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The Godrej group, established in 1897, can be divided into
two major holding companies:
ȈGodrej Industries Ltd.
ȈGodrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

The Group annual sales was approximately US$ 2.6 billion

in financial year 09/10.
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V Godrej Interio is a business unit of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co.
Ltd. - part of the Godrej Group, one of Indiaǯs largest
engineering and consumer product groups

V Godrej Interio is Indiaǯs largest furniture brand. From

manufacturing the humble Storwel cupboard 80 years back
to being a vibrant, innovative brand with a diverse portfolio

V They offer to customers home and office furniture, along

with solutions for laboratories, hospitals and healthcare
establishments, education and training institutes,
shipyards and navy, auditoriums and stadiums.
V They are present across India through our 50 exclusive
showrooms in 18 cities and through 800 dealer outlets.
V Their current market share is 20%
V In total sales : 30% consists of home furniture division and
70% office furniture.
V In the home furniture division they have 23% year on year
growth in sales
V They are all set to grow at the rate of 30% this year.
V They have opened two retail outlets in Chennai and Noida
recently through franchise mode.
V They currently have three manufacturing plants i.e
Mumbai, Guwahati and Uttarakhand.
V They are planning to set up plants in all regions.

V Office Furniture - Desking, Seating, Open Plan Office

Systems, Computer Furniture and Storages
V Home Furniture - Living, Dining and Bedroom,
Kitchen Cabinets.
V Laboratory Furniture, Marine Accommodation,
Healthcare Furniture
V Turnkey Interiors, Carpet Tiles, and Mattresses

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V Easy to disassemble, reconfigure and refurbish for

V High steel content to increase product durability and
V Maximum use of wood substitutes like particle boards
& medium density fibre boards
V Use of recyclable fabrics
V Use of low emitting boards and glues
V Use of recycled / recyclable packing material

V Increase in market share due to re-branding
V Increasing presence in global markets like Africa, Latin
America and Southeast Asia
V Increase in the number of retail outlets
V Increase in number of manufacturing plants
V Purchasing power of customers
V Growth in sales in Home furniture division
V New products
V New campaigns
V Rise of middle class
V Growth of real estate, tourism and hospitality industry
V Godrej interio is planning to foray into ready-to-
assemble segment where furniture is purchased in
multiple pieces and require assembly.

V Companyǯs total sales ration is 70:30 should be 50:50 in

three years.

V Company will open new executives stores in all the

region to expand business.