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Reading- 2RI6
What is nonfiction?
How is fiction different from nonfiction?
Can you tell if it’s fiction or nonfiction?

A recipe book A character

for cooking finds new
quick meals ways to
enjoy her

nonfiction fiction
A story about
Jack and
A newspaper
article about
back in time
nonfiction the internet
fiction in their
Text Features in a Nonfiction Text

• Photographs
• Labels
• Diagram
• Bold print
• Glossary
• Table of contents
• Index
• Title
• Maps
• Captions
• Headings

Photographs- Illustrations-
usually found in nonfiction texts/books usually found in fiction texts/books

The title is the name of the

book or text you are reading.

It is always found in the front.

What is the title of this book?

Table of Contents

The table of contents lists the

different sections in the book
It lists them in the order you
see them in the book
It also gives the page number
the section begins on

What page is “Heroes in

Action” on?
Bold Print

Bold print words are words

that are in darker print.
These words are important
to know and the meaning
of the word can be found
in the glossary.

What is the word in bold


• The glossary can be found in the back of

a nonfiction text.
• It is in alphabetical order.
• It lists all of the bold print words from
the book and tells you the meaning of

What does “retire” mean?


The index lists all important

words related to the topic of
the book.
It tells you what pages that
word can be found on.
It is listed in alphabetical

What pages can I go to read

about missing people?
Diagrams & Labels

• A diagram is a drawing or
picture to help the reader see
what the author is describing in
the text.

• A label identifies part of the

diagram so the reader can
understand the different parts.

What is the diagram of?

What is one label on the diagram?

A caption is a sentence that

describes a photograph or

Headings separate a text

into sections.

Headings let you know what

the author discusses in that
Let’s dig into our nonfiction book!

What can you predict

about the book just
from the title and

What do you already

know about this topic?
Author’s Purpose

Authors keep their

readers in mind when
they are writing their
piece of text.

Let’s see if you can

figure out the author’s
purpose in the next
few slides.
What is the author’s purpose?

• You should eat ice cream because it is so good.

You can choose from many flavors. You can eat it
in a bowl or in a delicious cone.

What is the author’s purpose?

• A seed holds the secret of new life. New plants

grow from seeds. Seeds come in many different
sizes and shapes.

What is the author’s purpose?

• I went to the amusement park this weekend. It

was so much fun! I got on different roller
coasters. Some were really high. I went on one
that got my clothes all wet.