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It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that ITS, Mohan Nagar is going to organize its PG Fest WYSIWYG 10 on 19th

and 20th of November, 2010. This Fest has received massive participation from Delhi/NCR Management schools, and to increase the excitement WYSIWYG 10 is organizing Management event followed by cultural event.
WYSIWYG 10 provides great platform to the upcoming future managers to showcase their talent and to prove their metal. This is a student driven activity and for the fest of 2010, we divided the event into two separate days.

First day will be the serious action followed by the day with full enjoyment.


Energizing Entrepreneur (Business Plan) Brain storming(Case Study Ad mania ( Ad-mad show) Battle of Brains(Business Quiz) Brand Crafting (Create the brand) World of colours- (Rangoli) Jigsomania(Collage)

I. Natraja(Folk Dance) II. Tak-tina-din(solo dance) III. Fort Rock (Band competition) IV. Goonj(Solo song) V. Hand Crafting (Mehndi) VI. Colour of expression (Face Painting) VII. JAM (just A minute)

After scrutinizing the participations received from various institute by the eminent panel of senior professors approximately 25 teams were selected for each event which included teams from leading institute like IMT, Ghaziabad and Fore School of Management, New Delhi, etc.

I.T.S in the third edition will be inviting more than175 leading B-Schools for the event from Delhi and the entire NCR region.
This time it is expected that we will be including more than 50 B-Schools in the event and more than 200 participants will be visiting the campus.

We seek cooperation from your prestigious organization for Sponsorship. We solicit your participation and support in organizing this event and the levels of sponsorship offered are as under: Main Sponsor
Co Sponsors
Gold Sponsor Rs. 35000/-

Rs. 50000/-

Silver Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor
The details of which, are on the following slides

Rs. 20000/Rs. 10000/-

Main Sponsor

2 Canopy space
Company posters within the premises Logo on Event Posters

Logo displayed through projector screen during presentations

Logo displayed on the Event Banners inside the premises

Logo on the certificate

Announcement of sponsors at all venues Logo on the trophy

Print ATL promotion

Conditions apply


Gold Sponsorship *

1 canopy space Company banners at different event venues Logo on Event Posters Logo on projector screen during presentations (as associate sponsor) Logo on the certificate Announcement during the event

Conditions apply

Silver Sponsorship *

Logo on Banners Company banners within the premises Logo on the projector screen (as associate sponsor) Announcement at any of the 2 venues

Conditions apply

Bronze Sponsorship *

Company banners inside the campus Logo on projector screen Announcement in the event

Conditions apply


100+ colleges covered in the third edition via digital approach

WYSIWYG get Integrated via digital marketing has successfully been liked by over 350 members in Facebook
Web marketing through Twitter and Orkut has been also taken care of Increase in participation compared to last year Extensive promotion of the company during the advertising of the event

Expected footfall over the span of event is around 2000 people including Corporate, Professionals and Management Students

SPONSORSHIP COORDINATORS Shivam Agarwal +91 8800977686

Thank You For Your Time and Attention

Seeking forward for an early confirmation Thanks & Regards Institute Of Technology & Science
Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad