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Establishment Investigation Agency

Efforts Preparation of Indonesian

Haidar Ali Abdul Yasyfa
• On March 1, 1945 the 16th army commander Lt.
Gen. Kumakichi Harada announced the
establishment of a Board of Inquiry Efforts
Preparation of Indonesian Independence or
called Dokuritsu Junbi Cosakai. The purpose is to
learn the formation of BPUPKI and investigate
important matters relating to the political,
economic, and governance required in the
business establishment of the independent state
of Indonesia.
• Appointment of members BPUPKI numbering 67
people was announced on 29 April 1945. As head
BPUPKI is dr. Rajiman Wedyodiningrat, as vice-
chairman appointed two people, namely R.P
Suroso and the Japanese named Ichibangase. The
dedication ceremony BPUPKI dilaksanaklan on
May 28, 1945 attended by all members and two
officials of Japan, General Itagaki (Commander of
Army Region 7th is headquartered in Singapore
and in charge of the soldiers who served in
Indonesia) and the Commander of the Army 16th
baruyaitu Lt. General Nagano. Hearings
conducted BPUPKI
Session I (May 29th – June 1st, 1945)
• The results of this first session is to discuss the formulation
of a basic philosophy for the independent Indonesian state.
On May 29, 1945 Mr. Muh. Yamin proposed five principles
and the basis of the Indonesian state. On June 1, 1945 Ir.
Sokarno speech on the five principles known as
Pancasila.On June 22, 1945, nine members namely Ir.
Sukarno, Drs. Moh. Hatta, Moh. Yamin Ahmad Subarjo, A.A.
Maramis, Abdulkahar Muzakir, Wachid Hashim, Agus Salim
and Abikusno Cokrosuyoso form a small committee to
formulate principles and objectives of the independent
Indonesian state. The formula is known as the Jakarta
Charter later with minor changes when used as a 1945
Session II ( July 10th – July 17th, 1945)
• This session is a continuation of the
subcommittee hearing. The results of the trial
that is drafting the basic law that will be after
Indonesia's independence was passed into
• The Second Trial of BPUPKI on July 14, 1945, in
the context of receiving a report from the
Drafting Committee of the Constitution, Ir.
Soekarno reported three results, as follows:
• Statement of Free Indonesia
• Opening of the Constitution
• The body of the Constitution