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Jose Rizal
 Have a cleared knowledge of Dr. Jose Rizal’s varied qualities from

point of view of fellow adolescents;

 Analyze why different individuals have similar or dissimilar

perceptions of the same person; and

 Realize that Dr. Jose Rizal is worth emulating.

 Dr. Jose Rizal is generally known to most Filipinos as the National hero of the Philippines
for his key role inspiring and leading the Philippine Revolution against colonial Spain, he
who died a martyr in the hands of the Spaniards while defending the rights of his

 He is remembered today throughout the Philippines for his brilliance, courage, peaceful
resistance to tyranny, and his compassion.

There are many qualities that can describe

every hero in the world. Heroes keep on working until
they accomplish their goal to make a difference in
others' lives. They should have compassion,
perseverance, confidence, and they should be
selfless, strong, and fair. They can be either someone
you know personally or famous people who are
admired as role models.
Jose Rizal is our national hero. Some qualities that would describe Jose
Rizal are being open-minded, intelligent, and hardworking. Jose Rizal really wanted
to have freedom in the Philippines from Spain, so that the Filipinos did not have to be
controlled by another country. He did not care about himself. He cared more about
helping his country. He really wanted his country to be proud of him. Jose also was
very smart.

He knew how to work many jobs and had mastered 23 languages. He also
helped other people who needed help. Jose was hardworking in all that he tried to
accomplish. He once said, "It’s a useless life that is not concentrated to a great ideal.
It’s like a stone wasted on the field without becoming a part of any edifice."

Rizal once dedicated one of his poems titled “ To the Filipino Youths”, not only for
the youths of his time or the generation after them but to all Filipino youths of the past,
present and for future. Rizal wants to remind our young and future leaders that they are
the future of the fatherland.

Filipino youths these days seems not live up to what Rizal wanted them to be.
Regardless, the youths of today are still the future of the fatherland but not the ideal
youths that Rizal had hope.
Dr. Jose Rizal composed the poem “To the Filipino Youth,” dedicating to the
youth of the Philippines. He wanted the Filipino youth to use their capabilities, talents
and skills to stand out not only for their own praise and success but also for the
praise and success of their own motherland, the Philippines. Dr. Jose Rizal wanted
the Filipino youth to build up their abilities and use them to help those who are in

Also, Dr. Jose Rizal challenged the youth through this poem to refine and
nurture their talents in the arts, to invigorate and reinforce their knowledge of the
sciences, and to look forward and comminute their chain of servitude.
The message of the poem is primarily to tell the importance of one’s love and
appreciation to his dialect or language, for it is the bridge and intermediary connecting
people’s country to each other.

In the poem, Rizal praised the rising generation. This poem can be considered as
Rizal’s first testimony and presentation of his nationalism. In this literary piece, he clearly
referred to the Philippines as his home/motherland, Rizal thought in the poem relates to the
role of the youth with the nation building.
Most of the Filipino youth admired Dr. Jose Rizal for his Life and Works
especially when he sacrificed his self for the sake of freedom of his countrymen. The
youths believed in him, he is an inspiration to some of the Filipino youth since he is the
one who is responsible for the realizations of the Filipino people to fight for freedom.

He hailed as a Renaissance man because of his intelligence and appreciation

for the arts, Rizal embodies the best of the Filipino. Some things learned from Rizal
were: respecting and listening to your elders; be proud of who you are; love your family;
believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right. Indeed, A hero to
Today’s Generation
According to some, youth are back bone to the nation. They can change the future
of the society with their well being, plucky and courageous behavior. Unfortunately, today
we find the youth those who are more interested in other places which are not useful to
them as well as to our motherland.
The youth of today are out of control, they follow the wrong path/crowd just for
their pleasure, leisure and popularity. What is worse with the situation is the youth that are
the most out of control are the individuals living in poverty, majority of these individual rob
and kill people, most of them living in the wrong path of drugs and liquors and most of
them involving themselves into parenting at a very young age. Maybe because they feel
they don’t have anything, downing them to thinking when you don’t have anything there is
nothing to lose.
Therefore, we, the youth, with regards with facing the problems we have today should be

done by a centered and powerful guidance, providing activities that will make us realize the real

essence of being a youth and of course the teaching of what is really right and what is really

essential and precious with our nation. We must motivate our co-youth; we must teach everyone

the significance of responsibility and the purpose of goal setting. Because if we refuse to have

everything settled, we will soon be supporting an entire generation of homeless and needlessly

families of our nation.

We believe everything bad is not constant, everything worthless is obviously helpless;

things have to change, with our schools, with the older generation setting as good role models, with

the older generation setting as strict mentors and with the older generation setting as ideal leaders.
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