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A Journey On The Life Of ADOLF HITLER

Presented by Sourav Jaiswal Nil Ratan Shah Kushalendu Pramanik

Overview Of Adolf Hitler

Born on April 20th, 1889 at Branna an Inn, Austria. At 13, his father passed away. In 1905 at age 16, Adolf quit school.

HITLER As An Artist
Dream of becoming an artist. Applied to Vienna Academy of Art. Earn livelihood by selling postcards. Hitler influenced by Pan Germanism and stepped into politics.

HITLER serves in World War I

Joined the Bavarian German Army. Rewarded Iron Cross Medal. Got temporary blindness in war. Germans got defeated.

HITLER Gets Political

Germans felt betrayed by the government. Inflation hits Germany. Hitler was working for army. While spying , founded group and became leader.

Birth Of NAZI Party

Hitler became an active leader. Renamed the organization NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKER PARTY. Hitler use deft skill to promote organization. Quit army and channelized his energies. Swastika was adopted by Hitler as emblem and flag of Nazi party.

Hitler believed to provide stronger government. In 1923 attempted a Coup on the government. Sentenced to five years at Landsberg Prison. Wrote a Book named Mein Kampf.

HITLER Comes To Power

In 1932, stands in election for Presidentship. In 1933, Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. Within a year took over both Presidentship and Chancellor.

HITLER Der Fuhrer

Hitler became the Fuhrer of Germany. Adopted Racial policy to eliminate JEWS. Planned to take on Europe and then Britain, France, Soviet Union, US. Taken much of Europe through Political Scheming and military power. Hitlers No Retreat and No Surrender policy.

United The Germans

Hitler concentrated and solidify his position. Strengthened Germans pride by blaming Communists and Jews. Concept of Pan Germanism inspired Hitler.

HITLER Starts World War II

Hitler annex Austria in 1938. Enter Poland in August 1939. The World War II begun.

Hitler removed Jews from German society. Nazis intensive system made Jews there slaves. Hitler was considered Holocaust.

Decline of Hitler
Battle of Stalingrad changed the course of war. Allied Army got closer to Berlin. Hitler still operated from underground bunker.

HITLERS Final Days

Hitler choose to take his life rather face trial. Hitler married his girlfriend Eva Braun. Hitler made his will and political testament.


To the value of the party no further decision of mine is necessary. Collection of pictures made for the extension of a gallery in my home town. I Myself and My Wife choose Death. After death, to be burnt immediately on the spot. I nominate as my executor my most faithful party comrade Marlin Borman.