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Natural Disasters

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Floods- Elisa
There are a few places on Earth .Most floods take hours or even days to
where flooding is not a concern. develop, giving people living there
Any area where rain falls is time to prepare or evacuate. Others
vulnerable to floods, though rain is generate quickly and with little
not the only cause. A flood occurs warning. So-called
when water comes over land that's flash floods can be extremely dangerou
normally dry, which can happen in
, instantly turning a babbling brook
many ways.Extreme rain, a broken
into rushing rapids that sweep
dam or levee, rapid melting of snow
everything in their path downstream.
or ice, or even an beaver dam placed
Climate change is increasing the risk of
in a bad position can overwhelm a
floods worldwide.
river, spreading over the land
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Famous China Flood - Elisa
1931 China floods or the 1931 Yellow China faced nine cyclones in the month
River Flood that happened in China is of July 1931 alone. The death resulted
the most deadliest natural disaster by as per the Chinese sources indicate
death toll. The 1931 floods were a series 145,000 died due to overflow of
of floods that occured in China in the Yangtze River.Millions died of
year 1931.About 145,000-3.7 million drowning while some died due to
people were said to be dead in this series starvation ,from waterborne diseases
of floods.In 1928-30 China faced a severe such as cholera and typhus.The high-
drought. Due to some unusual weather water mark was reached on 19 August at
conditions heavy snow storms and heavy Hankou town in Wuhan, with the water
rainfall occurred in central China. The level exceeding 53 ft (16 m) above
water levels increased in the rivers. The normal.
rain was heavier in the months of July
and August in 1931.

Large avalanches Wintertime, particularly from

can carry stones, December to April, is when most
boulders and trees avalanches tend to happen.
with them. They However, avalanche fatalities
may bury people have been recorded for every
under them. If the month of the year.On 18 April
people are not found 2014, an avalanche on
rapidly enough by Mount Everest killed 16 people
rescue teams they and injured 9 people.The
will die of avalanche was caused by a
suffocation (not serac (which fell from the slopes
Kobe tsunami and earthquake
A magnitude 0.9 earthquake The earthquake occured at a
struck off Japan’s northeastern relatively shallow depth at 20
coast, near the Tohoku it in miles below the surface of the
2011.Tsunami waves smashed pacific Ocean. … Japan worst
the coast, causing massive previous earthquake was of 8.3
damage and flooding.The magnitude and killed 143,ooo
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power people in Kanto in 1923.A
Plant cooling system was magnitude 7.2 quake in Kobe
damage, raising fears of a Killed 6,400 people in 1995.
continued, many exceeding By ALICE
magnitude 0.7 .
The things that make tornadoes so
deadly is the strength of the wind
within the funnel. It is the swirling
Tornados are very strong and very wind that makes a tornado so
destructive. Tornadoes last for powerful. The weather you would
see if a tornado was coming,
minutes which hurricanes last for would be torrential rain, with
days. Tornados can knock down thunder and lightning. Below is a
buildings ,trees and houses. In 1954 weather map, tracking an active
The Beecher Tornado killed 116 tornado.
people injured 844 when i struck
Flint , Minch on June 8, 1953. The BY GRACE :)
F5 tornado with winds between 261
and 318 mph traveled 27 miles and
was one of eight tornadoes that
occurred that night in Michigan.
Earthquakes by Emma
Earthquakes are sudden violent shakes in the
ground some may be not big but others can be
extremely destructive. Earthquakes are caused
by the earth's crust colliding and that causes a
shake in the ground. The world's biggest
earthquake was documented on the 22nd of
may 1960 in Valdivia, in southern Chile. Most
earthquakes occur along the edge of the
Oceanic and continental plates.
Australian Bushfires
Australian Bushfires
The Australian Bushfires It was put out by rain and firemen
started in September 2019. on the 10th of February and lasted
Terrible fires broke out in 79 total it burned 471,971
forests in the Southeast cost in acres.
states New South Wales and
Victoria.The bushfires caused
severe damage to trees
houses and wildlife.28 people
died and in New South Wales
alone 3000 homes were
destroyed or damaged.A
devastating estimated 1 billion
animals died.
By Lorcan:)