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Other Mate
rials And T Materials
BOSU Safety

Apparatus STORE Ropes

Screws Oil Spill

And Nails Equipments
Hand Tools

Bosun is lead of able seamen

and ordinary seamen. Chief
officer give some deck work to
bosun , and bosun does this
work with other seamen . He
works from 08:00 to 17:00

Chief officer is general
administrative authority of
deck department on vessel.
Bosun takes the deck work by
chief officer . The chief officer
should know bosun store
which has lots of equipment
than bosun . Bosun supervises
deck for done deck work and
he gives information to chief
officer about them.
Scraper is a operation that
increase rust on sheet metal and
iron area of vessel . This
operation is done by
scraper hammer ,
scraping machine ,
abrasive paper , spatula , wire

Scraper Hammer

Removes the superficial rust

on sheet metal.
Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

An impact wrench has an electric or air motor that

applies a sudden, intense twisting motion to the
recalcitrant lug nut, usually in short bursts (every
five seconds or so). The continuous short, strong
bursts of force trying to twist on the fastener are
what eventually bring some movement (loosening or

Pneumatic Impact
Pneumatic Angle Grinders

A pneumatic angle (vertical) grinder has a

speed rating suitable for sanding, rust
removal, rough grinding and cutting

Pneumatic Angle Grinders

Angle De-Scalers

A hand held pneumatic mechanical scaling

machine based on the rotating chain link
system. !tis ideal for spot scaling and more
than ten times faster than a normal needle
gun. Easy to operate. vibration-free and
designed for operator comfort.
Pneumatic Die Grinders

Die grinders and rotary tools are

handheld power tools used for
grinding, sanding, honing, polishing,
or machining material (typically metal,
but also plastic or wood).

Pneumatic Die Grinders

Pneumatic Derusting Brushes

For removing rust; used in machine

building, mould making and container
construction, in steel construction and
ship building as well as in foundries.

Pneumatic Derusting Brushes

Pneumatic Hand Drills

These pneumatic drills are typically

used to drill small diameter holes in
hard rock in mining and construction.
Another name for the tool is simply an
“air-drill.” The air that powers the
pneumatic drill is delivered to the drill
via an air compressor, which is
typically run on a diesel engine.

Pneumatic Hand
Pneumatic Heavy
Duty Rotary Drills

Powerful rotary drills have a very

smooth operation for accurate
drilling, reaming, tapping and tube
rolling. Side handled type will be
supplied . in standard. The air hose
nipple is equipped as a standard

Pneumatic Heavy
Duty Rotary Drills
Pneumatic Scaling

An air hammer, also known as an air

chisel, is a pneumatic hand tool used
to carve in stone, and to break or cut
metal objects apart.

Pneumatic Scaling Hammers

Spare Hammer Heads
Deck Scalers
For use in removing scales
and surface paint from the
ships deck. The scaler has a
handle, allowing the operator
to stand during use, relieving
fatigue and protecting the
eyes from dust and chipped
metal or scale. Various types
of scaling operation
machines are available.

Deck Scalers
Pneumatic Scaling

For use in removing scales and

surface paint from the ships deck.
The scale has a handle, allowing
the operator to stand during the
use, relieving fatigue and
protecting the eyes from dust an d
chipped metal or scale. Required
air pressure is 0.59MPa(6kgf/cm2).
Chipping Hammers

The main feature of this machine is

scraping rust and paints from any
metal surface. It can also be
transformed into a versatile tool able to
perforate, cut and grind. There are
many kinds of tools, according to the
type of work, all interchangeable on
the flexible shaft.

Chipping Hammers
Handheld Deck Scalers

For removing paint, rust and adhesives

from iron, steel, brick, concrete and
asphalt. A cutting teeth bite right
through tough accumulations on any
hard surface, and quickly peels off
buildup paint, rust and scale.
Adjustable depth shoe that the operator
sets to limit the impact of the cutters.

Handheld Deck Scalers

Rust Removal and Surface
Cleaning Machines

Mobile removal of rust films and

rust on plates; used for removing
rust on ships as well as in container
building, steel construction and
vehicle manufacturing
Wire Cup Brushes

Designed for high speed operation on

penumatic or electric scaling and sanding
machines. These brushes remove rust
Designed for high speed operation on
penumatic or electric scaling and sanding
machines. These brushes remove rust

Wire Cup Brushes

Pneumatic Long
Handle Scrapers

Long reach air driven auto scraper

for derusting, etc. Required air
pressure is 0.59 MPa (6 kgllcm2).

Pneumatic Long Handle Scrapers

Pneumatic Jet Chisels

Jet Chisel is a prime pneumatic

perfomer in each of these and other
tough job areas. Quick, Jet Chisel
needles adjust to any surface contour
automatically. They get deep into
corners, all the way into uneven surfaces,
all types of curvatures making it a tool no
shop should be without.

Pneumatic Jet Chisels

Spare Needle
Supporters for
Jet Chisel
Pneumatic Hand

Lightweight and ideal for

removing rust, mill scale, old
paint, etc.
Pipe Cleaning Equipment

Equipment designed for proper

maintenance and internal cleaning of
pipes al boilers, exchangers,
refrigerators, condensers, as well as pipes
from chemical and food plants, and many
other uses. Available with motors in
several tensions, in versions with or
without speed variator. Suitable to clean
pipes from 10 to 50 mm diameter.

Pipe Cleaning Equipment

Pneumatic Saws

A reciprocal air saw, also called a

pneumatic reciprocating saw, is a
power tool that uses an air
compressor to generate the
pneumatic motion that moves the
cutting blade back and forth. Some
reciprocal air saws even have a
vibration-reducing mechanism,
which is especially important for
work in auto body shops

Air Motors

This air motor is free from explosion

because it is equipped with a non-spark
mechanism. It has a wide range of
applications where an electric motor can not
be used because or severe working
conditions such as high temperature, high
humidity, or problems with sparking.
Required air pressure for this motor Is 0.59
MPa (6 kgf/cm2) .

Air Motors
Tank Washing Machines, Twin
Nozzle VP Major Bronze and
Stainless Steel

VP Major is a pre-programmed twin

nozzle tank washing machine available
in both 316 Stainless Steel and Bronze.
This unit is suitable for use on both
medium and large crude oil, chemical
and product tankers and can be supplied
as a fixed or portable application.

Tank Washing Machines

Tank Cleaning
Manufactured with a fully woven
polyester reinforcement and
completely encapsulated with a
thermoplastic elastomer
(polyurethane), the hose provides
high pressure capabilities together
with excellent resistance to attack
by fuels, chemicals, abrasion,
weathering and ozone/u.v .. Two
low resistance stainless steel
bonding wires are incorporated
against the build up of static
electricity. Standard hose length
will be available up to 30mtr
Hold Cleaning Guns

Specifically' designed for cleaning

cargo holds, using water and
compressed air that delivers a
powerful, compact jet of water capable
of reaching 100 feet (30 meters). Light
weight and easy 10 set up and use
gives you. a one man operation.
Fits easily down man holes. Its simplicity
reduces hold cleaning time to a minimum
removing the need for additional equipment
such as scaffolding and scrapers. Long life
and low maintenance is ensured with the use
of high quality non-corrosive materials.
Removes : cargo residues, dirt and dust, loose
paint & rust patches
Cordless Drill Drivers

A cordless drill/driver is a super-

versatile tool that's designed to
drill holes and drive screws.The
tool uses both bit rotation and
concussive blows to power-
drive screws through the
thickest, densest woods. The
result of this two-punch
combination is raw,
unadulterated power
Cordless Drill Drivers
Electric Angle Grinders

Brushless motors do not contain

a physical connection between
brushes and the commutator.
This means lower friction and
higher efficiency, as less heat is
generated as you work, and
we've all felt how hot a grinder
can get. It also means far less
maintenance, since there aren't
brushes to replace as they wear
Electric Bench Grinders

For sharpening tools and other

appliances. According to safety
measures, the grinding must be
fitted with a wheel cover and must
be firmly secured to a bench stand.
Provided with permanently sell
lubricating ball bearings. Furnished
for use with a 110 volt power
supply or 220 volt power supply.

Electric Bench Grinders

Electric Chain Hoists

The rugged dynamic body will

provide maximum protection for
moving exceedingly heavy loads.
Push-button control responds
immediately. Both the top and
bottom hooks can tum in all
directions. Furnished for 110 volt
or220 volt single phase power

Electric Chain Hoists

Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Pneumatic air hoists or air

powered hoists range in
capacity from 1/8 Ton to 100
Ton and are ideal for harsh
environment applications. ...
Some examples would be
mines, power plants, cement
plants, refineries and offshore
drilling platforms

Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Electric Jet Chisels

Effective for de-scaling,
cleaning, rust removal, paint
and weld slag from hard

Electric Jet Chisels

Electric Portable
Ventilation Fans

Highly efficient and portable. Used

to ventilate hot air and harmful
gases from a tank or work area, and
supply fresh air and oxygen. The
ideal bell-mouth type casing is
highly efficient, creates little noise
and is easy to install in an air duel.
Portable Ventilation

Lightweight and robust, non-

sparking type electric driven fan.
Equipped with an explosion proof
switch and 5 meters of cabtyre
cable: An explosion proof flexible
duct is also availatife.
Air Supply Hose

This air hose is reinforced with

braided fibers for higher pressure and
longer life. The extremely
lightweight and flexible air hose
remains durable in all climates to
provide superior performance over
conventional air hoses. Features
include heavy duty braided
reinforcement and 360 degree brass
Wire Brush

Removes the dust from scraped


Removes the blistered paint layer

from metal.
Abrasive Paper

Cleans rust from scraped surface

Painting On Vessel
Painting On Vessel

This operation which is same to chemical

covering , is done for preservation to area
that is done scraper from rust. Primer is
basis protector for sheet metal and other
iron area. While painting , we pay
attention to weather , damp and heat of
deck body. This operation is done by roller
brush or air brush but , if we can’t paint to
narrow area , we use to lining fitch.
Painting Materials
Airless Spray System

Airless spray systems operate

using high pressure to apply paint
by forcing it through a specially
shaped nozzle into a confined spray
which cleanly and fully covers the
painting surface. The pressure is
provided by a pump which draws
the paint up through the hose to the
airless spray gun.
Airless Paint Sprayers

Many types of sprayers are available

for various jobs. The most common
products for marine use are de.scribed
below with their respective
specifications. Sprayers with much
tougher fittings including specially
treated, chromed stainless steel rods
and cylinders which withstand wear
and operate over a longer span or time
when pumping highly abrasive or
corrosive materials.
Airless Paint Sprayers

Portable paint sprayers with

considerable operating power.
These sprayers are' totally enclosed
and won't emit sparks so there is no
danger of shorting·or shocks
occurring during normal use.
Gun and Hose Kits
Flat Paint Brushes

General flat bristle brushes for use

with all oil base paints. stains,
varnish and other non-water base
coatings. The bristles are bound by
a metal band to a varnished,
wooden handle.
Round Angle
Angle Radiator

Black bristle hair bound by a

metal band. Provided with a long
handle to reach difficult spots.
Paint Rollers

Ceilings and Drywall - Medium 3/8″

nap roller covers work best. Walls,
Wood, and Metal - Small 1/4″ nap
roller covers or foam rollers will
produce the smoothest finish. Light
to Medium Textured Surfaces -
Microfiber rollers are best. Smooth
Surfaces - Use a white woven short
nap roller for an ultra fine finish.
Spare Paint Roller

Nylon/polyester: Synthetic roller covers

are ideal for applying latex paints. They
resist matting and hold their shape for a
smooth finish. ... Blended covers: Roller
covers made from a blend of natural
and synthetic fibers are excellent
multipurpose covers and can be used
with all paints.
Mini Paint Rollers

Small sized rollers designed for

painting radiators, trim or other narrow
surfaces. The inner diameter of the
roller set up is 14 mm

Preservative that protects metal

from corrosion and other
environmental factors.
Safety Equipment
Safety Hand/Lamps

For use in a Wide range of

potentially explosive gases,
vapours, mists and .· dusts. The
lamp is constructed "from . a new,
exceptionally robust and highly
durable thermoplastic material,
well able to withstand the effects of
heavy industrial use

Safety Hand/Lamps
Battery Chargers

For use with the H251 A safety

handlamp. The battery is charged
internally in this product via
charging studs on the base of the
handlamp. The hand lamp is simply
slotted into the chargee and secured
in plaque with the latch plate
Safety LED Head
The ATEX LED headtorch is an
ultra small, lightweight headtorch
weighing only 90 grm including
batteries. Fitted with an adjustable
removable fabric head band
allowing the headtorch to be
·comfortably worn directly on the
head for extended periods. It is
ATEX approved to safe use in
Zones 1 & 2 hazardous areas and is
ideal for applications where hands
free lighting is essential.
Compressed Air/Electric
Safety Lights

Explosion-proof pneumatic light for

cleaning operations of tanker holds,
etc. where hazardous gases may
exist. Compressed air drives the
generator which Is directly connected
to a turbine, and further enters the
switch chamber which causes the
lamp to light by activating a
ditterential pressure switch.
Paint Spray Respirators

Low concentration single filter half face

gas mask used as a respirator for
lowconcentrationsof gases, such as when
painting with sprayers. Never use when
the oxygen concentration in the
atmosphere js less than 18 %

Paint Spray Respirators

Dust Mask Disposable

Protects against non-toxic dust, powders,

and spray particles. Comfortable, efficient,
lightweight, and low cost, disposable
Fullface Respirators

New generation of lightweight air-

puifying full face respirator offers a
comfortable lil The face piece lens
has been engineered ·· to be
optically correct, giving you
superior visibility and peripheral
vision. The wraparound scratch-
resistant polycarbonate face piece
fens provides a wide distortion-free
field of vision.
Single Filter
Cartridge for Full
Face Respirator
Plastic Chipping

Made of plastic, worn to protect the

eye when chipping or scaling metal
or other objects that may chip or

For protection of the face against

abrasive particles, flying objects,
and chemical splashes. The
faceshield stays in the up or down
position as required with friction
pivot hinges.
Ear Muffs

Highly efficient ear muffs for

protection of loud noises of all pitches
in factories and areas where air
compressors and turbines are used.

Ear Muffs
Ear Plugs

Three types of ear plugs are available.

Silicon Rubber Made of for general
noise from high-pitched to low-pitched
noises or only for high-pitched noises.
Made ofllexfit, self-expandable and self-
adjusting foam.
Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are one of the most

frequently used forms of PPE. Safety
helmets will protect the user's head
against: impact from objects falling
from above, by resisting and deflecting
blows to the head. hitting fixed
dangerous objects at the workplace,
lateral forces - depending on the type
of hard hat selected

Safety Helmets
Work Vests

Flotation work vest. Made from

multiple foam inserts and nylon
outer shell, and orange color with
phosphorescent white stripes
provides high visibility for day and
night end size fits alt Hazard
warning vest : Made from vinyl in
yellow color with reflective tape.

Produces loud and clear tone, and

used for signalling, warning., etc.
Available in plastic or steel.
Protective Eyewear

Offers complete wraparound eye

protection and the durability, compliance
and comfort you'd expect from
Sightgard® Protective Eyewear. It
provides excellent side-and front-impact
protection while still being comfortable
to wear.

Fall Protection personal

protective equipment is used by
workers in many industries. It is
designed and used to prevent
accidents at work or to protect
against consequences of
accidents al work.

Safety Shoes

Protective footwear worn in the

workplace is designed to protect
the foot from physical hazards such
as falling objects, stepping on
sharp objects, heat and cold, wet
and slippery surfaces, or exposure
to corrosive chemicals

Safety Shoes
Rigger Boots

Construction companies have

found that their workers are at
an increased risk of foot and ankle
injury when they are wearing
rigger boots. This style of PPE
footwear offers no protection
against the rolling of an ankle, so
sprains and breaks on uneven
ground are common

Work gloves are designed to be used

for manual and industrial work.
There are many different types of
work gloves, such as: Cut Resistant
Gloves- These gloves are commonly
used by professions that use sharp
tools such as chefs, carpenters and
warehouse workers.
Cotton Working Gloves

Woven from cotton thread a

machine knitted, fitting smooth
to the hands. One size fits all
Plastic Gloves Oil/ Acid

Made from oil and chemical

resistant plastic with flannel
cloth inside to absorb sweat.
Ideal tor tank work, etc.

Plastic Gloves Oil/ Acid Resistant

Safety Work Boots

Steel toe working boots made

from cow hide with non slip
rubber sole and deep crepe tread.
Rain Suits

3 pcs comprised of the jacket,

trouser and hood outfit. Made of
flexible cloth lined rubber, vinyl or
nylon. They are all fully water
proof and resist aging and abrasion.
Available in blue or black.

One piece coverall wear for

general working. Made of 100%
cotton or cotton polyester mixed.
Steel Rope

Provides movement to arms of

cranes and davits.

Steel Rope
Messenger Line

Used for giving mooring line to


A light rope
Mooring Line

A mooring line is a thick rope

or cable which is used to tie a
watercraft in place. Usually
multiple mooring lines are
used on the same vessel to
distribute the stress, and to act
as redundant systems in case a
mooring line snaps.

Mooring Line

The dowel is a wedge marine

vehicle, as a temporary handle
for rope noti, suitable for
wounding platforms and
ourselves. A dowel is a conical
rod with a carriage, rounded at
one end or flattened and


Rope thimbles protect rope from

wear whenever you have a fixed
loop in the end of the rope–
whether the rope is tied, spliced,
or swaged. These thimbles
are stainless steel for high
strength and resistance to
corrosion. Unlike plastic
thimbles, they are less likely to
break leaving sharp edges
Boss Link Mooring Links

Made of stainless steel mooring link and

to be used as connection between a
steelw1re mooring rope, or UHMW
polymer rope, and a fibre mooring tail
(forerunner). Provided with two types of
link, with boll or with roller.
Fairlead Shackles

Stainless steel mooring shackle

with sleek sharp design to pass
easily through fairleads. Available
in two sizes 90M and 120M. Steel
wire rope around the sheave - fibre
rope around the body. Each shackle
is proof tes1ed and certified by
Man Rope

Used as hand rail rope for a gang

way or wharf ladder, made of
vinylon rope strand with vinyl
chloride coating .
Oil Spill Equipments

Used to clean oil from water.

Deck Cleaning Liquid

Used to clean dirty an oily

Abserbent Pillow And Pads

Absorbs the spilled oil.

Non Spark Shovel

Used to receiving sawdust

from oily surface.
Oil Spill Bag

Used to store used pads,

sawdust or pillow.
Protective Suit

Used in spillage operation and

this suit just one time so, after
this operation it’s dumped.
Cleaning Brush

Used to collect used sawdust

and cleaning the surface.
Garbage Bag

Plastic bags to store wastes.

Hand Tools
Socket Wrenches

A socket wrench or ratchet allows

you to turn nuts and bolts with
more ease than using a regular
wrench. The ratcheting feature
allows you to keep the wrench on
the bolt eliminating the need to
refit the wrench every time you
need to make a turn
Torque Tools/Torque

There are four basic types of torque

wrenches, each with slightly
different operating
principles: beam or deflection, dial
indicator, clicker, and digital.

Pliers are a hand tool used to hold

objects firmly, possibly developed
from tongs used to handle hot
metal in Bronze Age Europe. They
are also useful for bending and
compressing a wide range of
Scissors and Knives

Is that scissors is (countable plural

in form usually with a plural verb)
a tool used for cutting thin
material, consisting of two crossing
blades attached at a pivot point in
such a way that the blades slide
across each other when the handles
are closed while knife is a utensil
or a tool designed for cutting
Packing Hooks & Pipe

A pipecutter is a type of tool used by

plumbers to cut pipe. Besides
producing a clean cut, the tool is
often a faster, cleaner, and more
convenient way of cutting pipe than
using a hacksaw, although this
depends on the metal of the pipe.
There are two types of pipe cutters.

Packing Hooks & Pipe Cutters

Tube Expanders

Flare tube expansion expands tubes

by providing a flare shape to the
end of the tubes, while also acting
as a reinforcement to tensile stress

Tube Expanders

Screwdriver, tool, usually hand-

operated, for turning screws with
slotted heads. For screws with
one straight diametral slot cut
across the head, standard
screwdrivers with flat blade tips
and in a variety of sizes are used.


A hammer is a tool, most often a

hand tool, consisting of a
weighted "head" fixed to a long
handle that is swung to deliver
an impact to a small area of an
object. This can be, for example,
to drive nails into wood, to shape
metal (as with a forge), or to
crush rock.
Glass Cutters

A glass cutter is a tool which is

designed to score glass, making
it easy to snap the glass into
pieces of a desired shape and
size. ... When done properly, the
glass will break cleanly along the
score, and then the edge can be
sanded to make it less sharp.
Bars/Nail Pullers

Wrecking bars are also known as

ripping bars or crowbars. These
tools are used in construction,
demolition and where pulling
nails, ripping wood and similar
tasks are done.

Bars/Nail Pullers

Mortise chisels are specialized

chisels for chopping out a
mortise. They are designed to
withstand heavy blows with a
mallet, and can be used for
cutting directly across the grain,
as well as for levering out waste
Anvils/ Blacksmith's
Anvil, iron block on which metal
is placed to be shaped, originally
by hand with a hammer. The
blacksmith's anvil is usually of
wrought iron, but sometimes of
cast iron, with a smooth working
surface of hardened steel. A
projecting conical beak, or horn,
at one end is used for hammering
curved pieces of metal.

A hand scraper is a single-edged

tool used to scrape metal from a
surface. This may be required
where a surface needs to be
trued, corrected for fit to a
mating part, needs to retain oil
(usually on a freshly ground
surface), or to give a decorative
When most people think of using a
magnetic pickup tool they think of
the most basic uses: picking up
nails and screws that they have
dropped on the floor while working
on a project, finding lost nails and
screws in piles of sawdust, or ones
that are dropped while working
outside in the snow, and of course
picking up ...

A hacksaw is a hand-powered,
small-toothed saw used
for cutting metal pipes, rods,
brackets, etc. Hacksaws can also
cut through plastic. The hacksaw
has a U-shaped frame and a
handle at one end.

Pin Vises/Hand Drills

A pin vise (or pin vice in the

UK) is a miniature drill or twist
drill that is a useful, fairly
inexpensive specialized hand
tool used a lot in miniature
woodwork. Pin vises, as the
name suggest, hold thin, long
cylindrical objects (like a pin or
wire) by one end
Auger Bits/Gimlets
A gimlet is a hand tool for
drilling small holes, mainly in
wood, without splitting. It was
defined in Joseph Gwilt's
Architecture (1859) as "a piece
of steel of a semi-cylindrical
form, hollow on one side, having
a cross handle at one end and a
worm or screw at the other". A
gimlet is always a small tool.
Planes/ Wood Gauges

A plane is an indispensable tool

for smoothing and shaping wood.
Planes are used to "shave" thin,
uniform strips from a piece of
wood, creating a smooth, level
surface by removing "high
spots." Knowing how to plane
wood is a vital skill for all
Trowels/Putty Knives
Putty knives are used to apply
putty or surfacing compound into
cracks and nail holes, patch
divots with wood filler, and
spread drywall mud into drywall
joints and seams. Putty knives
come in a variety of sizes.
Sand, soil, or debris --
Jackson® transfer shovels can
move it all. Our consumer and
commercial transfer shovels are
perfect for moving loose garden
material, sand, top soil, and
more. Versatile use includes
shaping beds, mixing concrete,
and leveling off areas such as
Tool Belts

A tool belt is a belt worn around

the waist, retaining pockets and
loops made to contain tools and
equipment. Tool belts are worn in
many professional trades and other
activities, and are typically used to
transport and maintain tools and
material used at a worksite10.
Pipe Benders

Pipe benders are tools used in a

process commonly known as pipe
bending or pipe bending. ... Pipe
benders are tools for bending pipes
and tubes made of various
materials. It can work on a variety
of metals such as steel, aluminum
and copper and then form them into
various curves and angles.
Screw Clamps/ Vises

Clamps and vises provide an extra set

of hands that can be useful for a range
of projects, including cutting, sanding,
gluing, drilling, soldering and more. ...
Vises are incredibly strong and can
cause serious injuries if misused.
Clean and lubricate clamps and vises
periodically to ensure proper
Drum Opening
Drum Pumps

Drum pumps are designed to provide

an easy and safe way to transfer
virtually any chemical from drums and
barrels or larger containers. Drum
pumps typically comprise a tube –
which is as long as the container is
deep – that fits through the opening on
the top of the container.
Drum Hooks
Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps are found in all

manner of household, industrial
and outdoor settings. They're used
as an efficient and tidy way to
restrain, secure and guide tubing or
conduit for a range of plumbing,
heating and electrical purposes.
Carborundom Paste

Carborundum, trademark for silicon

carbide, an inorganic compound
discovered by E.G. Acheson; he
received a patent on it in 1893.
Carborundum has a crystal structure
like that of diamond and is almost as
hard. It is used as an abrasive for
cutting, grinding, and polishing, as an
antislip additive, and as a refractory.
Winches/ Chain

There are three types of chain

hoists: air, manual, and electric.
The manual one and the air one
are designed with reduction
gears, hook pivots, and swivels.
Suspended by a top hook, or by a
push or geared trolley, these
devices move objects slowly and
carefully while making height
Gear Pullers/ Bearing
Bearing pullers are used to
remove parts such as bearings,
gears or pulleys from a shaft. ...
As the forcing screw is
tightened, the arms pull the part
towards the end of the shaft. A
bearing puller is used to remove
bearings, gears or pulleys, which
are components that are in
almost constant use.
Hydraulic Jacks
Hydraulic jacks use multiple
cylinders to create pressure by
applying force. By putting force
on one cylinder, it will create
pressure in all connected
cylinders. ... Bottle jacks are
most popularly used for lifting
cars for auto inspections, and
floor jacks are used to lift items
that need a larger lifting pad.
Nut Splitters/ Flange Jacks

Hydraulic nut splitters attach to a

hydraulic pump to break apart corroded
or frozen nuts to free the bolt. The nut
splitter is placed around the nut and a
blade is pushed through the nut to cut it
free from the bolt
Pipe Cleaners
The most common way to
specify a rivet size is by 'trade
size'. ... The first number refers
to the diameter of the rivet in
32nds of an inch. The second
number refers to the maximum
grip length in 16ths of an inch.
Therefore a size 45 rivet is 4/32"
(1/8") diameter with a 5/16"
maximum grip range.

A piece of equipment consisting

of a series of bars or steps
between two upright lengths of
wood, metal, or rope, used for
climbing up or down something.
Testing Hammers

For testing and investigating

boilers, welding joints, hulls, etc.
Designed for detecting structural
defects by the sound created from
the hammering. Made from
specially selected alloy steel with a
hickory handle.
Bell Face-Hand

FEW tools for home repairs are as

basic or as widely used as
hammers. ... Having a bell face
means that the hammer's striking
face is slightly rounded, which
results in nails being driven flush
with the surface of the wood. Flat-
faced hammers, also available,
leave nailheads protruding slightly
Chipping Hammers

Designed for removing boiler,

scale, rust or paint on vessels,
etc. Forged from a special grade
of steel. Handle made of hard

Hammer-head made of a
combination of iron and hard
Carpenter Hammers

Tubular steel handle with rubber

cushion grip. The head has been
designed with one round faced
end and one end as a nail puller
Cable Cutters

The cable cutter is a tool used to

cut copper or aluminum electric
wire from #1 through 1000MCM.
They come in four varieties: palm
grip, manual two-handled units,
ratchet cutters and electric cutters.
Straight Pinch and
Chisel End Bars

A multi purpose pinch bar.

Gooseneck Type Bars

One end is a pointed chisel and the

other is a rounded nail puller.
Claw and Nail Puller

Pull and ply bar with one go end

and one smoothly curved end to
suit use on a variety of surfaces.
Deck Scrapers with
Long Handle

Tempered steel blade of 65 mm

width. Furnished with a wooden
handle of 1,200 mm length.
Putty Knives

Putty knives are used to apply

putty or surfacing compound into
cracks and nail holes, patch divots
with wood filler, and spread
drywall mud into drywall joints
and seams. Putty knives come in a
variety of sizes

Blade is forged in one piece from
a solid bar of special treated steel
for heavy duty work.

Made from polycarbon ate
shovel with wooden handle.
Much lighter than conventional
steel shovel, but has temperature
resistance and impact resistance.
Overall length is 1,200 mm.
Non-Spark Single
Open End Wrenches
Non-sparking tools are made of
materials that do not contain iron
(non-ferrous metals) and
therefore the risk of a spark
being created while the tool is in
use is reduced. Non-sparking
tools protect against both fire and
explosion in environments that
may contain flammable liquids,
vapors, dusts or residues
Non-Spark 12
Point Single End
Offset Wrenches
Combination Open
& Spud Wrenches
Non-Spark T-
Type 12-Point
Box Wrenches
Non-Spark Striking
Single Open End
Non-Spark Hook Spanner

Non-sparking”, “spark reduced”,

“spark-resistant” or “spark-
proof” tools are names given
to tools made of metals such as
brass, bronze, Monel metal
(copper-nickel alloy), copper-
aluminum alloys (aluminum
bronze), or copper-beryllium
alloys (beryllium bronze).
Non-Spark Straight
Pipe Wrenches
The straight pipe wrench (the
basic one) can be used on all
types of pipe work. An end pipe
wrench has a head at a bit of
angle and is designed to be used
on pipes close to the wall or
parallel work. An offset pipe
wrench is used to grab onto pipes
at awkward angles or in tight
Non-Spark Testing

Non-sparking tools provide
protection against fires and
explosions in
environments where there is a
concern about sparks igniting
flammable solvents, vapors,
liquids, dusts or residues.
Non-Spark Double
Face Hammers
Chipping Hammers
Non-Spark Slotted
Plastic Handle
Square Shovels
Compact Gas Torches

Lightweight, compact torch for

soldering or fusing wax, paint,
etc. Be careful not to 2 ltr open
the cartridge when there is still
some propane remaining inside
Specify whether the full setor the
spare cartridge only is required
when ordering.

A small hand-propelled vehicle

with one or two wheels.

Platform Trucks
Platform Trucks
For moving and handling all
sorts of goods easily from on
deck to storage facilities or
accommodations. The cart has a
steel platform and handle with
solid cushion wheels. There are
two swivel wheels located at the
front and two straight wheels at
the rear
With Two Handles

Steel plate platform and handles.

Has two swivel solid cushion
wheels on one side and two rigid
on the other. Platform sizes
larger than those listed below can
be supplied but require some
delivery time

Plastic Oiler
Made of oil resistant hard plastic.
A thin pump nozzle torces the oil
out in a strong stream.
Metallic Oiler
Heavy Duty Pump

Heavy duty industrial type

angled pump oiler. Two types of
spout, flexible and solid are
Oil Jugs

Made of plastic or copper rite

(tih .copper plated). So called
Engineers filler.
Oil Funnels

Made from heavy galvanized tin

plate with a brass strainer.
Available in stainless steel, and
wood. Machine marked
graduations. Length: 1 mtr.
Convex Rules

Locking, power-return. white steel

convex rule. 12 mm (1 /211 ) wide
flexible steel blade in a plastic
case. Available in metric standard
or in metric and inch sizes.
Oil Gauging Tapes
So called ullage tape. Made of
steel or stainless steel with a
chromed brass drawing weight
attached. Metric or metric and
inch graduated tapes are
available. The tapes are mounted
to a strong frame with a wooden
carrying handle. Tapes of lengths
up to 50 mtr are also available
upon request.

Catch, wedge,
holder, grip.

A tool to determine
right angles.
Screws And Nails

A metal fastening rod with a

shoulder at one end and
threaded at the other.

A pin to connect two

surfaces or objects
Drift pin

A tapered pin to pull plates

together , like fever
Apointed pin or stick for
working rope, and used also
as spike or key to prevent
the turning of a shaft
Lock Nut

A nut which will

not turn loose (Nut

A metal pin
connecting plates

A rod or bolt threaded on

both ends

To cut screw threads

inside a hole
Dog Bolts

Surelock McGill hinge bolts or

'dog bolts' as they are more
commonly known, provide an
additional layer of protection to the
hinged side of the door during an
attack. ... Removal of the hinges
allows the door to be detached
from its frame and unauthorised
entry into the facility becomes
Wing Bolts

Wing screws are a type of fastener

designed to be tightened and
loosened by hand. Also known
as wing thumb screws, they feature
wing-like projections that form the
head of the screw and provide
thumb and forefinger leverage for
Tapping Screws

Tapping screws eliminate the need

for drilled holes, as they are
designed to cut their own hole as it
is screwed into the materials. This
creates a good snug fit between the
mating threads and allows the parts
to be reassembled if necessary
Cup Hooks, Brass

Made of solid brass to assure a

rigid made hook.
Connecting Apparatus
Sounding Paste: Shows
the liquid seperation
point on the sounder.
Nozzle: A part attached to
the end of the hose, allowing
to spray water to fire.
Bushing: metal
sleeves or tubing for
revolving pins or
Cock: A valve
Coupling: A bevel at the
edge of a hole permitting
the screw to set flush
with the surface
Elbow Ell: An L
shaped joint in
tubes , pipes , etc.
Nipple: A pipe
Lashing And Handling Equipment
Turnbuckle: A hand
piece allows the
movement of the load.
Used in cargo handling.
Sling Net: Used in cargo
handling. To restore the
provisions on the ship,
or removing garbage.
Chain: Iron
parts used to
bind the load.
Battens: Strips of wood
or metal to prevent cargo
shifting, secure hatchas,
Chock: A strong stand
with elbows to guide
heavy cables ; also a
Wedge: Tapered
triangle to force
things into place.
Wire Rope Clips: D
shaped pieces used to
make crates from steel
cables or to connect
severed ropes.
Block: A heavy
Cleat: horned
peg for
securing lines
Dog: Hook ,
clamp , catch.
Eye Bolt: One with
a loop on one end.
Pad Eye: A plate with a
hole firmly welded or
secured used as a catch
for rigging, hooks, etc.
Pulley: A small
Shackle: A U-shaped bar
with eyes at the ends and a
pin to secure
Swivel: A link with a
fitting at one end
permitting free rotation
without fouling the line.
Trip: To loosen ,
unhook , unfasten.
Other Materials And Tools
High pressure Double
Diaphragm Pump
A double diaphragm is a positive
displacement pump which utilises two
flexible diaphragms that reciprocate back
and forth, creating a temporary chamber,
which both draws in and expels fluid
through the pump.

High pressure Double Diaphragm Pump

Electric Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a pump used to

remove water that has
accumulated in a water-
collecting sump basin,
commonly found in the
basements of homes. ... Usually
hardwired into a home's
electrical system, sump pumps
may have a battery backup.
Two Ball Double
Acting Pumps
For transferring of malarial from
original containers or bulk storage
to the point of use, and the two-ball
pumps are primarily designed lor
the high volume transfer of light
and medium viscosity fluids.
Stainless steel construction others
compatibility with a wide range of
Pneumatic Sump
Suitable to empty ballast tanks,
bilge wells, etc. in emergency
cases. Often used for draining
cargo holds during and atter the
washing procedure. Especially
preferred where an electric spark
may risk ignilion or explosion.
Required air pressure is 0.59 MPa
(6 kgl/cm2).
Portable Pumps
A battery-powered pump operates using any
12-volt car or truck battery. It comes
equipped with cables and battery clips.
Extremely portable, the pump weights only
33 pounds (15kg) and can fit through
openings as small as 10" (25cm). Electrically
safe and whisper quiet. Suitable for all of
onslte dewatering needs such as ditches,
manholes. and caissons. The pump is
available with I I an optional handy carrying
case for convenient safe storage. Furnished
with remote waterproof controller integrated
into the pump cable for simple safe
operation. The pump is submersible by the
watertight o-ring seals
Sounding Lead:
Instrument to measure
the height of liquids in
ships tanks.
Sounding Paste: Shows
the liquid seperation
point on the sounder.
Flashlight: Used
to illuminate dark
areas or at night.
Oxygen Welding:
Used to cut metal
or weld it.
Hand Pump: Used to
draw accumulated water.
Bail: Pail bucket or
paddle to expel water
from a leaking or
flooded boat.
Clip: Clamp
securing the ends
of wire rope
Contersink: A bevel at
the edge of a hole
permitting the screw to
set flush with surface

To make an additional
depression permitting
the head of a screw to
set below the surface
Ditty Bag: Seaman's
sewing kit conaisting
of palm and needle,
twine, etc
Swing CheckVALVES

May be mounted
horizontally or vertically
Lift Check

Horizontal mounting only


Closed: functions as a stop valve

Open: functions like a check
Can be used to throttle
Globe Valves

Numerous construction forms

Temporary work
Vernier Calipers

Made of high grade stainless

steel with a satin chrome finish.
Available in metric graduation,
or in both, metric and inch
Iron Wire

Galvanized or ungalvanized wire

is available.

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