndlcaLors
er ap|ta Income $71 $921
Infant Morta||ty 9 per 1000 41 per 1000
Under 512S]Day 47 19
L|fe Lxpectancy 93 years 94 years
Average numan L|fe Lxpectancy 19602009
Improved 30 |n |ast 4S years
G|oba| er ap|ta Income Cver te Last 2000 ears
0 1000 100 120 199 2010
er ap|ta Income 0 AD 2010 AD
G|oba| er ap|ta Income
Up 1Sx |n |ast 40 years
Infant Morta||ty |s Decreas|ng
educed by 60 |n |ast 4S years
Source hLLp//wwwgaLesfoundaLlonorg/annualleLLer/
G|oba| er ap|ta Income
Up 1Sx |n |ast 40 years
L|v|ng Under 512S]Day
Down SS |nce 1980
1he Puman 8eporL Card
1970 2010 Grade on
93 94 A
er ap|ta
$71 $921 A
9 per 1000 41 per 1000 A
47 19 8
o2 Lm|ss|ons 1 Lonnes 31 Lonnes l
arbon Lm|ss|ons
@emperature Anoma||es on Land
o|ar ower r|ce ar|ty |s om|ng
urrent r|ce er w
Solar $100
nuclear $010
Coal $00
naLural Cas $00
WhaL's lfferenL WlLh Cen ?
1 We have a generaLlon LhaL cares and ls aware of
soclal lssues
2 We have a generaLlon LhaL ls connecLed Lhrough
Lechnology llke never before
3 We have a global clLlzenry LhaL ls able Lo hold
Lhelr leaders accounLable vla Lhelr moblle phones
and creaLe enough momenLum Lo Lopple bad
lnLerneL Dsers Worldwlde
Moblle hone SubscrlpLlons er 100 eople
1he key Challenge Cf Cur CeneraLlon ls
W 1o make poverLy hlsLory susLalnably
W 1o creaLe a susLalnable world ln whlch every human
belng has access Lo baslc human needs of food
waLer shelLer baslc medlclne and educaLlon
LeL's Work 1ogeLher

I'd L|ke to Work W|t ou Cver te Next S0 ears to reate a

Wor|d |n W|c
1 1here ls no kllllng of humans on a mass scale Lhrough warfare
or genoclde
2 All humans have access Lo Lhe baslc human needs of clean
waLer nuLrlLlous food shelLer and prlmary educaLlon
3 We end prevenLable dlseases llke malarla 18 and measles
4 We are envlronmenLally susLalnable
ls 1hls osslble?

an we actua||y prov|de access|b|e c|ean water food se|ter

and pr|mary educat|on to every uman |n our ||fet|mes?
8uL eople Laugh AL Me
#8ut o/der peop/e /ouqh ot me"
Lxperlenced" people laughed aL Marconl when he clalmed
had a devlce LhaL wlrelessly LransmlLLed sound
Lxperlenced" people laughed aL ?unus when he sald he
could lend Lo poor women wlLh no asseLs
Lxperlenced" people laughed aL Ldlson when he sald he had
a devlce LhaL recorded sound
8uL how?

It @akes Leaders Wo are

1 Many of Lhe fuLure leaders of our generaLlon are ln Lhls room
rlghL now ?ou are one of Lhem We can achleve anyLhlng we
seL our mlnds Lo
2 We do lL Lhrough a comblnaLlon of enLrepreneurshlp soclal
enLrepreneurshlp and governmenL
3 We do lL Lhrough lnvesLmenLs ln educaLlon lnfrasLrucLure
Lechnology leadershlp and susLalnable energy
1he Lessons l've Learned
@e Lessons I've Learned
1 lf we are noL achlevlng someLhlng lL ls because we have noL
puL our mlnds Lo lL
2 We have greaL challenges faclng our generaLlon buL even
greaLer opporLunlLles
3 ?ou musL surround yourself only wlLh poslLlve people and
greaL menLors
4 1houghLs become Lhlngs WrlLe down and frame your goals
lL Lakes aL leasL flve years from when you sLarL Lo make lL so
sLarL Laklng acLlon Loday
1he Lessons l've Learned
@e Lessons I've Learned
on'L be afrald of fallure or of maklng mlsLakes 1hlngs wlll go
7 on'L Lake yourself Loo serlously
Llve llfe Lo lLs fullesL 8e passlonaLe o whaL makes you
9 Money means noLhlng lf you don'L have frlendshlps healLh
and love
10 Cur generaLlon can and musL address Lhe ma[or lnequlLles of
opporLunlLy ln Lhe world
1he luLure for Me
8e parL of creaLlng a susLalnable world wlLhouL
poverLy Lhrough
W LnLrepreneurshlp
W lnvesLlng ln lronLler MarkeLs
W ubllc Servlce
W WrlLlng
lor More lnformaLlon
Ior more |nformat|on you can v|s|t
- My 8log wwwryanalllscom
- lConLacL wwwlconLacLcom
- PumanlLy lund wwwhumanlLyfundcom
- nourlsh wwwnourlshlnLernaLlonalorg
Pow Lo ConnecL
l'm happy Lo help however l can ?ou can reach me vla
Cr frlend me on lacebook l'm Lhe 8yan Allls aL DnC
LeL's Work 1ogeLher
Let's work togeter as entrepreneurs soc|a| entrepreneurs and
|eaders for te next f|ve decades to
Cur generat|on as an |mmense opportun|ty |f we set our m|nds to |t
1 Lnd exLreme poverLy ln our llfeLlme
2 rovlde accesslble clean waLer food shelLer and prlmary
educaLlon Lo every human
3 Lnd genoclde warfare sLarvaLlon and prevenLable