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þ Introduction
þ Identification of Customers
þ Service Provision Processes
þ Management Audit

þ Target Values
þ Conclusion
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þTelenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor and adds on to
its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and
þTelenor Pakistan launched its operations in March 2005 as
the single largest direct European investment in Pakistan,
setting precedence for further foreign investments in the
telecom sector.
þThe company has crossed many milestones and grown in a
number of directions, making Telenor Pakistan a leading
telecom operator of the country.
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þ External and Internal Customers

- Government of Pakistan

- Private sector

- Semi Gov. sector

- Students

- Labor etc

- Employees
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Telenor vision is simple

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We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of

communications services in their daily lives.
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þ A franchise outlet is an interface between customer and
company. Service provisioning level at outlet has direct
impact on customer. It also has creates first impression for
new customers. At franchise outlet Comfortable experience,
Customers satisfaction facilities, Bill convenience, better
Attention, Employees Attitude made a difference. Air-
þ Staff availability, Building facilities, Office setup and IT
facilities helps management to enhance the customer
satisfaction level.
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þIn this project we shall be going through various phases to
analyze and define the Project operations, internal and
external customers, application of management tools to carry
out management audit and obtain results to propose, optimize
and implement strategic and tactical level decisions for
diversified service provision processes.

Voice of Customer Engineering/ Management Processes

Availability 24 hours Maintenance schedule

Comfortable Experience

Customers satisfaction facilities Staff Availability

Bill convenience Building Facilities

 Office setup

Better attention    


Computer system



þ Maintenance schedule forecasting

þ Allocated Maintenance day



þ Actual Air-con calculations

þ Three 1 tons AC Plants installed in waiting area
þ Two 1 tons installed as standby system
þ One 1 ton AC installed in computer room


þ Originally one shift a day

þ Temporary establishment case raised for man power
þ Case at Head office for approval
þ Arrangement made by developing teams
þ Office available maximum



þ Tea Bar established

þ Comfortable Sofas placed
þ Tea and Coffee facility arranged
þ Micro Wave, Fridge & Snacks Availability
þ Communication lines established
- With in the offices ( Intercom)
þ Wifi for internt acesss
þ Televison LCD screen


þ Availability of Extra Computers for office

þ Availability of Documents
þ Analysis of training for individuals available
þ Internet facility made available
þ Printer Photocopier placed

þ Dramatic Results
þ Lack of understanding, Lack of application as major Barriers
þ All are involved in planning phase
þ Flow of information
þ Tedious Training and understanding process
þ Importance rating by competitors helped in layout
þ Questionnaires used for reliable, recordable and independent opinion.
þ Improvements achieved by only introducing staff availability, improved
facilities and air-conditioning