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• At YUJ Designs we have an open dialogue for all team members to stimulate design thinking & an exponential mindset

• One such discussion was what it means being Design Evangelist in details

• We think, as a designer, all of us are naturally an evangelist of all things design

• Let’s dig and learn more about what they are like

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They Advocate for Design

• A design evangelist is a spokesperson and a mediator for design

• They defend the cause of design to both the internal stakeholders of a

company as well as the outside world

• They help others realize and celebrate the incredible growth that can
become a reality with the consistent efforts of good design

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They Profess Design Education

• Educating others on what design is and why it matters. Just like a strong
professor helping design-immature persons to learn, understand and
appreciate design

• There is an absolute need to educate in a helpful, altruistic manner

• Educating design means being a guide and mentor to advise, cultivate

the urge to explore and inspire others more

• A design evangelist educates people from all walks of life

• These can be design enthusiasts, colleagues, people from various

professions or even clients.

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They Volunteer

• A design evangelist is a selfless-volunteer 24×7

• Collaborating with others to build upon the understanding she/ he helps


• Help others cultivate design thinking as a positive habit in their worlds

• Offer to facilitate discussions, brainstorm, help conclude, hand-hold


• An indispensable source for growth and facilitating human creativity and

innovation in various fields

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They Inspire to Grow

• As you cannot inspire, unless you are inspired yourself – evangelists by

nature are best at inspiring others

• Inspiring people is a whole-person effort, that requires traits like

humility, passion and positivity

• Leading by example, learning about their story and experiences, makes

it easier for others to feel motivated by them

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They Provide Sustenance

• Design evangelists essentially empower others

• The sustenance of design, goes much further than educating and

inspiring others to embrace design

• Empowering others and providing an ecosystem to prosper in is what

drives individual accountability

• It drives independent thinking in the long run

• As a design evangelist one builds an environment that encourages

sharing-learning of knowledge, collaboration, challenging the status quo
and exponential growth above all

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