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Father Acts As it is in Heaven

John 3:16

John Lau June 13, 2010 MCBC- English Congregation

Introduction Fathers Day

a. Mothers day sermon: a. Four motherly qualities: Protect, Giving, Instruct, & Supportive. b. Environment /Upbringing will not hinder your God given purpose in life. c. We must discover and response to our Gods given purpose in life.

d. By exercising our motherly role, we display Gods characters and glorify God. b. In search of fatherly role in history companion, playmate, care provider, protector, breadwinner, moral guide, teacher, spouse, or model? c. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have eternal life

d. 4 distinct acts of fatherly model

1. Father Loves(3:16)
For God so loved the world Height: GOD so loves Dept: God SO loves Breath: God so loves THE WORLD Tense: past Imperfect (proven fact) Nature of Love: sacrificially, unconditionally Form of love: Words and Deeds God told and shown us that he loves us in history (Dt. 7.7, 13,23.5, 2chr 9.8, isa43.4) Questions: How is your loving relationship with your children compared with Gods love?

2. Father Provides(3:16)
that He Gave His only Son to the world (v16) Love expressed in ultimate degree or perfection the sacrifice of oneself (John 15:13) God is taking the initiative God gave to this world (fallen, lost, dying, rebellious, hostility, selfish, sinful, etc.) Many forms to cost you: Materials, availability, skills, intellect, etc. Questions: What have you provided your children? Or what are you prepared to provide and give to your children? How effectively have you been expressing your love?

3. Father Expects(3:16)
whoever believes in Him (16) An exemplary father is responsible to set the standards and expectation for life Tense: present and continuous Expects vs demands Exercise authority from the righteousness of God Dimensions of Believe => mental, emotional and physical commitment Old Testimont of Eli and his sons Questions: How well has Gods standards and expectation (righteousness) to you been translated into your family and your relationship with your children?

4. Father Prepares for the Future(3:16)

...shall not perish, but have eternal life. (16) Tense: future tense Biblical Concept of eternal life: meaning, significance and purpose. Contrary to perish, I.e. dying, lost state, facing judgement, separation. Is this life a process or a product (John 17:3)? Importance of the sense of future in our lives? Questions: How much are you enjoying this LIFE? What do you need to do to instil this future to shape your children lives?

Mothers Distintive Qualities Jochebed (Moses) Protect Pointer to Gods Character Omnipotence (Powerful) Fathers Role Pointer to Gods Character Love Love

Hannah (Samuel)





Eunice (Timothy)


Light (Truth)



Mary (Jesus)Supportive

Omnipresence (Presence Everywhere)



God is the perfect Father and Jesus the perfect son for us to model To the fathers who loves us, provides us, expects us, and instill a future in uswe say THANK YOU! To the children Fathers and children opportunistic to glorify God and display Gods characters.