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Auxiliary Control Circuit

Auxiliary Control Circuit

• This circuit is intended to give 110 volts supply

to the auxiliary motor contactor coils
Q100 Branch
• This is auxiliary controlling relay.
• After closing DJ, Q100 energizes
through CCA fuse,
• Once Q100 is energised, path is maintained
through RQ100.

Auxiliary Control Circuit

• Q100 is having three N/O I/Ls.

• One N/O I/L closes on compressors control
circuit branch
• Second N/O I/L closes on exhausters control
circuit branch
• Third N/O I/L closes on blowers control circuit
• If EP C118 is provided, time delay of 5 seconds
is provided in the relay itself
• Named as QTD100/QTDX.
Blowers Control Circuit:

• After closing BLVMT 1/2, all blower contactor’s

coils get supply through Q100 N/O I/L.
• C107 coil gets supply through HVRH switch
closes on ‘1’ or ‘3’ position.
• Along with C107, QTD 105 also energizes
through VS15 diode.
• QTD105 relay’s N/O I/L closes after 8 seconds on
common path of C105, QTD106.
• C105 contactor closes through HVMT1- on
‘1’ or ‘3’ position.
Blowers Control Circuit:

• After closing of C105 it’s N/O I/L closes on its same path
to avoid chattering of contactor
• This N/O I/L also is used to give supply to QTD106 during
wedging of C105 contactor
• Along with C105, QTD 106 also energizes through VS17
• QTD106 relay’s N/O I/L closes after 5 seconds on C106 coil
• C106 contactor closes through QTD106 N/O I/L and
HVMT2 on ‘1’ or ‘3’ position.
• After closing of C106 it’s N/O I/L closes on its same path
to avoid chattering of contactor.
• After closing BLCP, compressor contactor coils get supply according to
HCP position
RGCP is provided to:-
• Close the compressor contactors when MR pressure is 8 Kg/cm² or
• And to open the compressor contactors when MR pressure is 9.5
Kg/cm² or more
(cut in 8 Kg/cm²cut-out 9.5 Kg/cm²)
• When pressure reaches to 9.5 Kg/cm², RGCP I/L opens on compressor
contactors coils
• And closes on VEAD to drain out moisture from MR 1 & 2 through
ADV 1& 2.
• Again, VEAD de energizes at 8 Kg/cm² through RGCP.
• When compressor contactors are opened, through N/C I/Ls of C101,
C102 & C103 time lag relay Q119 energizes.
• Through Q119’s N/O I/L, Un-loader valves energises
• Which removes the back up pressure from delivery pipe.
• Q119 is having one N/C I/L on last MCP contactor coil.
• It is provided for late start of last MCP after 5 seconds when
we select MCP3 along with any other MCP
• (parallel to this Q119 N/C I/L HCP switch closes on ‘3’ position
is also provided to start last MCP when it is only selected).
• To select required No. of MCPs, switch ‘HCP’ is provided.
• This switch is having 8 positions
• Switch BLCPD is provided to bypass RGCP interlock.
• When this switch is closed, RGCP interlock bypassed
• Compressor contactor coils will get continuous supply and MR
pressure creates maximum up to 10.5 Kg/cm².