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The life of the hero in exile

■ The streamer cebu bought Jose rizal to Dapitan.
■ Rizal was given a letter from Father Pablo Pastells,
superior of the jesuits society in the philippines, to
Father antonio Obac, the parish priest of dapitan.
■ The letter that was given to rizal Contained a request
to allow rizal to stay in the convent with some
■ Rizal Stayed in the house of commandant Captain
■ September 21, 1892 – The mail boat Butuan arrived
with colored pennants flying in the sea breeze.
■ The lottery ticket no. 9736 won a second prize of
20,000 that was owned by Captain Carnicer, Jose
rizal and Francisco equillor in the government own
■ Rizal’s share was 6,200. 2,000 was sent to his father,
200 to his friend basa hong kong and the rest was
invested to agricultural land along the coast of talisay.
The Catholic Faith of Jose
rizal while in Dapitan
■ Father pastells would like to changed the
perception and judgment of Jose rizal about the
■ He gave rizal a book by sarda.
■ Jose rizal maintained his catholic faith by
attending Eucharistic mass, celebrating
christmas, and participating various religious
An Aborted duel
■ Jose rizal almost had a duel with a french
businessman, Mr. Juan Lardet.
■ According to lardet, were substandard quality. Lardet
confided to Antonio Miranda
■ Lardet stated that “If Jose rizal was a truthful man, he
would have told him that the lumber were bad”
■ The commandant advice lardet that he would
have no chance to win, for rizal was a pistol
■ A letter to rizal was handed apologizing for his
A Spy in their Midst

■ Rizal discovered tha a certain Pablo

Mercado who introduced himself as a
relative was a spy.
■ November 3, 1893 – Pablo Mercado arrived
and introduced himself and showed a photo
of rizal and a pair of buttons with initials
■ Pablo Mercado offered his services as a confidential
courier of his letters and writings for his compatriots.
■ Captain Carneciro ordered the arrest and investigation
of Pablo mercado.
■ Pablo mercado was sent by the Recollect friars to
gather evidences that would implicate him in the
revolutionary movement.
■ Rizal found out that the investigation stopped and the
impostor was released. The document were
forwarded to the Governor-General Blanco and were
held confidential.
Community Activities

■ Rizal use his knowledge in expert surveyor of the

improvement of the water system, the lighting system and
the draining of th marshes.
■ He also established an Informal school wherein students
were only required, for their tuition, to render services in
the gardrn, fields or in construction projects in the
The katipunan
■ A secret society, Katipunan was formed for the
independence of the filipino people from the spaniards.
■ Andres Bonifacio the founder, ordered Pio Valenzuela
to go to Dapitan to seek the advice of Rizal.
■ To camouflage the mission, Dr. Pio Valenzuela brought
with him a blind man named Edmundo Mata to solicit
Rizal’s expert medical advice.
■ But learnin about the plan on the bloody
revolution, Rizal opposed for two reasons:
1. The people are not ready for a revolution;
2. Arms and funds must first be collected before
raising the revolution.
■ He also objected on the plan to rescue him from
Farewell Dapitan
■ Blumentrit informed him that due to the revolution
in Cuba, there was a shortage of physicians.
■ He was advised by Blumentrit to volunter as army
■ December 17, 1895 – Rizal wrote a letter to
Governor-General Ramon Blanco, offering his
services as military doctor in Cuba.
■ July 1, 1896 – The response arrived, notifying
him of the acceptance of his offer.
■ July 31, 1896 – Rizal’s exile ended.
■ He embarked on board of the streamer Espana
accompanied by Josephine, Narcisa,
Angelica(Narcisa’s daughter) and six pupils.
■ The brass band strangely played the dolorous
Funeral Farewell March of Chopin.
Prepared by:
■ Echavez, Yuri Jane
■ Cantalejo, Cherrilyn
■ Geonzon,
■ Delibo, Clariza
■ Mirafuentes, Rosalinda
■ Lape, Jomaica
■ Baricuatro, Princess Mae