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 Step 1: The scientific methods begins with
questions or curiosity.
 Step 2: After research questions is determined, in
socil sciences researchers must form a
hypotheis. A hypothesis is an educated guess
regarding what the researchers expect to find.
Usually, Social Science researchers base their
hypothesis on before research.
 Step 3: Test hypotheis through empirical reseach.
Empirical research is the proces of collecting and
analyzing data. This can be done through
descriptive research, experimental research or
correlation research describse a behavior.
 Research Question
 “Does low grades
increase the
number of
students’ death?”
 Thereis significant
relationship between
low grades and
students’ death.
 High School Student In Negros Occidental Commits SuicideAfter
Receiving A Failing Grades In School
A 17-year-old boy from Brgy. Banquirohan, Cadiz City in Negros Occidental commits
suicide due to failing grades.
The father of the suicide victim shared the full story but asked to hide their identity for
safety purposes.
On Monday afternoon (November 12, 2018), the high school student told his father that he
will quit studying after receiving failing grades in one subject. The father encouraged his
son to pursue his study since its older sibling had already quit studying. After the
conversation, the father leaves his son to buy something in the market. After an hour, the
uncertain father goes home and shocked after seeing his son’s hanging dead body. The
father immediately removed the belt used by his son to commit suicide and rushed him at
the Cadiz city emergency clinic. Unfortunately, the doctors declared the male student
 “Dead-on-Arrival” after the incident.

Education officials here expressed grief over the death of a Grade 10 student who reportedly
committed suicide inside their residence last March 21.
Nympha Guemo, schools’ division superintendent of Sorsogon City, on Monday condoled with the
family of the victim whose name had been withheld by authorities.
Based on the police report, the lifeless body of the minor was found dead around 4:30 p.m. on said
date in Purok Sagurong, Barangay San Isidro, Bacon District, Sorsogon City by Manuel Espinola, his
step-grandfather, hanging inside the living room with the asbestos rope tied to a wooden beam.
The minor was brought to the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital but was declared dead by the attending
physician. According to relatives, a possible reason for the suicide was his poor grades in school.
Guemo said that depression has become “one of the most prevalent issues confronting students and
young individuals today” and assured the public that the Department of Education (DepEd) “is doing
their best to nurture learners holistically”. She said “teachers are employing mechanisms and
protocols to help learners cope with the school works and challenges that confront them every day in
the schools and that these are being implemented in all schools division-wide”. The official, however,
acknowledged that there is a need to intensify capacity-building activities both for learners and
teachers alike on issues of mental health, positive discipline and skills in psychological first-aid and
psychosocial interventions. Meanwhile, the Sorsogon Police Provincial Office said that they continue
conducting lectures during school visitations to educate children on bullying, depression, drug
prevention and other related matters. Police Colonel Marlon Tejada, provincial director of Sorsogon,
encouraged all parents to exercise good parenting skills in guiding their children who are fragile and
vulnerable to depression to avoid this kind of incident. It was the third reported suicide involving
students in the province of Sorsogon this year.
Recently, 12-year old Filipina studying in Singapore reportedly took away her own life on August 3 due to the stress
of maintaining good grades.
According to China Press, Trisha Bautista, a secondary 1 student of Cedar Girls Secondary School, jumped out of
their apartment window on Thursday after getting a near-failing grade in one of her school exams.
“She told me a few days ago that she had received the results of her mathematics test and she had barely passed
the examination so she was upset. But I never thought that she would commit suicide,” her mother, May, said in an
interview with China Press.
Other reports also mentioned that the teen had previously complained of being outcasted by her classmates.
Trisha’s father, Bong, was at home during the incident but failed to notice his daughter’s suicide attempt. It wasn’t
until authorities told him of a child’s motionless body found on the grass below their flat was he informed of his
daughter’s untimely death, Singapore’s Channel 8 news reported. After topping the 2015 global educational ranking,
Singapore encourages the youth to have an exceptional grade.
A year after (2016), an 11-year old primary 5 student also jumped out of a window after failing an exam for the first
time in his life.
The school told reporters that Trisha was an active part of the school’s track and field team, a polite and
hardworking student who gave her all in her studies and sports. School authorities will be providing support for the
family of Trizha and all affected students and teachers. According to an article on Stanford News, pressure by
parents and schools to achieve excellences yields high stress levels among students—beginning as early as
elementary school. The incidence is so high that some educators regard it as a health epidemic, said Denise Clark
Pope, a lecturer in the School of Education and the author of Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of
Stressed Out, Materialistic and Miseducated Students.
  “The number one cause of visits to Vaden Health Center used to be relationships, but now is stress and anxiety,”
she said.