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SRN R18MB215

 The Okinawa electric power company, incorporated is a company mainly engaged in the electric power industry.
 The company operates in two business segments.
 The electrical power segment is engaged in the electric in the electric
Power supply in Okinawa.
 The others segment consists of the conduct construction of electrical distribution, electric,
Civil engineering and construction works
 the research and design of electrical facilities and construction inspection,
The environment and geological research, and land survey the installation works of air conditionings, sanitation
Equipment and electrical water heaters the sale and manufacture of electrical machinery and instruments, the rental of cars
Supplies the operational management of computers, the data center conduct business the management, purchase, sale
And leasing of land and buildings, the wind power generation business, as well as the setting, operation and maintenance
Of off-grid power systems, among others.
SWOC Analysis
 Most environment friendly bike
With zero pollution
 No gear makes easy drive and comfort
 More Safer oriented vehicle
 Saving crude oil resources

 Not suitable for more range of speed (80+)
 Lack of awareness about electrical bikes.
 Very less advertisements about electrical bikes.
 Launch of electrical three wheelers
 Proud of saving earth from global warming
 People opt for change in new technology
 Government subsidies for electrical vehicles

 Large number of domestic competitors
 Lack of electricity
 Increasing prices of raw material
cost 46000-1,10,000

speed 2 hours/70 km (lithium battery)

Okinawa price 79000 RS 150 km 6 battery’s (Gel battery)

Power 2 units

Range 150km Gel battery

The opportunity to work with the company given by the company officials was very helpful to me.
I got to meet many players in the distribution field and discussed business with them which
helped me to improve my communication as well as marketing skills.
Apart from this I was able to understand the real scenario of the market and
how things really work in the market. This made me taste the real flavors of working environment,
work pressures, target achievements and others necessary skills required to be a good Marketing
Electric bikes or scooters, light in weight, efficient and eco-friendly, are
becoming potent alternative to the conventional two-wheelers and the Electric two-
wheeler industry in India is developing at rapid speed.
I had a look at the unavoidable advantages of Electric bikes and Scooters:

 License and registration is not required E Bikes and Scooters

 E-Bikes and scooters can beat the rising prices of Petrol/Diesel
 Electric two wheelers run on re-chargeable battery and uses electricity as fuel in place
of conventional battery and uses electricity as fuel in place of conventional
From the study conducted it was concluded that maximum number of respondents are not aware of
electric bikes. So various promotional activities need to be taken in order to increase the awareness level &
thereby increase the sales.

The study also identified and evaluated the consumer perception towards various factors
about e- bike. The result of this study shows that there is a combinations of both positive and negative effect
on consumer perception. Here most of the respondents consider the cost and the mileage while purchasing a
bike, so there is an ample potential to electric bike in two wheeler sectors.