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Project By :-
Students Name :-
Ritvik Joshi K082
Sidakdeep Singh Luthra K093
Sankalp Gaud K099
Jishnu Patil K103

Mentor Name :- Prof. Giridhar Chavan

2 March 2020 1

 Convention wheel Mobile robots have a limited degree of freedom

and hence is unable to move sideways in initial manuver.
• Designing Holonomic Omnidirectional Robot makes the motion
easier and faster.
• Integrating the Design of OmniWheel Robots to be controlled
through PS Controller via. Bluetooth Connection.
• Using the Omni-Directional Robot for floor dusting (Helpful for
old aged people to keep the floors of their houses clean.)

2 March 2020 2
Why Omni Directional Robot ?
 Omni Wheel Multi-Direction robots are particular as they are
able to roll freely in any direction based on the command.
 It can roll like a regular wheel or roll laterally the usage of the
wheels along its circumference.
 A non-holonomic robot is that which uses normal wheels and
has only two out of three controllable degrees of freedom,
which move forward/backward, and rotates.
 Omni-directional wheels allow a robot to convert from a non-
holonomic robot to a holonomic robot.

2 March 2020 3
 Advantages of the 3 Wheel Omnidirectional Robot over
Conventional Wheel Robots.
• Faster mobility
• Smart Power Utilisation
• Agile

 Advantages of the 3 Wheel Omnidirectional Robot over 4 wheel

Omni-Direction Robot.
• Cost efficient
• Lower Maintenance
• Lower Power Consumption
• Smart Energy Utilisation

2 March 2020 4
 The Hardware model for the Omni direction Holonomic Robot is a Tri-Axis stainless
steel model where the 2mm Steel sheet is used to maintain the robust factor.
Fabrication of the Components include many components such as

• 12V 500RPM DC Motor • 12V 1000 RPM DC Motor

• Jumper connectors • Arduino UNO R3 ( Input V=5V,)
• Motors Driver – L298 (Max • Sony Playstation Controller.
V=46V, Max I=4A). (Wireless)
• USB Host Shield • USB Bluetooth Dongle.
• 24V Lead Acid Battery. • 5V Li-Ion Battery.
• Fibre Broom Duster • Omni wheels – ( 55mm )

2 March 2020 5

Top View Bottom View

2 March 2020 6

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2 March 2020 9
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