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Our Clinic: Shop no-2 and 3, progressive

empress, co.op society, plot no-17, Sector 5 Kopar
Khairane Rd, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400709.

Contact us: + 91 83798 17818


We, Pride Dental Clinic, situated at Kopar
Khairane, Mumbai, Maharashtra are designed
to be different as dentists. A modern practice,
we believe our patients are entitled to the best
dental care available. Our skilled team of
dental professionals are committed to
providing you with an exceptional experience
from start to finish. To this end, we offer a
comprehensive array of state-of-the-art
procedures, from routine care to full mouth
To become a best branded clinic offering superior quality
and value dental aesthetics, implant and routine dental
services in Pride Dental Clinic. Pride Dental Clinic will
meet patients expectations using the highest available
quality dentistry and take advantage of leading advanced
dental technology. Pride Dental Clinic offers patients
accountability, flexible individualized treatment planning
and competitive pricing.

Our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our
patients and to ensure distinguished service through
personalized, honest, ethical and informed care. We aim to
help our community achieve excellent oral healthcare
through high quality, multidisciplinary and cost efficient
dental services and procedures.
Dental Implant
With reconstructive dentistry, we can repair and restore the
beauty of your smile.

According to scholars and historians, braces date back to
ancient times. Around 400-300 BC.

Teeth Whitening
Bleaching methods use carbamide peroxide which reacts with
water to form hydrogen peroxide.

Preventive Child Care

The most important part of preventive dentistry is to brush
teeth fluoride toothpaste approved by ADA.
Invisible Braces
Invisible Aligners for Teeth. ... More and more people are having success
with clear orthodontic devices called aligners.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that
improves the appearance of teeth, gums and/or bite

Root canal treatment

Root canal therapy treats the pulp of the tooth, which contains the blood
and nerve supply of the tooth

Pediatric / Kids Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy
through the teen years.

Tooth Extraction
Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. There are many
reasons your dentist may recommend that an extraction is performed.
Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing
teeth and help restore your smile.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation should re-establish a state of
functional as well as biological efficiency where teeth and their
periodontal structures

Tooth Jewellery
Dental Jewellery makes your teeth to sparkles your smile. With
a painless procedure, our dentist fixes a jewel on the tooth

Advanced Gum Treatment

Treatments for gum disease vary from medication to surgery.
Contact us: + 91 83798 17818