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The Effect of Internet

Addiction to grade 12-HE
of Fernando Amorsolo
Senior High school

 Internet addiction is a typical use of the internet that causes the

psychological , social, educational, or occupational problems for the
people. Students need the internet more than other due to their
educational or research needs. The rate and type of the internet use may
affect their information seeking behavior too.
 This study aims to investigate the effect of the internet addiction in the
information seeking behavior of the students
 A.P.A: Young K.S & Rogers, R.C(1998).The relationship between depression
and internet addiction. Cyber Psychology&Behavior,1(1),25-28
 A.P.A: Young K.S (1998).Internet Addiction: The emergence of a new
clinical disorder. Cyber Psychology&Behavior, 7 (3) 237-244
 A.P.A: Beard, K.W &Wolf, E.M (2000). Modification in the proposed
diagnostic criteria of internet addiction, CyberPsychology&Behavior, 4 (3),
Topic in Question form:
what are the effects of Internet Addiction
to Grade 12-HE of Fernando Amorsolo
Senior High School?
Over use of internet has many bad effects such as
physical problems, affects family relations and
academic study

 1. What are the respondents personal details in terms of:

 -Age
 Gender
 2. How does internet addiction affect in terms of:
 -lost of interest in school
 -eating irregularities
 -sleep disorder

According to young, K.S & Rogers, RC (1998) The relation ship

between depression and internet addiction. Cyber Psychology and
behavior,1(1), 25-28
*Research in addiction field has shown that psychiatric illness such as
depression are often associated with alcoholism and drug addiction.
Further, research has shown that the other addictive behaviors
overlap with depression for example, eating and pathological
According to young, K..S (1998) Internet addiction: The emergence
of new clinical disorder. Cyber Psychology & Behavior 7(3) 237-244
Annecdotal reports indicate some on-line users are becoming
addicted to the internet resulting in academic social, and
occupational impairement. This study investigated the existence of
Internet addiction and the extent of problems caused by such
potential misuse.
According to Beard, K.W& E.M (2001)
Modification the propose diagnostic criteria
for Internet addiction . Cyber Psychology &
Behavior,4 (3),377-388
Discusses characteristics of problematic
Internet use and modifications to the
diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction.
Symptoms of excessive Internet use are
compared to the criteria used to diagnose
other addictions.

 This applied study that uses the correlation method. The

research population composed of grade 12-HE of
Fernando Amorsolo Senior Highschool. Our group
develop internet addiction questionnaire of the
information seeking behavior were used as the data
collection instruments.
Group 12 HE-A 12 HE-B

Internet Addiction
Male Female Male Female

Internet 21 29 17 21 88


Total 50 38

 We therefore identified or conclude that Internet offers

incredible possibilities. It feeds us with information, news,
entertainment etc. It is a useful interactive tool, which
facilitates our everyday life when used reasonable. The
use of social networking sites, especially the students,
should be done properly so as not to provoke extreme
behaviors. They also need the time management. Our
research will be further quantitative analysis of the
collected data in order to identify the existence of
correlation between answers to different questions, and
if there are significant differences in the effect of internet
addiction regarding sexes.
Leader: Rose Ann L. Julao
Assistant leader: Melisa Manabat
Mercy Bajade
Christine Mae Oprecio
Glycel Nibal
Reymart Largo
Reggie mar Balili