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The Dilemma of Mia

Hall in If I Stay
movie By
Shafirra Rizka Ramadhanty
“Life changes in an instant for
Mia Hall after a car accident
puts her in a coma. During an
out-of-body experience, she
must decide whether to wake
up and live a life far different
than she had imagined. The
choice is hers if she can go


• Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress: Drama

• Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Drama

Live or Die ?

Previous Studies
Mia Hall’s Struggle for her Life in
Gayle Forman’s If I Stay
by Lutfi Nur Aisyah (2018).

 She focuses to analysis the main character

 Analyze before and after the accident
 She uses new criticism theory
Analisis karakter utama dalam
novel If I Stay karya Gyle Forman
by Kezia Elisabeth Novita P.
 She focuses on analysis main character
 Describe the main character; ambitious, love the people
closest with her and kind hearted
A Psychoanalysis of Main
Characters’ Dilemma in Richard
Presscot’s Oficially Dead by Fitri
Nur Khoiriyah (2012).

 She analysis a dilemma from the two character

 Analysis how the id, ego and superego of the character
personality to making decision
 She uses psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud.

Literature and Psychology
⬩ The relationship between literature and psychology is showed by term of
psychology of literature. What means by “psychology of literature” is
psychological studies that are applied in literary work. One of them is
the study of psychological types and laws present within work of
literature. Rene Wellek and Warren (1956 : 81) states that psychological
of literature, we may mean psychological study of the writer, as type and
as individual, or the study of the creative process, or the study of the
psychological types and laws present within work of literature, or finally,
the effect of literature upon its readers (audience psychology).

Psychoanalysis by
Sigmund Freud

The id is the personality The ego is part of The superego is the
component made up of personality that judicial branch of
unconscious psychic mediates the demands personality. It operates
energy that works to of the id, the superego according to the
satisfy basic urges, and reality “morality principle”.
needs, and desires. This moral arm of the
personality tells us
what is right and
wrong, good and bad.

Structure of Human Mind
by Sigmund Freud
Conscious Preconscious Unconscious

Conscious refers to our Preconscious is the area The unconscious, as a

awareness of own that lies between pool of unwanted or
mental processes, such conscious awareness unacceptable ideas,
as our thought, feelings, and the unconscious. whish or desires,
and sensations. memories, and

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