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Business Ethics

Faculty: Raman Sir

Group No: 4

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Purva Sadame
Amita Pathak

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Business Ethics
Ethics: Latin language >> Ethicus Origin: Ethos Decides what is good and what is right or what is bad or what is wrong Moral Issues in Business

Importance of Business Ethics

To exhibit high levels of ethical performance and social responsibility To prevent harm to society

To protect business from abuse by unethical employees or unethical competitors

To protects the individuals who work in business To building client relationships

The pictures and videos shown in this presentation may be disturbing but they do bring about certain crude facts that puts a black mark on the most glamorous industry !!!

The Unethical Fashion

Enter the World of Fashion

The global apparel industrys total revenue in

2006 was US $ 1, 252.8 billion.

The major fashion houses are : Jimmy Choo,

Donna Karan, Mulberry, Gucci, Prada,

Roberto Cavalli and Yves Saint Laurent.

The share of Global Apparel Industry is 68%

of the overall industry value.

Enter the World of Fashion

Show Stoppers

Owners Pride

DKNY Donna Karan

Leading American fashion designer from

U.S and the creator of the Donna Karan New

York - DKNY clothing labels. Her dream was to design modern clothes

for modern people

She has a portfolio of - children's collection, beauty products, accessories and furniture. She makes an annual gross sales of around $510 million

Jimmy Choo
Original Name is Jimmy Choo

Yeang Keat
Leading fashion designer from

Malaysia based in London.

Founder of Jimmy Choo ltd. produces some of the most expensive high-end shoes.

Walk the Ramp...

Skin Beneath the shoes




Fashionable Exotic Skins Threatens Species

Millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry

Fashion for snake skins is leading to a decline in several

species of large reptiles. 85 percent of fur comes from Fur Farms Tigers who have become an endangered species are still used to make fur accessories.

Celebrity Promoters
The promoters for these fashion houses are the well known Hollywood Celebrities.
Mariah Carey

Snake Skin Dress

Celebrity Promoters

Jimmy Choo Purse (Vintage Snake Skin) Price: $1700

Celebrity Promoters
Actress: Christina Millen

Jimmy Choo Handbag (Snake Skin)

Cost: $ 3000

Hell on Earth Fur Farming

Fur Farming
It is the practice of breeding or raising certain types

of animals for their fur.

Animals lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages where they have only enough room to take a few steps in any direction. There are 6,000 fur farms in the EU and China.

Other major producers included the Netherlands, Russia,

Finland, China, Sweden, and Canada

Fur Farming
The animals mostly bred are rabbits, minks, snakes, wolves, dogs and cats Animals have been found to cannibalize each other as a reaction to their crowded confinement.

They have broken bones, traumatic lesions and respiratory

disorders due to crammed up spaces. Millions of dogs and cats are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and sometimes even skinned alive for their fur.

Cruelty to Animals
Fur farmers use the cheapest killing methods available. neck-breaking, suffocation, poisoning Many animals are electrocuted by having rods inserted into

their rectums and 240 volts of electricity sent through their

bodies. Snakes are boiled, dried and then skinned.

Cruelty to Animals
Name of Animal Cats Fox Snakes Rabbits Minks Dogs Chinchillas No. of Animals Used 20 30 10 20 30 40 30 40 30 - 70 15 20 30 200


Illegal Smuggling of Skins

Animal skins have been recently used by fashion labels including Jimmy Choo, Donna Karan, Mulberry, Gucci, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Yves Saint Laurent. Between 2000 and 2005 it is estimated that 3.4 million lizard, 2.9 million crocodile and 3.4 million snake skins were brought into the EU.

Chinese fur is often deliberately mislabeled.

The Protests
In 2008, the animal rights group PETA initiated a campaign against Donna Karan for her use of fur in products.

International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and

Flora , PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are the organizations working for this cause. They have done sting operations in many fur farms and have rescued over thousands of animals.

PETA has launched online petitions programme and also

protests on Social Networking sites like FaceBook against these cruel acts

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Act was passed to stop this cruelty to animals. The punishments under the Act: Imprisonment upto 51 weeks {Sec 32}

fine not exceeding $ 32,000 {Sec 32}

Deprivation of ownership of animals {Sec 33} Disqualification of license to own animals {Sec 34} Seizure of animals {Sec 35}

Sorry State of Affairs

There are no legal filings against these designers as yet. No amount of protests or negative publicity turn these fashion houses from using animal fur and skins.

Fur Farms continue to exist and that too in a flourishing state

in China and UK.

There are many ethical, cruelty-free and even organic options

for trendy and gorgeous accessories but they are not being looked at.

Is This Ethical???
Life of living animals is no meaning to the Fashion World and

also to the consumers who buy this.

Why are they not legally penalized??? Does fashion mean so much to one that It is important to look better at someones cost??? Action :Use of internet (Facebook, Twitter),

file petitions or boycott such goods


Do You still want to be a Proud Owner???

- Thank You