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Business Strategy of Pure it

Presented by Anurag Bihani

Company Profile
HUL is Indias largest fast moving consumer goods owned by a European company Unilever which holds approx (52%) in the HUL. In India it came in the year 1956. The Company has over 16,000 employees and has an annual turnover of around Rs.19, 401 Crores (financial year 2010 2011). They have more than 40 brands spanning 20 distinct categories such as soaps, detergents, shampoos, skin care, toothpastes, deodorants, cosmetics, tea, coffee, packaged foods, ice cream, and water purifiers.

Vision of HUL
The four pillars of companies vision set out the long term direction for the company which are:1) We work to create a better future every day 2) We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others. 3) We will inspire people to take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world. 4) We will develop new ways of doing business with the aim of doubling the size of our company while reducing our environmental impact.

Major Brands
Lux Lifebuoy Surf Excel, Rin,Wheel Fair & Lovely, Ponds, Vaseline, Lakm, Dove Clinic Plus, Sunsilk Pepsodent, Closeup Axe, Brooke Bond, Bru, Knorr, Kissan, Kwality Walls


About Pureit
PUREIT is a water purifier made by Hindustan Unilever. It provides complete protection from all water-borne diseases, unmatched convenience and affordability. It is as safe as boiled water. It gives you 100% pure water which will protect you from all the water-born disease.

Mechanism of PUREIT
PUREIT consists of four parts that purify the water in four stages:1) 'microfibre mesh which see dirt in the water 2) 'compact carbon trap it remove pesticides from water 3) 'germkill processor' it remove bacteria and germs 4) 'polisher improve taste and clarity of the water and removes the residual form of chlorine from water.

Competitors of PUREIT
Eureka Forbes (Aqua Sure) Tata (Swatch) Usha Brita (water guard SF 620T) Usha Brita (Water Guard) Usha Brita (Max SF) Eureka Forbes (Aqua Guard Classic)

Marketing strategy of PUREIT

As their USP is Fully automated and no electricity. They use na lage lage bijli aur na hi koi jhanjat. They also emphasis on price on TVC adds Rs 1600. They also provide free home demo. They took housewives from middleclass and lower class families.

The pictuarisation was blue when they launched it because this is a symbol of pure water. This strategy they called PUREIT one crore challenge. This strategy was a grand success and made people use PUREIT.

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