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Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA)


Topic Duration (Minutes) Speaker

What is RPA ? 5 Vaibhav
What is IRPA ? 3 Vaibhav
Types of Bots 2 Vaibhav
Components 5 Vaibhav & Dinesh
Purchase order creation- 5 Dinesh
Manual & Automation
Video 2 Dinesh
Summary 3 Dinesh
Queries 5 Vaibhav & Dinesh

Duration: 30 Mins
Location: Panini
Speaker: Vaibhav & Dinesh
What is RPA?

 Robotic
 Process
 Automation

“Process of automating Business Operation with the help of Robots to reduce human work.”
What Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA)

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA)

1) IRPA is nothing but a RPA product of SAP 3) IRPA is available in cloud & on premise database

4) Vision of IRPA relies on three pillars:

2) SAP IRPA integrates natively with SAP
I) Best integrated RPA solution for automating SAP
system with UI layer to interact with non - SAP
II) Build Intelligent RPA by embedding AI
III) Make RPA stable & efficient by reducing
implementation time & maintenance efforts.
Types of Bots
Purchase order creation – Manual steps
Purchase order creation – Automated
Business Value of SAP Intelligent RPA
Improve operations • Remove manual, tedious, and error-prone tasks from the
• Mobilize resources for high-value tasks
• Allow parallelization and immediate scalability
• Prevent long and expensive development
Reduce cycle times • Improve overall process efficiency
• Cut process execution time
• Generate immediate savings
Increase service quality • Reduce human error
• Improve user satisfaction
• Gain speed and efficiency with bots running 24/7
• Mobilize employees for valuable error-handling
Increase compliance • Analysis capabilities through e.g. well-documented audit
• Introduce validations and auto-reporting
Gateway to artificial intelligence • Understand unstructured data
• Introduce self-healing bots
• Exception-handling history
• Introduce brand new, innovative technology
• Avoid footprint on legacy
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