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‡ 10 short answer questions
‡ Each question is worth 10 points each
‡ Partial credit will be given
‡ Read each question carefully
‡ Answer the question you are asked
‡ Re-read each answer
± Make sure you have answered the question
± Make sure your answer relates to the

And how to answer them

¢ne of your friends stays overnight at
your house. The next morning, your
mother cooks him some fried eggs for
breakfast. He says, "I don't like fried eggs,
can you change them to poached eggs

± Use what you know about physical

and chemical changes to explain why it
is N¢T possible to change the fried
eggs to poached eggs.
‡ It is not possible to ‡ Answer identifies
change the fried eggs cooking an egg as a
into poached eggs chemical change
because cooking ‡ Answer describes
eggs is a chemical chemical changes as
change being difficult to
‡ Chemical changes reverse because the
produce new products original substance is
that are very difficult changed into a new
to reverse substance

‡ Electrons move in an electron cloud

around the outside of the nucleus
‡ The electrons do not follow a particular
¢   —   

Is ¢] a compound? Explain
your answer.
‡ No [answer]
‡ A compound must contain atoms from
more than one element [explanation]

‡ State of matter
‡ Physical property
‡ Chemical property

‡ Changing state does not change the

identity of the matter.
‡ Chemical properties can't be observed
without changing the substance.
‡ Water is still water whether it is ice, liquid,
or vapor. [example]

± Explain why bromine is most likely a

± Explain why vanadium is most likely

a metal.
‡ Vanadium is ‡ Bromine is
most likely a most likely a
metal because non-metal
it on the left because it is to
side of the on right side of
same period the same
Based on the label "semi-conductor,"
which type of element would you
predict is used to make computer
chips? Explain.
ë!c  "

‡ Metalloids because their ability to conduct

electricity lies somewhere between the
good metallic conductors and the poor
nonmetallic conductors.

What are the chemical changes

and what are the physical
changes in this process?

‡ Raking the leaves ‡ Burning the leaves

into a pile and and the ashes
spreading the being broken down
ashes are physical by the lawn for
changes. fertilizer are
chemical changes.
‡ Definition: ‡ Explanation:
± The law of ± This means that the
conservation of mass of any
mass states substances present
that mass before a physical or
cannot be chemical change is
created or equal to the mass of
destroyed. the substances present
after the change.