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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Precautions

1. Perform patch test before the application of tint.

2. Do not apply hair tint if a patch test is positive.
3. Use clean applicator brushes, bottles, combs and
Health and Safety Precautions

4. Do not brush hair prior to application of color.

5. Take a strand test for color.
6. Do not mix tint if you are not ready to use it.
Health and Safety Precautions

7. Do not apply tint if metallic dye is present to

the hair.
8. Use a mild shampoo.
9. Protect patron’s clothing by proper draping.
Health and Safety Precautions
10. Do not permit hair color to come in contact with
the patron’s eyes.
11. Always wash hands before and after servicing a
12. Wear gloves to protect the hands.
• Discuss with the patron his/her preferences; what
is his/her expectation after hair coloring service.
• Perform patch test before you apply tint to the
• Apply hair color section by section.
What is the importance of safety precautions

• Prevent Unnecessary Injuries and illness following

guidelines keeps employees healthy and protects their
• They can perform their jobs more effectively, and be
confident that they don’t have to worry about being
injured or suffering from an illness.
Why is safety precautions important?
• Safety precautions must be strictly adhered to because if
they are not, some employees can put other employees at
• Work place accidents translate into days missed for work
reduced productivity, and lost feel safe at work and profits .
• Employee’s Should protected from hazardous materials and
dangerous machines
What are safety precaution?

• A precaution that is taken in order to ensure that

something is safe and not dangerous.
• Safety precaution visible everywhere: life jackets,
small boats, inflatable rubber boats.
Why is it important to follow safety procedures
in the workplace?
• Health and safety procedures in the workplace reduce the
employee illness and injuries greatly.
• Training is important and effective, as it will educate your
employee on proper workplace procedures, practices, and
behavior to prevent possible injuries and illness or
contamination from improper hygiene.
What is general safely precaution?

• Always wear safety glasses in the shop

• Do not set up or operate any machinery
unless an instructor is in the shop
Why do we need safety rules?
• Safety rules are in place to protect the people of our
• They protect all of us.
• Many safety regulation were implemented because of a
condition that led to someone getting seriously injured or killed.
• The truth is people paid the price for many of our safety rules
with their lives, limbs or blood
What is the purpose of safety?
• Employers are responsible for keeping the workplace safe.
• Under the occupational safety and health act, employers
must inform employee s of safety standards, provide
training, eliminate or reduce hazards, and supplies protective
• They must perform test in the workplace and maintain
accurate records.
What safety means to me?

• Safety means keeping yourself and others free from harm

or danger.
• It means taking care not to fall or bump or run into
• It also means to avoid accidents by being careful with
what you are doing.