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 A culture is a way of life of a

group of people--the behaviors,

beliefs, values, and symbols that
they accept, generally without
thinking about them, and that are
Culture passed along by communication
and imitation from one generation
to the next
 A society is a grouping
of individuals, which is
characterized by
Society common interest and
may have distinctive
culture and institutions
the activities associated
with the governance of a
country or other area,
especially the debate or
Politics conflict among individuals
or parties having or hoping
to achieve power.
 Write a 10-15 sentences
paragraph describing how your
gender may be the reason for the
kind of social person you are
MY BIOLOGY today. Highlight the significant
MY DESTINE opportunities that have been
afforded to you as weal as the
constraints you constantly
encounter as you navigate the
social world.
1. High Income 2. Middle Income
-earning an -earning an
average of 200,000 average of 36,000
per month per month
3. Low Income entrepreneur
-earning less than 10,000
Per month
-laborer and minimum wage earner
-quality or a characteristic of a
personal makes him or her different
from an established norm in a society

-physical and mental interference or

problems that affect a person
and which makes it difficult for
him or her to function properly
in society
social, political, and cultural behavior and
refers to the way people
behave, interact with one
another, communicate and
understand the world around
 a set of actions performed by individuals of the
same species when they interact with each other
Social behavior can be defined as all behavior that
influences, or is influenced by, other members of
the same species
Food taboos
Same sex partnership
Use of go-
Taking selfie
Political dynasty
Transnational families
Youth volunteerism
Video gaming