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FICHA: 1668006 – GAES: 7




GC-F-004 V.01

GC-F-004 V.01

Present a product of light tuna and chicken

wrap gourmet in the market the city of
Bogota – neighborhood modelia, which
complies with the marketing studies carried
out for the efficient and effective positioning
of the product, thus achieving the brand's
impact increase, generating an increase of
20% in sales in the target population, with a
period time of six months.

GC-F-004 V.01

• Carry out a field study in which needs of the target population are identified against the
product offered in a time of 30 days.
• Conduct studies by professionals in the area of food in order to identify the necessary
and appropriate ingredients in the product offered.
• Identify assertively and effectively the production chain of tuna and chicken, in order to
avoid setbacks at the time of production of the product or overproduction thereof, for
which you must have a prudent time of 15 days.
• Balancing coherently the flavors and oils implemented in the wrap gourmet in order to
be certified and stamped as a light product that meets the necessary requirements for
human consumption.
• Ensure that the inputs and personnel that make light wrap gourmet in a period of 15
days know and correctly apply all the levels established to avoid environmental
pollution or any water source, thus achieving a product based on green technologies
(technologies green).

GC-F-004 V.01
• Our product is aimed all types of population from children
to adults who want products that benefit their health,
prices will be affordable to be competitive in the market,
and their distribution will take in places where such low
calorie foods are valued, such as schools, parks, gyms and
neighborhood stores.
• Campaigns will be carried out in those establishments
where the benefit of our product and how delicious they
are is shown. All products must be developed under
criteria of a friendly environment, both in the acquisition
of raw materials and their production and packaging.
• The profit margin must be at least 20% of the production

GC-F-004 V.01
• A light food is one that has a lower energy percentage than
its reference food, that is, the same food but it’s natural
version. The less calorie index can be reduced to the
maximum of the components the reference food. This is
done well by reducing the amount of carbohydrates and
reducing the consumption of fats or fat substitutes.

• The habits of people have had change, which starts from the
moment they care about their health and their appearance
is healthy. metabolic and degenerative diseases that swell
the morbidity and mortality rates of this country.

GC-F-004 V.01
• Because this group was motivated to investigate and propose a new product produced in
olive oil with the minimum of calories and order to provide a fresh and efficient in the
nutritional scale of consumers in the city of Bogotá is helping to control problems of
overweight, without significantly affecting the daily diet of people are eating habits of this.

GC-F-004 V.01
The society is currently undergoing a change of great magnitude under the trend of
healthy life, this is influenced to the different policies promoted by the health
entities in their different promotion and prevention programs, decreasing the
morbidity and mortality rates by diseases cardiovascular, diabetes and hypertension
this due to excessive consumption of saturated fats, sodium, and different chemicals
that exert long-term damage to the human body, this cultural change has been
made step by step as it has not been easy for society to create habits healthy life
and for people who consume snacks and exercise little, begin to change their mind
and think that in the market they have foods that think about their health and
protect it, as would be wrap gourmet processed in healthy sauce such as the olive
one From the social field it is evident that farmers benefit significantly because tuna
and chikchen production contributes to the economic sustainability of hundreds of
households where these gourmet wrap begin their sowing and harvesting process
being the gross product of the initial idea of this project.

GC-F-004 V.01
• Marketing campaigns will be carried out in the distribution centers stipulated with free trial
samples for customers, for this purpose, drivers will be contracted, and work teams will be
created where the acceptance of the product and the reaction of the consumer will be
evaluated with everything related to presentation, tasting and image.
• Advertising campaigns in media such as magazines, newspapers, social networks and
television, hiring personnel to distribute leaflets at strategic points of consumption.

• Distribute the product in the established areas, making discounts to customers for
wholesale purchases.

• Alliance with stores dedicated to selling products of nature and type fitness

GC-F-004 V.01
Our product is elaborated under the highest quality standards, taking into account that it is
type fittnes its production process is carried out in such a way that our wrap are low in
Taking into account the above, high standards must be met for processing as a snack or
dinner, for this purpose you must have a good degree of maturity, with fructose content at
minimum levels with sodium additions, be free of impurities, completely clean, cultivated in
natural environments without chemical addition, without physiological damage, pathogens
or caused by insects and with these requirements must comply according to what is
established in the norm for the creation, manufacture and production. In the storage
process, the potato should have a place with adequate ventilation and protected from light
and moisture, maintaining the quality of the product.

GC-F-004 V.01