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Business Model & Idea Canvasses

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Business model: Definition

A business model describes

how an idea will create
How do they make money?

Product & service Subscription to a Ad revenue

sales service
How do they make money?

Commission Freemium
Building your business model

You can visualize your business model

using a business model canvas…
Key activities Customer Customer
Key partners What will your relationships segments
business spend the What types of Who are your paying
What external most time doing? interactions will your customers?
partnerships customers expect to
Product development? Do you have any
should you invest
Sales? Other?
Value have with you?
in? non-paying
proposition customers?
Key resources Channels
• Mentors? How large is this
How will customers
• Lawyers? What will it cost for: group?
find out about you?
• Distributors?
• Suppliers? Manufacturing? Do you have
Intellectual property? How will you get
multiple customer
Human resources? products to them?

Cost structure Revenue streams

• How might you make $ from this?
How much time and money will be required • What value, other than money, are you
to do this? hoping to create?
Adapting the business model canvas

The structure of the business model canvas

can be used to develop any idea...

…even if you aren’t planning on turning

that idea into a business.
Adapting the Business Model Canvas

By modifying the language of the business

model canvas, we can transform it into an
“idea canvas.”
Key activities Audience
Key partners YOUR IDEA relationships Audience
What specific tasks
must you do to get What kind of segments
Who can you ask to your idea off the Project idea relationship are you
invest their time ground? trying to build with Who is your idea
and energy to help your audience? for?
you? Lesson idea
Channels What are the needs
• Teachers? Key resources
Thesis What are some
of this group?
• Peers? What materials
• Parents?
statement different ways of
should you invest in? Why would they
• Subject experts? presenting your
find your idea
Hypothesis valuable?

The cost of your idea The value of your idea

• Time investment • Social value
• Which collaborators would be valuable to • Academic value
invest in? • Monetary value
• Material investment