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How To Prevent Frozen Water Pipe

Seasons do not bring similar effects everywhere. For example, winter is good for the hot
countries a s it brings the people some relief from the scorching heat. However, it brings a
tremendous amount of worries and disturbances of all types for the people in colder
countries. If you are living in a frozen area, then you must keep yourself with some ideas of
how to prevent frozen water pipe. This is one problem that is sure to disturb you for a longer
duration every year. Before calling a commercial plumbing services in bellevue, you should
practice a few things that can allow you to keep some distance from a plumber and save
some of your money.

Following are a few of the t es t ed practices:

Insulation of the Pipes:
If you are serious about saving your pipes from getting damaged due to extreme cold, then
there can be hardly anything better than this. You must insulate the pipes that are available
externally. You can call the technicians just before the winter sets in. However, you can do it
yourself too. You would need heat tape and foam pipe sleeves for this job. You can get them
all at your nearest hardware store. Wrap the external pipes using the heat tape. Pay attention
to the pipes, especially in the garages, basements, and attics.

Pay Attention To Regular Maintenance:

Want to prevent frozen water pipe? You can do it rather easily by paying attention to the
pipes, especially the external pipes. You must take earliest initiative towards fixing the issues
without delaying or postponing it even once. Remember, if you leave the damage unattended,
then the issues get deepened and then you are supposed to face the threats in a bigger form.
Take the right steps at the right time to avoid defects in the water pipe.

Outdoor Plumbing:
Frozen pipes start creating problems when water remains inside the pipe for a longer
duration. Try to disconnect the flow of water inside pipe whenever possible. This a very
effective way to prevent water get frozen when the temperature falls down rather fast. Your
initiative can prevent water from staying inside the pipe, get frozen resulting in expansion in
the volume. The ultimate outcome would be damage in the pipe. You can do this easily by
paying attention towards this. For Assistance contact commercial plumbing services in

Allow Water To Drip From the Faucet:

Pipes get frozen especially when you stop using the pipes and faucets. You must allow water
to drip from the faucet in drops. This ensures that the pipe has not got frozen. Try to leave
the faucet running or semi-closed status.

Keep The Temperature of The Thermostat fixed:

To be very frank, the temperature of the thermostat fixed. You have no reason whatsoever to
change the temperature different for the day or the night.

Apart from these, you must try to maintain the temperature of your home fixed. You can trust
a good quality room heater for the same. You can set the temperature fixed at 55 0 Fahrenheit.
This can help the pipes also get some warmth and stay in perfect order. You can practice
these ways to prevent frozen water pipe.

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