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Internship program at

Reliance Trends .

Srashti kasera
Reliance Trends
Reliance trends background
• Reliance Trends (RRL)is subsidiary
company of reliance industries.
• Founded in 2006, having stores
more than 300 across India.
• Reliance Trends is an unisex apparel
and accessory specialty format.
• Trends is India's largest fashion
destination selling 2 lakh garments a
Intern's Job Profile
Smile showing customer
*Target completion makes it stressful.
*Don't have one boss ,answer to everyone
*system approach to management
Store management
Department manager
mr.mahendra jha

Back office
Trends VS Local Player
Features Trends Local Player
VM Professional and Unprofessional and less
attractive attractive
Brands MBO (Multi Brands ) Single
Security Professional and high Unprofessional and Low
Customers Handling Team of Professional Trained but not
trained employee professional
Satisfaction Rate of High and less of product High and high product
customers replacement replacement
Accurate and trustable High ,zero level of Negotiation is high
billing negotiation
Services Free of cost Paid
Frustration points at store
• POS – working at POS is slow which irritate
• Parking facility
• Less of product knowledge in selling team.
• No proper services for customers
• Promotion of promotional scheme are very low in
• store branding is highly required
Key performance indicator

• Conversion,footfalls,IPCM(items per
cash memo),sale these are Performance
indicator that indicates daily performance o
store.these are daily review by store
manager (mr.prithviraj singh rathore).
Improvements that I want in
What did I learn ?

*Customers visits stores for refreshment.

*Interpersonal skills.
*Handling customers patiently.
*Identifying potential customers.
Customers feedback
My overall internship experience

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to intern

at the reliance trends Ltd.i learned so much
through the hands-on experience,and I Will use
this skills in my future professional fields.This was
something that I always wanted to do,since it is a
skill that cannot be taught.however ,it was actually
a very good feeling that having customers come
back and remember me.That was my actual
Special thanks
• I want to give special thanks to honourable
HOD{dr.tabassum patel) for classifying we
as the potential students and believing in me
to grasp this opportunity and my gratitude to
TP cell for providing us such an opportunity
and guiding us towards career opportunities.