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Project Brief

Title: IGCSE Germany Revision Site

IGCSE Germany Revision Site allows IGCSE students to study and enhance their understanding of Germany from the ruling of the Reichstag Government to Hitlers Consolidation of power. The revision site will also be able to help those studying for the IGCSE exam to remember main points in the Germany topic and provide exam questions and exam technique tips.

1) To help IGCSE students study for their history exam on Germany. 2) Developing my web design skills 3) To learn how to create other web tools, e.g. a search bar, revision quiz, animation.

4) A repeated structure on the website - Organisation

Objectives (1)
1) A Website for Different Learners
2)Split Website Into Main Topics

3) Exam Technique Practice

4) Create Timelines

Objectives (2)
5) Search Tool for Website
6) Educational Videos

7) Create General Vocabulary Bank

8) Revision Tools 9) Forum Page

Finding a Webhost
To create a website, I would need to choose a good webhost, design the website, then test the website.
Can also use Dreamweaver by Adobe Consider Webhosts Restrictions Reliability and Speed

Designing, Testing and Publishing

Clean, organized, full of information
Appearance Appealing to Reader, Related to Topic

Test Usability by Survey to Classmates with Link to my Website

Submit webpage to Search Engines (e.g. Google)

Brainstorming Ideas
Go to
Username: cchan1120 Password: mindmap1120

This is my completed mind map for all my ideas.

Survey Questions
1) What type of learner are you?
Linguistic Intelligence Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Musical Intelligence
Bodily Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Survey Questions
2) How do you revise best for history?
Practice Quizzes, Tests

Photographs, Pictures, Diagrams

Bullet Points Past Papers

Survey Questions
3) Which topic in Germany: Development of Dictatorship did you find most difficult to understand?
The Weimar Republic ( 1918 1929) Economic Depression ( 1919 1933) Hitler Takes Power ( 1933 1934) Germany in Peace Germany at War ( WW2)

Survey Questions
4) What would you like to see on this revision site?
5) Would you like to see guidance for exam technique on this site? Yes Maybe


Survey Results
1) Most people are interpersonal learners, where they learn better in groups. Therefore, I have decided to open a forum on my website.
People would like to revise with practice quizzes and tests. Therefore, I will be making quizzes and test, like on Moodle. People tend to find the topic Economic Depression the most difficult to understand. Therefore, I must provide the most detailed amount of information on this topic in my website. People responded that they would like to see quizzes, notes, power points, summaries of events, games, and past papers on the revision site. I will be attempting to put on all of these tools for revision to ensure that my clients will be able to revise the material properly. Most people who took the survey said that they would like to see guidance for exam technique in the website, due to the fact that IGCSE History is very difficult and needs to be completed in a certain amount of time. 2)