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Presented By:

K.Sai Vamshi
 Introduction
 What is HOLOGRAMS ?
 Augmented and Virtual Reality
 What is Microsoft HoloLense ?
 Basic Structure
 Inside the HoloLense
 How It works?
 Advantages/Disadvantages
 Conclusion
Microsoft HoloLens is a smart glass which is the first
cordless, self-contained holographic computer
running on Windows 10.
The HoloLens is similar to Google Glass in that it
uses AR technology.
 A Three Dimensional image formed by the
Interference of light beams from a laser or
other light source.
 A hologram is a physical structure that
diffracts light into image.
 A hologram is an object like any other
object in the real world, with only one
difference: instead of being made of
physical matter, hologram is made entirely
of light.
 Microsoft HoloLens is the first holographic computer,
Poweredby Windows 10.
 It is completely unattached ( no wires, phones, or connection
toa PC needed).
 Microsoft HoloLens is the fully untethered ,holographic
computer ,enabling high definition holograms to integrate
with your world.
 Microsoft HoloLens Place holograms in your locations you
choose and your digital content will feel more real than ever
 Microsoft HoloLens is made up of specialized components
that together enable Holographic Computing.
 The HPU that makes light works of processing a large amount
of data per second All those components & more enable you
to move freely and interact with Holograms.
 Virtual Reality:- It tricks your eyes into
thinking that you are somewhere else.
 Augmented Reality:- It is an extra
dimension over VR since it can show the
real world around wearer with graphic
 AR can also totally immerse user just like
VR by simply showing pixels everywhere
with transparency to the real world.
 Computer :- HoloLens is not just a visor
connected to a computer, it is a computer on its
 HoloLens contain CPU, battery, GPU and first of
its kind HPU (holographic processing unit).
 18 sensors flood the brain of the device with
terabyte of data everyseconds.
 Camera :- The project HoloLens depth camera
has a field of vision that spans 120 by 120
degree, so it can sense what your hands are
doing even when they are nearly outstretched.
 Sensor:- sensor track where the wearer is
looking and adjust the display.
 Motion sensor detect wearers movement.
 The sensor can also see wearers hands, the
hands are an Input system User can interact
with whatever he sees by just touching it.
 Wearer also give gesture as input sensor
enables the tracking of user movement.
 Vent:- the device is more powerful than a
laptop but won’t overheat- warm air flows
to the sides, where it vents up and out.
 Buttons:- on the right side buttons allow
user to adjust the
 volume and to control the contrast of the
 Microsoft HoloLens has User Interface so it
takes voice , gaze and gestures as input
 Than internal computer works on input
 Now projection of hologram, for projection
HoloLens use the HUE(head up display)
method two Nano projector located at each
side of head and semi transparent visor
which reflect the image as light on users
 Lenses and Display:- Microsoft HoloLens
has two display. they are transparent so
that wearer can see the real world behind
virtual object.
 To create project HoloLens image, light
particles bounce around millions of times in
the so called light engine of the device.
 Microsoft HoloLens features see-through,
holographic, high-definition lenses and
spatial sound so you can see and hear
holograms in the world around you..
New ways to Create what you Imagine:
Use holograms to visualize how something
will look I the physical world whether it’s a
new piece of furniture in your home, a toy
for your kids, or a new creation for work
 New ways to Teach and Learn.
 Design & Develops
 Easy to wear and use.
 A useful technology for a Designing &
Futuristic Innovations.
 A spectacle based computer to reside
directly on your eyes rather than your
 Holographic computing experiences with
Microsoft HoloLens are different from
existing experiences, such as augmented
reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
 The era of holographic computing is here.
When you change the way you see the world,
you can change the world you see.