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Chapter 10- Rizal

Deported to Dapitan
 June 26,1892- with elder sister
Lucia, Rizal arrived in Manila
 Lodge at Oriente Hotel in Binondo
 Went to Malacañang to pay courtesy

call and interview Gov. Gen. Despujol

who agreed to pardon his father and
sister but not his brother-in-law
 Despujol dissuade him from going to

Borneo; instead he promise to give

him lands in any island two leagues
from Calamba
Filipino League Founded
 Visit Malolos, Bulacan, san
Fernando, Pampanga and Tarlac,
Tarlac which he urged his
countrymen to join the La Liga
 July 3,1892- Rizal organized La

Liga Filipina in Ilaya Street Tondo,

 Aims of La Liga Filipina
1. Unification of whole archipelago
in one compact and
homogenous body
2. Mutual protection in every want
and necessity
3. Defense against all violence and
4. Encouragement of instruction,
agriculture, commerce
5. Study and application of reforms
 Ultimate objective- promote
progress of the country
Arrest and Deportation of Rizal
4 days after the foundation of la
Liga Filipina, Rizal was ordered
arrested by Gov. Gen. Despujol
allegedly having found in his
baggage, few hours after his
arrival from Hongkong, abundle
of leaflets entitled “ Poor Friars”
(Pobres Frailes)
 Leaflets were against rich
Dominicans who had fabulous
wealthy contrary to vow of poverty
 Incarcerated temporarily in Fort

Santiago for a week before he

was departed to Dapitan
(Zamboanga del Norte) in
Northern Mindanao
Life in Dapitan
 Livein residence of Don Ricardo
Carnicero, Captain of the Infantry
and politico-military governor of
Dapitan, consider him not a person
committed felony (serious crime
punishable by 1 year in jail or death)
he gave good reports on Rizal to
Despujol, consider him to move
around and report only once a week
 Wrote a poem on Don Ricardo
Carnicero’s birthday
 Captain Juan Sitges- replace Don

Ricardo Carnicero, more

demanding officer
 Live an exemplary life in exile
 Study Bisayan and Malayan
 Wrote an original Tagalog grammar
Rizal as a Physician
 August 1893- Doña Teodora and
sister Maria lived for one year in
 Operated his mother’s eyes
successfully for the third time
 Doña Teodora disregarded his
son’s clinical instructions by
removing bandages from her eyes,
causing the wound to be infected
 Miguel Hidalgo- his brother-in-
law, Saturnina’s husband
 Don Ignacio Tumarong- a wealthy

patient of Rizal whose eyes were

successfully operated. He paid
Rizal P3,000
 Don Florencio Azcarraga- owned

big hacienda of sugarcane in Aklan

paid Rizal a cargo of sugar for
curing his eye ailment
A rich Englishmen patient paid
him P500
Rizal as an Educator
 Education- very essential in
building the foundation of a
nation. Very foundation one can
train and nurture vital instruments
of progress-especially the youth
 Youth- one of the most essential

ingredients in any transformation

 “Without education and liberty-
the soil and sun of mankind-no
reform is possible”
 Establish a modest school-
attended by students of age 13
and 14
 Taught cultural values of the
Filipino- kaayusan, delicadeza,
palabra de honor
 Pedagogical philosophy of Sound
Mind in a Sound Body
Rizal as an Engineer
 Construct a system of waterworks
to provide clean water in Dapitan
 H. H Cameron- American
engineer praised Rizals ingenuity
for he had no explosives to blast
hard rocks
Rizal as Scientist
 Discovered Nami- kind of root
plant, edible when cooked
properly but poisonous because of
hydrocyanic acid
 Nami- middle finger was biten by

centipede, intense pain so he

applied natural fluid from nami
and the pain disappeared
 Applied hydro alcoholic solution
extracted from Nami to a cat to
dissect its gonad
 Fluid extract from Nami produce

anesthetic results
 Specimens Draco rizali ( flying

dragon), Apogonio rizali ( small

bettle), Rhacaphorus rizali ( rare
Rizal as a Farmer
 Bought 16 hectares of agricultural
land where he planted fruit-bearing
 Raised livestock
 Land area expanded near a river

that becomes source of irrigation

that doubled rice production
 Modern methods of farming from

Europe and America

Rizal as an Entrepreneur
 Business venture include fishing,
copra and hemp industries
 Introduced modern method of
hemp- stripping through machine
to improve quality and increased
 Organized cooperative in Dapitan
Rizal as an Inventor
 Invented a cigarette lighter called
 Made of Philippine hardwood and

mechanism is based on principle of

compressed air
 Sent this invention to Blumentritt as

a gift
 Invented machine for making
 Rectangular block of clay
hardened by drying in the sun or
burning in a kiln ( oven) used for
building and paving
 Machine could manufacture 6000

pieces of bricks everyday

Rizal as an Artist
 Age of 5- remarkable talents for
 Religious banner- always used
during fiesta was damaged. To
replaced it Rizal painted in oil
colors a new banner that delighted
town people because it was more
beautiful than original one
 In London, he curved The
Triumph of Death over Life and
The Triumph of Science over
 In Dapitan he curved “The
Mother’s Revenge”. He modeled a
statute representing the mother-
dog killing the crocodile by way of
avenging her lost puppy
 Other sculptural works of Rizal
are the bust of Father Guerrico-
an Ateneo professor
 “The Dapitan Girl”
 Josephine Bracken which appeared

to be realistic because of
anatomical shapes and proportion
Rizal as a Linguist
 Speak several language like
Spanish, Latin, English, Greek,
French, German, Arabic, Hebrew,
Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese,
Swedish, Portuguese, Russian and
Sanskrit; Ilokano, Bisayan and
Subanon (Zamboanga)
 Wrote Tagalog Grammar
Rizal as a Writer
 Wrote quiet numbers of short
stories, novels, poems essays,
plays, fables. He translated his
work in different lanuages
Rizal as a Musician
 No natural aptitude for music
 Learned to play flute fairly well
 Composed the song “Leonor”, “El

Canto del Prisoner” and “Alin

Mang Lahi”
Josephine Bracken in Dapitan
 18 years old lady, sweet, slender,
almond blue eyes, brown hair,
dressed with elegant simplicity
 Born on October 3, 1876 in
Hongkong of Irish parents
 Mother died after childbirth and

was adopted by an American

engineer George Taufer
 Josephine, her adopting father
Engineer Taufer and manuela
Orlac. Filipino companion arrive in
Dapitan in February 1895 coming
from Hongkong
 Their purpose is to consultDr.

Rizal for surgical treatment of

Engr. Taufer’s blindness
 Mr. Julio Llorente, a friend of Rizal

gave them a note of introduction

 Rizal (33) and Josephine (18) fell in
 Rizal told to George Taufer that he

love Josephine and intended to marry

 Taufer objected vehemently
 They agreed to marry
 Fr. Obach, parish priest of Dapitan

refused to marry them in the absence

of ecclesiastical permission from
Bishop of Cebu
 One moonlight night, they went ot
the beach, clasped each other’s
hand and united themselves
before Heaven
 Better a union by the grace of God

than marriage darkened by sin

 Rizal and Josephine pledged to

love each other and lived as

husband and wife
 Most important document- letter
to the Bishop of Cebu that bears
documentary stamp and number
 Fray Martin Garcia Alcocer- bishop

of Cebu
 Josefina Leopoldina Taufer- true

name of Josephine Bracken

 Mr. Famorca of Dapitan- came to

possess this late document is a

 Sister Trining-he wrote Miss J is
better than her reputation
 Living almost 8 months, Josephine

was in family way but she gave

birth prematurely to an 8 month-
boy that lived for only a few hours
 Some believed Rizal lived an
immortal life with Josephine in
 March 14,1895- sent letter to his
mother in Manila through Josephine
telling he was on the point of
 Long cdontroversy in philosophy and

religion with Rev. Pablo Pastells-

Superior of Jesuit Order in the
 Visit of Dr. Pio Valenzuela- Andres

Bonifacio’s emissary to sound Rizal’s

view on proposed
 Upraising against Spanish
Rizal to Cuba
 Volunteer his services as physician
to Spanish medical corps in Cuba
 After more than 6 months, his

application was accepted so he

leave Dapitan for Manila
 Arrived on board the España on

August 6, 1896
 Mail boat for Spain had already
left the day before his arrival so
he had to wait for the next
 Transferred to Spanish cruiser
Castilla then anchored near Cavite
to wait for the next streamer
which was scheduled to sail for
Spain the following month.