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• To set up a company to promote heritage
tourism across the globe
• To create awareness among people about
our rich cultural heritage
• To promote sustainable tourism
• To insert the objectives of exploration of
knowledge with visit to unexplored places
• To promote folk and ethnic culture and
support their initiatives.
Marketing Plan
• The tourism company will establish linkages with
5 types of companies as under for marketing its
– Tourist agents / counselors / embassies etc.
– NGOs / VO / Folk or ethic culture promoting
– Direct linkage with customers through email / website
/ tollfree telephone no.
– Govt. departments promoting ethnic tourism
– Local artisans and local residents spread out in
different parts of the world – who may help us in this
Concept Marketing
• This will be a new concept – and hence
will require concept marketing – here we
are selling a new concept – which is
different from the traditional concept of
• The concept will be easily adopted by
people – as there is a need among people
to know about other cultures and folk art.
Marketing Survey and Research
• Before we formally launch out business –
we shall carry out comprehensive
marketing survey and marketing research
to uncover human needs and aspirations
regarding cultural tourism.
• Systamatic data analysis and research
method tools will enable us to understand
potential market and will help us in
devising appropriate marketing mix.
7 Ps
• Product – taking people to visit and see different
places and their culture and to experience the
culture – a unique effort in itself. It will also
include our arrangement regarding their stay,
food, comfort and entertainment.
• Promotion – schemes / travel plans – which will
keep in mind holidays at different places and will
combine incentive plans with convenience of
people to enable them to travel different places
• Place – throughout the world – particularly –
relatively unexplored – but culturally rich places
– where folk dances / folk music and folk culture
is different from the rest of the world – mostly
from underdeveloped countries
• Price – premium pricing to cater to the
intellectual and elite class – which is conscious
of the need to promote culture – the class –
which consider it its duty to preserve our rich
cultural heritage.
• People – the best in the hospitality sector
– very polite, knowledgeable,
sophisticated – having knwoledge of
culture, heritage, and multiple languages.
Specialists will be hired / contacted on
contract basis for marketing, public
services, call centre and accounting
purpose. Local residents will be hired on
contract basis to take care of local
hospitality and stay arrangements.
• Process – delivering best services in tourism –
with common standards regarding food, and
some other issues – but offering diversified
cultural and ethnic presentations.
• Physical evidence – we shall offer life
membership, corporate membership and
institutional membership – with different slabs –
so that we are able to help people associate with
us for long time. We shall also have tie up with
international tourism companies like club
Mahindra, cox and King etc. and will strive to
have linkages with all these companies.
Finance plan
• We don’t have plans to own assets – we
want to have tie up with local
organisations / resources / people /
associations / hotel chains / other bodies
• We shall invest in establishing brand,
creating a network and a coordinating
mechanism – which can enable us to be a
very powerful link between different
institutions / organisations / people.
Projected Profit and Loss statement for first year
revenue expenses
net receipts 30000.00 Contract charges 5000.00
Loss 25500.00 Payment to folk artists 10000.00
Payment to local bodies 10000.00
Vehicle hire 2000.00
communication 2000.00
Publicity and Ad. 10000.00
Documentation 2000.00
Legal expenses 500.00
Commission 9000.00
Aid to Folk artists 5000.00
55500.00 55500.00
Projected balance sheet (Ist year)

liabilities assets

capital 40000.00 cash 11100.00

loan 40000.00 debtors 1250.00

creditors 2312.50 other 44462.50

loss 25500.00

82312.50 82312.50

We shall be able to create 500 touch points and expect 1% calls

daily - which will be encashed by our strong marketing team of
15 professionals.

We expect net receipts to the tune of $100 per person (after

deducting the commission of the agents / tourist companies)

we expect that every tourist will further promote our product and
will be able to create at least 1 new tourist next year.
we expect that the tourists will also contribute some fund towards
heritage promotion - which will be used to support local
Expected Break Even Point
• We expect to achieve growth of over
120% - as the business is new and has
wide potential.
• We expect that the business will break
even in the third year – as per our
projected balance sheet and P&L account.
• The team consists of people having insightes
into tourism and hospitality industry.
• Team consists of members, who have
completed PGPSE from AFTERSCHOOOL and
have working experience of over 12 months
working for different hotels / restaurants in varing
capacity – as workers / consultants / executives /
Future plan
• To setup a global initiative to promote folk
art and culture, to promote an international
fund to help local folk artists.
• To set up a training academy for cultural
• To start publication on cultural tourism.