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Practices used by the

Entrepreneur and the

success of their Businesses
in Lumil, Silang, Cavite

Tuyo, Cherry Mae N.

Ms. Liezel Porras
Chapter 1

This chapter present the Background of the
study, Objective of the study, Significance of
the study, Scope and Delimitation and
Background of the study
• Entrepreneurship is considered to be a key factor in promoting
economic development, innovation, competitiveness and job
creation, yet little is known about the skills required for
successful entrepreneurship. Nowadays, entrepreneurship
education is one of the fastest growing fields of education
globally (Solomon, 2007). This is an indication that
entrepreneurship is important for our economy and to other
society. The movement of this discussion could help to further
tackled the practices used of entrepreneur to success of this
business, it also focus on the step they used to become
success to their business. It also includes the skills of the
employee to handle their work right.
• Leadership style is significant to the success of a small business as suggested by
Valdiserri and Wilson (2010) and there is a better concern for leadership in
entrepreneurship research as a result of sighting the fact that entrepreneurs
cannot successfully expand new venture without having effective leadership
behavior (Bryant, 2004; Cogliser & Brigham, 2004). The present study is
conceived to determine the different leadership styles and actual leadership
practices of successful Bicolano entrepreneurs and describe its characteristics.
It recognizes which, from the nine leadership characteristics, they frequently
use and which one is seldom used. Then, the leadership style the entrepreneur
frequently uses will be the basis for establishing the dominant leadership style.
• Next, the dominant leadership style of successful Bicolano entrepreneurs
should be the leadership skill that must be developed to the aspiring or future
entrepreneurs. Finally, this is the basis for developing leadership
program/module for aspiring or future entrepreneurs to help them survive in
their entrepreneurial endeavors that lead to entrepreneurial success. Since
leadership becomes an essential contributor to the entrepreneurial success of
entrepreneurs (Arham et al., 2013).
• Leadership is the major force behind successful
enterprise. The entrepreneurial leader takes
responsibility in assisting the enterprise in creating such
conditions so that, instead of being controlled, the
enterprise generates its own order and responds
creatively to the environment. They empower employees
to act on the vision and execute through inspiration and
develop implementation capacity networks through a
complex web of aligned relationships. Ensley, Pearce, and
Hmieleski (2006) state that entrepreneurs leadership
style is required to address logical needs particularly in
the early stage of their business, like the setting-up
performance expectations and amplification of rewards
contingencies in order to persuade performance of
individual behavior to realize the enterprise objectives.
Objectives of the study
• To evaluate the significant relationship of the two
• To determine if there is a relationship between the
practices used by the Entrepreneur and success of
their businesses.
• To distinguish the practices used by the
Entrepreneur and success of their business.
• To define the relationship of Practices used used by
the entrepreneur and success of their business.
Significance of the study

• Future Researcher

• Business Owners

• Researcher

• Entrepreneur

• Buyers
Scope and Delimitation

• This study is to know the practices used by the

entrepreneur and the success of their business.
This was conducted at Lumil, Silang, Cavite. It
coverage the Sole proprietorship of Lumil with at
least 3 years in business. The Researcher used a
Descriptive Research Design which is correlational,
to conduct a suvey using a convenience sampling
• Hypothesis help to determine whether a specific treatment
has an effect on the individuals in a population.
• Null Hypothesis
• there is no significant relationship between the practices
used by the Entrepreneur and success of the business.
• Alternative Hypothesis
• there is a significant relationship between the practices
used by the Entrepreneur and success of the business.
Chapter 2

This chapter contains of Conceptual Framework.

It will present the relationship of the two variables.
Practices used Success of business

Time Management
Financial Management
Man Power
Chapter 3
• Methodology
• This chapter present the Research Design,
Population and Sample of the study, Research
Instrument, Data Gathering and Procedure and
Statistical Treatment Data.
Reresearch Design
• This study use descriptive method of research in order to
determine the practices used of entrepreneur and
success of their businesses according to Calderon
(2009).Descriptive method is also known as statistical
research .it describe data and characteristics about the
population of phenomenon being studied this mehod is
used to gather information in order to test hypothesis or
to answer the question concerning the currents status of
the subject of the study under descriptive research
design.the researcher will also use convenience research
design,because the purpose of the study is to determine
the relationship of two variables.
Population and Sample of the

• The participants of this study were sole

proprietorship with at least 3 years in business at
Lumil, Silang, Cavite. The respondents were
selected in accordance with Convenience sampling
Research Instrument

• The survey method was followed to collect the data

on practices used by the entrepreneur and success
of their businesses,The data collection instrument
was a questionnaire adopted and adapted from
Alber (2009).The questionnaire was divided into 10
item and it is answerable by Yes or No.
Data Gathering and Procedures

• The data gathered from the respondents were

analyzed for the for the purpose of answering the
descriptive statistic in order to collect the data they
were presented in the form of table.
Statistical Treatment Data

• The researcher will used table under the explatory

data analysis to determine the practices used of the
Entrepreneur and the success of their businesses.