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Beauty Salon
:Beautiful hair with Beautiful care

Kalpesh shinde
Akshay Bade
Nikesh Solanki
Tagline : Beautiful hair with beautiful care
Industry : Beauty Salon.

Idea :
carry exclusive products, Develop a relationship , Be
price savvy , Be your own model
Innovative Things:
Innovative Salon Marketing Ideas to Build Your Client. Offer
Online Booking With Square Appointments. Offer a Selfie
Station Inside Your Hair Salon. Create a Promotion Around
Unique 'Hair' Holidays.
Service offer :
•Good hair style
•Proper sitting arrangement
•Head massage
•Make up
•Selling beauty product

Target Consumer :
• Children (1-12 years)
• Teens (13-19 years)
• young Ladies (20-30 years )
• Adult women (30 above)
Business description:
The salon offers hair treatments styling, cutting coloring and other hair
cutting services. They also provide head massage , hair cutting makeup , body
waxing, hair straightening, in the pursuits and excellence in passion Beauty
Competitor :

Indirect :
• Trimmer machine
• Beauty products
• Hair products

Direct :
• Purple hair salon
• Lakme salon
• Saloni hair cutting salon
• Look well salon
Facts :

 In this time many people have a no time to come to salon so they used
machinery at home like shaving, straightening, etc.

 Some online company provide discount at some Beauty product

so consumers prefer to buy from online shopping.

 In villages, the outlets are called barber shops, and in urban

areas as ‘saloons’ or hair stylists.
5 Dimensions of service quality :

Reliability :
Provides proper seating arrangements and use proper machinery
for cutting, & premium ambience

Responsiveness :
Cut the hair of their want demand & then clean their head 2
face after cutting & first aid kid

Professional hair stylist, Best quality products will be used.
Empathy :

Provide free massage after cutting of hair . Coffee & Tea ,ask about
music to Consumer if they would like or not

Tangibles :
•Use best machine
•proper interior
Product :
Core services :
• Hair Cuts
• Relaxer
• Color
• Shampoo and conditioning
• Body waxing
• Head Massage
Complementary Services :
Toys and chocolates for children
• free parking
• face wash after shaving
• Use tissue paper

Value added services

• Sales Beauty product like shampoo ,face wash cream ,and etc.
• and also sales machinery like treamer , hair straightening,

Passion Beauty salon prices

Haircut (100-150)
Facial (800-1000)
coloring (400- 500)
Makeup ( 2500-3000)
Place :
• Can open another salon in other urban city to enhance & spread their
• There is car parking facilities it will be more convenient for customer & it
will lead to attract more customers.
• Malls
• Wedding order
Promotions ::
Advertisement method
• Printing &Electronics media ads.
• internet business advertisements
• Face book advertis
• Paper advertisements
• Develop own web site for salon.

• Some special offers on big festival like Diwali, Navratri,


•Contractors : Managers,

•Modifiers : employees, watchmen, reception.

•Influencers : owners

•Isolated : trainers, cleaning staff,


•Ambient factors :
-provide proper Ac temperature.
(in summer 16-18C)
(in rainy season 20-23C)
(in winter season 24-26C)

-Background music.

- Fully chargeable machine.

Design factors :

• Minimum 10 seating arrangement .

•All seat are fully black colors.
•Provide good quality mirrors for per seat separately.
• Black &white interior with bright light.
•Good conditions scissors ,straight razors &Brushes.
Social factors :

•Per employee for per seat.

•One receptionist for per salon.
•One manager for each city.
Process :
• Contect: Receptions, &employees
• Reminder:logo,good interior, wi-fi, sofa seating
Toy and chocolates for children
• Registration:token
• Degrees technology: machinery, Ac.
• Availability of the services:new style hair cutting ,makeup,
head massage straightening, shaving ,coloring
• Consume services: coffee & Tea
promotional campaign:
1.Reduce uncertainty Or perceived risk by providing useful info and advice
Service : fire hair cutting
5 w’s
Who – young men
What – risk & Danger
How - digitial marketing channels/ social media, website
Where – newspaper, pamphlets
When - Evening 4 to 8pm
2. Compare service favorable with competitors offering.
Service : makeup, facial (Diwali, navratri)
5 w’s
Who –young boys and girls .
What – new style of hair .
How -well trained workers.
Where –news paper and pamphlet.
when – offer festival season.
Tech customers how to use a service to best advantage
GAP -1) Marketing information:
1. Problem:less information about our salon to Ladies
• Solutions:
• Provide information through banner and pamphlet .
• Hiring Ladies employee.
• Make separate place from men cutting place.

2. Problem:complaint not from customers for not provide proper hair style &same mistake in shaving &other.
• Solutions:
• Any complaint receive from customers
• So our salon try to satisfy customers through.
• Give same special massage argive.
• A small gift like,fash wash cream small hair oil bottle&ect.
GAP -2) The standard gap:
1. Problem : Not proper Cleaness in waiting area & cutting area .
• Solutions:
• Hiring a one ,staff for clean the both area .before customers came

2. Problem: Not space available in waiting area for more customers .

• Solutions:
• Reception take contact number of customer &give take & when their customer come than same time
before contact to customer

GAP -3) Service performance gap :

1. Problem: more time of customers wait in waiting area.
• Solutions:
• provide Ac,music, TV ,wi-fi and also give tea coffee to water to customer.

2. Problem: Employees not work in well dress discipline to use bad cloth after hair cut and shaving
• Solutions:
• provide full dress to our employees of our salon &clean afton
• Use tissue
• Use new blade
1. Problem:Employees not maintain good relation with customer
• Solutions:
• Hiring trained to experience work ‘a.
• Give some small cambo package after to customers
• Try to make new relation with new customer.

2 Problem: promise to sale all branded Beauty product are available in salon.
• Solutions:
• Take some advance cash
• Complaint customer order at minimum in 3 days.
• Try to sale another brand Beauty product.
Service failure:
• Employees create not customers relationship
• customers retention
• Shop a not clean and clear
(Ex- chair ,mirror interior)

Services recovery: