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Siki Giunta Global VP Cloud Computing and Cloud Services sgiunta@csc.


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The CSC Cloud Story

Why Cloud Matters How are Companies Using Cloud Today? Challenges to Cloud Adoption Why CSC in the Cloud CSCs Trusted Cloud Portfolio Sales Success in the Cloud

CSC Proprietary and Confidential Data

Cloud Computing Defined

Fundamental Characteristics
On-Demand Self-Service Broad Network Access Resource Pooling Rapid Elasticity Measured Service

A model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.
(v15, 07 Oct 09)

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Why Cloud Matters: Reduced Costs and Improved Agility

Non-Cloud View
Under-supply of capacities Allocated ITcapacities Load Forecast


Waste of capacities

Fixed cost of ITcapacities

Barrier for innovations

Actual Load TIME

Cloud View
No undersupply Reduce oversupply Actual Load TIME Allocated IT capacities

Load Forecast


Reduced initial investments

Possibly reduce capacities in case of reduced load

Reference: Inputs from Microsoft

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A Top-Down Business First Approach

Biggest Payoff for Customers Largest Market Opportunity

Commodity Market
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How are Companies Using Cloud?

Public Clouds

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud


Federal Cloud

Customers play it safe with non-mission critical apps first

Community Clouds

Healthcare Services Cloud Financial Services Cloud

The real payoff lies in the Cloud-enabled business process

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Performance and Availability

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CSCS Trusted Cloud Services

CSC delivers

the right cloud, the right way

to make your business processes and applications more agile, competitive and cost-effective.

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Business-First Approach

Cloud-enable business workloads from the top down Turnkey business operations and custom applications expertise

Security and Compliance Leader

Preferred by the worlds most security-conscious enterprises Able to adapt to dynamic regulatory climate

Service-Driven Business Model

Service delivery excellence backed by customer-centric SLAs Proven integrity and accountability

Innovation and Technology Excellence

Platform, vendor and service neutral Future-proof implementations built to scale Orchestrated and integrated solutions

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CSC Trusted Cloud Security Principles

Data Protection
Client Authentication at time of provisioning Supports LDAP , Active Directory , NIS and NIS + CSC Audit Log Assurance : Portal and API Every access is logged Key shielded data encryption Client controlled IAM Enable compliance with internal policies and industry standards Full suite of internet protection technology and services Dedicated network segregation SIEM ( security information and event management ) direct McAfee anti - virus is standard Qualys vulnerability scanning for compliance is value add service Provide for a strong defence to mitigate risk

Client data isolated logically and physically Network virtualization and firewall policy Hypervisor isolation for network adapters VMWare isolation features VLAN separation and layers Network IDS logically separated

Strong Public Cloud Security

Network Security

Build in protection without adding cost Personnel security clearances Multi factor authentication Limited access to physical boxes all logged Meets regional government standards Full CTP Transparency as a Service CSC passion for security begins in the cloud enabled data centers
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Internal Staff Controls

CSCs Trusted Cloud Enablement

Current State

Full Lifecycle Services

Shape Identify ideal business workload Assess needs based on business strategy, security and risk profile Transform Cloud-enable selected workloads and applications Plan and execute infrastructure virtualization Deliver

Target State

On-demand cloud services on- or off-premises Guaranteed security and manageability

Assess and Advise

Business Modernization

Orchestration and Support

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Defining the Cloud Opportunity Road Map

Valu e Ease of Adoption

Run & Maintain Committed cost reduction. Shared environment Service stability Business in transformation Agility High Costs of Internal Cloud Genesis SaaS Application deployment Innovation Per use chargeback Per user over time charge back Traditional Time to market of IT: 2 weeks Time to market of IT: on-demand Chargeback Future Proofing Time to market of IT: 8 weeks DataCentersTransformation on a continuum innovation path Establish a criteria will be used to determine what services are eligible to move into the cloud
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Cloud Adoption Assessment

Drives understanding of cloud computings potential Defines tangible activities that deliver real benefits (e.g. increased revenue, lower costs, strategic capability, capital preservation) Identifies and prioritizes key programs in a road map that will help a company realize these benefits Outlined the architecture for Mix of


Low Low Ease of Cloud Adoption High


CSC Proprietary and Confidential Data


Cloud Enabled Datacenters Plan

Denmark U.S. Chicago Newark Chantilly


UK China

Global roll-out of services Provisioning enabled through Gateway Common Cloud Fabric Multi-level services with SLA accountability Orchestrated Automation SEI CMMI, ITIL, ISO standards


Australia First Wave June 15th 2010 Second Wave Q3 2010

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CSCs Trusted Cloud and Hosting Services Roadmap

Business Process

Cloud-enabled custom-tailored SAAS solutions for Security Mail & Collaboration

Financial Services Legal Healthcare


CloudProtection for Mail and Web CloudIAM TaaS CloudExchange CloudLab PaaS for Spring, Force, Azure and Cordys CloudCompute CloudDesktop CSC Hosting CSC Utility Storage


Dev and Test Platform as a Service Utility Services CSC Cloud Lab


CSC Trusted IaaS Cloud CSC Hosting CSC Cloud Desktop

CSC Proprietary and Confidential Data


CSC Proprietary and Confidential Data


SaaS in Action Today Business Relevance Real - time Residential Mortgage 70 , 000 + users restructuring solutions for major US Accessing 10M + loans Globally Integrated Project 16 , 000 users banks Management suite Management Solutions 5 , 000 global projects 3 , 500 Integrated Risk 17 clients with over Suite of specialized applications for Supporting over 250 , 000 managed concurrently for users health insurance industry lives from , multiple Compliance Assessment Suite 15 Clients 200 users self - insured clients conducting 12 + million Legal Case management suite 47 clients supporting transactions , 000 firms access for 80 per month

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Focus on Multiplatform aaS Launch November 2010

Software as a Service

Application Platform as a Service Azure Cloud Cordys SpringSource Oracle Fusion

Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud Mail and Collaboration

Public and private cloud

Vblock VCE Alliance

Cloud enabled CSC IP ePMO XSP RiskMaster Cloud Enabled ISV apps Legal Solutions Suite (FSS) I-Store SaaS application development SaaS enablement


CSC Proprietary and Confidential Data


CSC Cloud SRM Managing purchasing efficiently

In general, existing solutions on the market only cover the operational functions of purchasing New CSC Cloud SaaS SRM Solution complements SAP/ERP in areas that are uncovered but crucial for the purchasing top management both at the strategic level and at the analytical level. Built on integrated with SAP
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30,000 user migration from Lotus Notes to BPOS Handle secure business and personal loan data via the Web 20,000 employees in 20 countries moving from Exchange to BPOS-S Assessment of how to best reduce IT infrastructure footprint Trusted Cloud for Google Apps
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A CSC Cloud is a Trusted Cloud that.

Transforms business processes into agile, innovative and cost-efficient workloads. Harmonizes transaction security and provides comprehensive transparency of control. Delivers services confidently based on measurable SLAs with innovation and architectural excellence.

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Siki Giunta Global VP Cloud Computing and Cloud Services

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30,000 user migration from Lotus Notes to BPOS 8,000 Notes applications being retired or migrated to Microsoft


Improved business flexibility Greater financial predictability Improved employee productivity THEIR CHALLENGE, OUR CSC SOLUTION Operates in more that 20 countries 20,000 employees CSC moving users from on-premise Exchange to BPOS-S KEY BENEFITS: Cost reduction Improved productivity CAPEX to OPEX

Technology Company

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THEIR CHALLENGE Launch the Virgin Money business model and brand in the U.S. Handle secure business and personal loan data via the web Scale to meet mission-critical performance demands


Launch and deliver turnkey hosting and Cloud services for

End user satisfaction with performance and availability Flexibility without compromising security Significant cost savings leveraging CSC Trusted Clouds scale and depth

CSC Proprietary and Confidential Data


THEIR CHALLENGE, OUR SOLUTION CSC Trusted Cloud for Google Apps Solution architecture and design Integration with the citys identity management system Migration of live and archive e-mail data Setup and training for city trainers and administrators KEY BENEFITS Significantly improved user experience and productivity Dramatically lowered operational costs

A larrge Biotechnology company turned to a CSC Cloud Adoption Assessment to find out how to: Reduce their IT infrastructure footprint Adopt new collaborative capabilities Avoid costly upgrades

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