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Analysis of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

vAs an Entrepreneur:
ØStarted business with just Rs 10000/- and
degree in brewery.
ØShe became an Entrepreneur by accident.
ØBanks refused her loan due to lack of
ØBiotechnology industry was a new field in

Personality Traits
Øshe was determined to build up Biocon.

ØStarted business in relatively new innovative
ØHer confidence is commendable when
comparing with the challenges that she has

ØEmployee feedbacks.
ØPerformance checks.
ØWork place principles.

vSocially Responsible
ØThe Biocon Foundation in 2004, setup
“Arogya Raksha Yojana”.
Øcity improvement programs like the
Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF).

vRisk Taker
Ø Beacon’s R&D programme was rapidly advanced
Ø Took the risk to produce Oral Insulin an Anti - CD6 Monoclonal


Achievements of kiran Mazumdar
vShe is in the list of 100 most powerful
women (by Forbes, 2010)
vNikkei Asia Prizes- Regional Growth by Nikkei
Inc. (2009)
vExpress pharmaceutical leadership summit
award for dynamic entrepreneur (2009)
vBusinesswomen of the year by Economic
Times (2009)
vHonorary Doctorate from university of
Abertay Dundee UK.(2007)

vWharton Infosys Business transformation
Award (2006)
vPadma Bhushan (2005)
vHonorary Doctorate from Manipal Academy
of Higher education –MAHE (2005)
vLife time Achievement Award from Indian
chamber of Commerce (2005)
vHonorary Doctorate of Science from Ballard
University (2004)

vBiocon India Group story began in 1978.
vIn 1989, Unilever acquired 30% stake.
vIn 1997, Unilever sold their stake to ICI.
vEventually John shaw purchased the entire
shareholding from ICI.
vIn 1994, Syngene International was
established to carry out drug based
contract research.
vIn 2000, ClinigeneInternational was started
to conduct longitudinal clinical studies.

vAir and Water pollution in Hebbagodi in
ØEffects :
§ De to industrial waste
§ Dying of fish because of chemical effluents.
§ People were suffering from skin diseases,
headaches, kidney problems.
ØMeasure taken:
§ Hebbagodi residents complained about the
§ Steps taken to improve quality of water and to
reduce the odour
Ø Allegedly violat certain norms of
manufacturing Methylcobalamin
§ Obtained license from the Karnataka
government to manufacture the drug in
seven stages.
§ But during inspection found that the
company is importing the drug from china.
§ The state government issues notice to
biocon company.
§ Biocon got the license from the Central
government to import Methylcobalamin.
§ Manufacture the product starting from
cyanocobalaminusing a multi-step process.
Awards and Achievements
v 2010:
Bio-Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in
the Healthcare Sector at Bangalore Bio
v 2009:
- Among Top 20 Indian companies in Forbes ‘Best Under
A Billion’ list
- Bio-Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in
the Healthcare Sector at Bangalore Bio
- Bio-Excellence Award for outstanding achievement in
the Biotech Service Sector at Bangalore Bio for Syngene
IDMA ‘Best Patent of the year’ award
- BIOMAb EGFR® voted ‘Bio-Spectrum Asia-Pacific
Product of the year’, 2008
- BioSingapore Asia Pacific Biotechnology Award for Best
Listed Company
- Ranked among the top 20 global
biotechnology companies.
- 7th largest biotech employer in the world
(Source: Med Ad News, June 2008)
‘BioServices Company of the Year’ for
Syngene, BIOMAb EGFR® wins ‘Product of the
Year’, BioSpectrum Awards
Best IT User Award in the Pharmaceutical
Sector, NASSCOM.
v First Indian biotech company to receive US funding for proprietary
technologies (1989)
v Sets up India's first clinical research organization, Clinigene (2000)
v First Indian company to be approved by US FDA for the manufacture of
lovastatin, a cholesterol-lowering molecule (2001)
v First company worldwide to develop human insulin on a Pichia expression
system (2003)
v Biocon enters the stock market with its IPO and becomes only the second
Indian company to cross the $1-billion mark on the day of listing
v Launches India’s first cancer drug, BIOMAb EGFR® (2006)
v First Indian company to manufacture and export enzymes to USA and
v India’s largest producer and exporter of enzymes
v Releases country’s first 24-hour diabetes drug, Glargine (2009)
v First biotech company to receive ISO 9001 certification in India
v Syngene is country’s first custom research company in drug discovery