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Case Study

Meaghan Angers, Cam Boisvert,

Alex Dieker, Katie Gauthier, &
Lydia Paglierani
◦ Unilever was founded on
September 2nd, 1929
◦ Owns 162 commonly used
brands such as: Axe,
on Unilever
Hellman’s, Ben and Jerry’s
◦ $60 billion in revenue

Dove Advertisement
Text 531200 & your word to 37607

Axe Advertisement
Text 550921 & your word to 37607
2004 2006

Campaign for Real Self-Esteem fund

Dove is established
under Unilever Beauty in -helped millions
of girls boost their
confidence and

Introduction self-worth.

★ Dove invalidates the promise that buying a

product will make you beautiful
The message they convey: you already
are beautiful.
Controversies of the
“Campaign for Real Beauty”
★ Despite campaign,
Dove continued re-
touching photos of the
women used in ads

The Problem ★ Parent company

Unilever releases Axe
ads that contradict
Dove’s Campaign

BUT with the campaign, Dove

doubled their sales from 2002-
Problem 1: Unilever owns two
companies (Axe and Dove)
with two differing ethical
Identification standards.
of Problem Problem 2: Dove is
hypocritical of their “Real
Beauty” campaign by editing
their models.
Involvement: A Dove customer’s
perceived relevance of the personal
care product based on their inherent
needs, values, and interests.
Value: A Dove customer’s belief that
Course some condition is preferable to its
Concepts opposite.
Drive: Before the Real Beauty
Campaign, Dove was leveraging the
woman consumer’s drive to get to
End State: which is to be beautiful.
Message Response Marketing
Solution #1 Approach: We get customers to
post content about their positive
experiences to increase
◦ PRO: Social Media Interaction
◦ CON: Possible edited photos
Develop a similar campaign for
Axe to show that Unilever is a
unified brand that stands for the
same values
◦ PRO: Show you care about
Solution #2
Dove’s customer values over
◦ CON: Loss of sales for not
continuing advertisements
that objectify women
Shift focus onto the product while
incorporating a diverse group of
◦ PRO: Educate consumers on
benefits of Dove products &
Solution #3
presents a clear message free of
controversy, while keeping the
real women of the campaign
◦ CON: Less brand loyalty & not
focusing on customer’s values
Consumers post pictures/videos
about Dove or Axe on social
media with hashtag for a chance
to be featured
◦ PRO: Motivates people to use
Final brand if they’re featured &
promotes transparency
(people post their own
◦ CON: users can post negative
1. What are your thoughts on Dove
& Axe upholding different values
in their advertisements?
2. Considering the company does
Questions not have similar brand values, do
for the you believe that Dove using the
Class “Real Beauty Campaign” to
promote sales is unethical?
3. When buying a product, do you
ever factor in the parent
company’s other subsidiaries?
Thank you!