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Research Proposal
Brief Description of Research Topic
Impact on the Academic Performance
and Physical Health Issues among students
and teenagers.
Possible argument or research questions

1. What are the possible reasons for playing

online games than playing outdoor games?
2. What are its implications when addicted to
online games addiction to the academic
performance of the student?
3. What are the effects of online game
addiction in their Physical Health? And to their
What you already know about the topic- your
level of expertise

Online gaming is being played by using internet.

And it needs internet to play this kind of game.
It can cause addiction when we don’t set up time
or limit our time by playing this type of game.
It can possibly affect our social interactions with
others, especially our communication with our
 What you need to find out about your topic
 What are the symptoms or signs so that we can
determine if we have a behavioural addiction towards
playing online games?
 What are the effect on playing this type of game to
our Academic Performance?
 What are the effect on playing this type of game to
our body?
 What are the reasons why we prefer to play this type of
game than playing outdoor games?
 And I want to find out more about this particular topic.
Possible source and research strategies
 Possible source of our research are mostly on internet
or Google. And collect some information among our
group member that they contribute to our study. And
also selecting some teenagers and students that can
relate to research topic and interview them about
their gaming experience while playing online games.
 Background of the Problem
 The computer game industry has flourished to become the world’s largest
entertainment, especially in the Philippines, one of the problem were students playing with
electronic games for long time without thinking about negative affections especially on their
GPA, especially for some students in CNHS. As the technology improvement cases the
possibility of many things, it has made some wanted and unwanted significant changes in
peoples’ daily life especially among teenagers. In the ground of modern cultural and
industrial competition, the computer games as a new phenomenon has a massive grow in
a short time. This cultural arm as a quiet and effective media has effected all aspects of our
life. Because of the fascinated attraction of these games for children and teenagers, they
spend a lot of time playing games, in fact students spend their mental and nervure energy
on these games to finish the games with tired eyes and mind. Since the computer games
have a lot of fans among children and teenagers, these anxieties are more intense and
they are based on two factors: the first factor is related to the amount of time that children
spend on these games and the second one is related to the nature of the game. So,
students whom are potentially regarded as injurious charm full, when children and
teenagers ignore the other educational and social activities and spend their free time on
these games. In this case the most important concern is that doing computer games take
(waste) the time of other activities such as school activities, free study or exercise.
 Online gaming can refer to any type of game that someone can play through the
internet or over a computer network. Most of the time, online gaming refers to the
video games played over the internet just like the favorite online games of so many
students in our country which we called the Mobile Legend or (ML), in this game it
needs multiple players in the different area of the game, that’s why multiple players
can join this type of online game. Online game addiction, game addiction is one type
of Internet addiction that encapsulates the maladaptive psychological dependency on
a specific family of IT artefacts – online games. To capture it, many researchers have
adopted the criteria of Internet addiction (Young, 1998b, 2010a) or a broader set for
diagnosing problematic non-substance-related compulsions, that is, behavioral
addictions (Brown, 1997). And if playing online game become an addiction it will be
hard for the parents and to them to end what has been started. One of the
uncontrollable online game that every students or teenagers plays is the Mobile
Legend (ML).

Research Questions
 This study was conducted to determine its implications
towards academic performance and Physical Health of the
children and teenagers when playing online games. This
study would answer the following questions:
 1.What are the possible reasons for playing online games than
playing outdoor games?
2. What are the implications when a particular person is
addicted to online games? And what are the effect to
their academic performance?
3.What are the effects of online game addiction in their
Physical Health? And to your life?
Scope and Delimitation
 This study is intended to determine the effect of
playing online games to the academic
performance of the students in Canipaan National
High School and for the other teenager and the
effects of this kind of addiction to their Physical
Health. And this also study the perspective and
experience of the gamers regarding the
implication of gaming to their social life. And to
analysed the reasons why they prefer to play this
kind of game than to play outdoor games.
 Significance of the Study
 This research intended to give them analization for the teenagers and to
the new generations that play this kind of game to prevent or control their
time in playing this kind of game, specifically online games. We have
include the negative effects of the game just like the online game Mobile
Legend. This study is significant in many aspects. This study is significant
to parents, to give them knowledge about the effects of computer gaming
to their children. This will encourage the parents to look for their children in
front of the computer and limit the time of usage. This will give the parents
a glimpse of their social life and check their academic performance in
school, so that they will know what was happening to their child.
 Government organizations will be able to implement events and activities
that can help rejuvenate computers addicts and help them restore their
self-esteem and fix their social life. The result of this study could benefit
these events by using it as the basis for the particular action that they will
do or as a theme of the event and activity that they will implement for the
Statement of the Problem
The general objective of this study is to
determine the effects of the online game
addiction of the students or teenager to their
academics and the effects of online games to
their health.