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· Three people reporting to you (RM-South).

· Reportee1 has 0 yrs exp, reportee2 has 5 yrs exp, reportee3

has 2 yrs exp. Experience count is of present company only.

· Reportee1 is fresh and has immense talent to perform, but

treats reportee2 as his guru.

· Reportee2 has spent many years in the company and is an

average performer, has negative attitude and master of office
politics, but has strong customer relation. Views present RM as
a threat to his candidature for RM.

· Reportee3 is an outstanding performer, has strong ambitions

and might move out if aspirations are not fulfilled by present

Might move out if

aspirations are not fulfilled
by present company
Reportee1 has immense talent so he
should be given chance to work in such
conditions were he should be able to
implement his own decisions without
much permissions from others or
seniors----- This will enhance his
outrage in converting his talent into
real work by not depending much on
He should not be allowed to
depend much on reportee2
because as he treats reportee as
his guru he will do whatever
reportee2 says. As mentioned in
the case reportee has jealous
over his senior for the
candidature and he also indulges
in inner politics, gradually this
will spread to the fresher, so the
above told measures should be
Reportee2, senior most amongst the
three has a immense experience with
talent little less of that of reportee1. As
stated in the case he is an average
performer. From the case of
reportee1,who treats him(reportee2) as
his guru, gradually reportee2 will take
the advantage of this in the long run, so
a fast action has to be done initially to
erase the political indulgence of reportee
in inner politics of the company.
On the other hand it can also assumed that
reportee2is jealously over his senior for the
candidature. This culture is not good for a
growing organization as such. He should be
warned about his behaviour from the top
management that he will be fired for his
behaviour. Here the concept of negative
reinforcement comes into picture. On the
other hand a partial appraisal should also be
done for his appraisal and explain him about
his strengths and the opportunities in the
organization, as the firm cannot afford to lose
such a experienced employee. The senior
manager should also treat him friendly so the
relation and inter personal behaviours in the
The qualities of a good candidate are much found
in reportee 3 with handsome experience,
including better and improved performance. In
the given case it is found that reportee 3 might
move out if aspirations are not fulfilled by the
company, this practically is not a problem with
the employee, because it is obvious that any
candidate will leave his work place when he feels
that his aspirations cannot be fulfilled by the
company. In real world though employees
dedicate and work hard to the company, but
more than that their career is much more
important to them. Here in case of reportee 3 one
good thing is that he does not involve in politics.
This shows he is good at single work and not a
In this organization there are a lot
of things where necessary things
are to be taken care by
implementing the given
recommendations given in my
project for the purpose of
enhancing better quality of work
towards the organizations success
and inter personal relations
amongst the people in the
organization, overall to contribute
for the success of the organization.