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Cegelec Frank Decavele

Business Development Manager

Food Dpt

for the
Cegelec in a nutshell

á Cegelec is an integrated international group providing technological

services to companies, public and local authorities

á Cegelec's activities are centered around 5 core businesses:

‡ Energy, Electricity
‡ Automation, Instrumentation and Control
‡ Information and Communication Technologies
‡ HVAC, Mechanics
‡ Maintenance and Services
Cegelec in key figures

á Subsidiaries in 30 countries, activities in over 65

á 120 locations in France, over 300 in the world

á A turnover of 2,8 billion euros

and an EBIT close to 160 million euros in 2009
A shareholder with an ambitious industrial project

á Cegelec is a subsidiary of VINCI, the world leader

in concession and construction (32 million Euro),
since April 2010

á It is part of its Energies business line, a European

market leader in the energy services sector

á As part of VINCI Energies, The Actemium network has unified the

business units specialised in engineering and implementation for
industry since 1999
A model responding to the needs of our customers
Presence on the whole
project cycle
in the choice of
Flow business
Contracts Competencies Assets solutions
Large projects Professional
Works and project

Energy, electricity Customers

instrumentation and control Industry
Information and communication Infrastructures
technologies (energy and others)
HVAC and mechanics Service sector
Maintenance and services
A European and worldwide company

By country of origin By country of destination

61,7% Europe
France France)
Europe 54%
(except France 29%
and Germany)

Rest of
the world
Rest of the world

(Based on 2009 turnover figures)

> A company with deep roots on its markets, close to its customers
> A culture of exporting activities and large projects
A European and worldwide company

‡ Austria ‡ Poland
‡ Belgium ‡ Portugal
‡ Czech Republic ‡ Russia
‡ France ‡ Spain
‡ Germany ‡ Switzerland
‡ Italy ‡«
‡ Luxembourg
‡ The Netherlands


  ‡ Bahrain
‡ Qatar
‡ Algeria ‡ China
‡ Angola ‡ Saudi Arabia
‡ Indonesia
‡ Cameroon ‡ United Arab Emirates
‡ Singapore
‡ Congo and
DR of Congo
„  ‡ Gabon
  ‡ Morocco
‡ Nigeria
‡ Brazil ‡«

> Some thirty subsidiaries all over the world

> Countries with strong potential for growth
Cegelec Belgium Business (CBB): an incumbent player
in Belgium and the Netherlands

Second in its market in Belgium

(69 % of CBB turnover),
4th at Benelux level

Numerous acquisitions
since 2003
The Netherlands (contracting Siemens
Headquarter: Dordrecht in the Netherlands,
8 sites ABB Building Systems
600 employees in Belgium and the Netherlands,
Ensysta, Eurotole, «)

Activities outside of its frontiers

Belgium (China, DR of Congo)
Headquarter: Brussels
5 sites
1 600 employees A business organised around
two branches: Industry/Infra
and Buildings

Food Business: Market Dynamics



Value Chain: Example Dairy Business
Trends in Food production Industry

‡ Improving efficiency and up time (OEE)

‡ Food Safety & hygienic design rules (e.g. EHEDG)

‡ Savings on energy costs, water & consumables

‡ Improving yield and minimising product losses

‡ Best practices & SOP¶s (e.g. HACCP)

‡ Many Recipes/SKU¶s = many product changeovers

‡ Increasing of viscous and formulated products

‡ Traceability
Food Dpt in a nutshell

á Close to its customers in the food producing industry

‡ Multi-technical services oriented, with local presence
‡ In-depth knowledge of their constraints, processes, performance indicators
‡ Good knowledge of the European guidelines for safety & hygiene

á Technological solutions and services

‡ Design & built, customised solutions
‡ Strong prevention for high safety degree on the workfloor
‡ Independent integrator to equipment brands
‡ Innovative technology in line with business needs

á A complete and integrated offer

‡ Technical lots and turnkey
‡ A presence on the complete project cycle
‡ A systems-driven approach



Chocolates& Prepared meals&

Confectionery sauses
BU Ensysta in key figures

á A turnover of 35 Mln Euro; EBIT close to 1 Mln Euro in 2009

á Team of 150 professionals
á 2 dedicated departments: Food & Pharma
á Subsidiaries with offices and workshops on 3 locations: Leuven,
Veghel and Shanghai
á Food department with focus on 3 branches: dairy&beverage,
brewery and chocolate&confectionery industries
á For many years, preferred supplier of Kieselmann processing
á +20 years experience in food business
Food Dpt - the strong values

á Full service supplier with multi disciplinair competences for design

& built with strong focus on 3 competences: liquid food hygienic
processing lines, automation and industrial cooling
á Outstanding project management, delivered by experienced
professionals, for fast time to market
á Consultancy services based on dedicated process knowledge and
proven solutions
á Reliable lean & mean construction team delivering high quality job
on-site and in workshop
á Long track of references and satisfied customers
Service - Level


  Project Mngt Execution Multi Mono

Turn-Key + + + +
Skid + + + +
Piping Plus + + + +
Piping + + +
Hourly rate + +
Commercial successes in strategic markets

Dairy: processing area

Belgomilk Kallo
á Aseptic & non-aseptic valve
clusters Incopack
á Milk reception & pasteurization
area FrieslandCampina
á Aseptic tank area¶s DMV plant in Veghel
á Automation solutions (Siemens
S7 & PCS7)
á E&I revamping works for
evaporator and milkpowder plants
á Icewater systems, incl.
maintenance contract

> Our experience to meet the  !  !   
Commercial successes in strategic markets

Brewery: µCold block¶ area

Brouwerij Haacht
á Yeast propagation, yeast recovery
systems Anheuser-Busch Inbev
á Utilities
á CIP units Brasserie St-Feuillien
á Automation solutions
Alken Maes
á Pasteurization units
á Interconnecting piping & valve
clusters for CCT area¶s
á Filtering & BBT area¶s
á Wort chilling applications

> Understanding processes & professional project management for tight time
schedules in a further consolidating business
Commercial successes in strategic markets

Beverages: Juices NFC & FOJC, CSD, Water

á Tankfarms & sea terminals
á Valve clusters Citrosuco
á Sugar dissolving and syroprooms
in CSD plants Coca-Cola
á Cooling system for concentrate
storage area

> Our know-how for a   "

in a market with  #  !
Commercial successes in strategic markets

Prepared Meals & sauces

Top¶s Foods
á Microwave tunnel pasteuriser for
Top¶s Foods Deliva
á Emulsifying solutions based on
M4E technology (sauses)

> Tailor made solutions as a result of our flexible design+built approach

Commercial successes in strategic markets

Chocolates & confectionery

Kim¶s chocolates
‡ Double shell interconnecting
piping between tankfarm, Kraft Foods
tempering machines and
moulding equipment Pralinart
‡ Pigging systems
‡ Industrial Cooling systems Belgian Chocolate Group
‡ utilities

> Our solutions for processes where temperature control is key

a matter
of people
$  %   "$ & '(
Belgomilk Kallo belongs to the Milcobel Group, the largest Belgian dairy
Cegelec BU Ensysta performs the detailed process engineering and
implementation of the milk pasteurizing units, under tight deadline
„) *  ! + ! #)   )'(
The year volume sold in 2009 by AB Inbev Belgium: 5,6 Mln hectoliters
Cegelec BU Ensysta performs the detailed process engineering and
implementation of several projects, under tight deadline
      &", ! '(

Kim¶s chocolates
Cegelec BU Ensysta delivers the design & built + commissioning
!"     "  ,
Top¶s Foods prepares 90.000 meals/day on a plant surface of 12.000m2 and
with 40 international receipe varieties
   performs the Engineering & Construction of a
continious microwave sterlization line
++     „+   
Third largest European vaccine production site for Sanofi Pasteur
to be built in the Lyon region (France)
Cegelec Centre East performs a Clean-in-Place station for the upcoming
Denghe vaccine production under tight deadline
A 5 M¼ contract

Food Applications:


Cegelec BU Ensysta

27A, Interleuvenlaan
B-3001 Leuven
T. +32 (0)16 24 02 75